The Mission of the One Star: Part 3

Part Three

Alloya Ye Ra

Alloya Ye Ra Har is the spirit name of Nikki Huckfield. She is a newly recognized author, facilitator, healer, psychic and channel. She is a trained Hands on Healer with the College of Healing. Nikki is a trainer of the Weiss Transformational Healing Process, she works very closely with various energies most of which are Extraterrestrial.

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New Planet Reality is a reality that exists in our not so distant future. Some would say it is a hopeful dream, but I know it is a certain possibility. I have experienced a powerful and beautiful New Planet Reality for a nine day period during April of 1996. I have also discovered, more recently, that I am not alone in living through such an encounter.

I channeled the following in April of 1997 by reconnecting with my New Planet Self to bring hope to these dark and uncertain times. I hope it brings light into your lives so that, together, we can create an inspired future.

Alloya Ye Ra Har I AM human like you, yet I AM so much more than that. I AM from what you would consider the future, or rather a possible future. It all depends on your choice and free will as to whether you ever experience this reality or not. I AM human, but not with the level of consciousness that you are familiar with. I AM both physicality and spirit combined in one, spirit in matter, living light. My Body and Ka operate together. Ka is your Spirit aspect which chose to incarnate into physical form. It is your individual spirit expression.

I AM totally awake to my own divinity. You could call me enlightened. I would say I AM ALIVE. My body has transformed and is now vibrating at a higher level of consciousness. You have heard much said about this. You may wonder, though, what exactly is it like to be in a higher vibrational body?

If you looked at my body, at first it would appear exactly like yours. On closer inspection you would see that I have the natural beauty of someone in optimum health. I AM radiant with energy and have an advanced state of well-being. I AM beyond disease. Those of us in this reality have advanced past the need to experience our existence through negativity.

Earth was initially designed to be a school of learning for the souls that incarnate here. In order to allow diversity in experience, free will was given to all. This gives choice between light and dark, right and wrong. For thousands of years the dark angels held energetic space in which we could experience negativity and low vibratory energies. These angels allowed us to play with all the realms of experience that were available in physical reality. I live in a time where these beings have completed their mission and by doing so have returned to the higher light planes where they originally came from. (See 'The Fallen Angel'.)

New Planet Self

With the removal of these energies and the entering of new light, I find my body amazingly transformed. Living under the influence of high energies enables me to live in a body of light. My body is free of pain as this is only a message that something is not in harmony. I have no need for pain as I move in complete balance with my body at all times. My body and I are one.

I have no sense of separation. I flow with every movement as if riding an invisible river being guided by an higher intelligence. This intelligence is the internal consciousness of the body. It is no longer ruled by the mind for it is now connected to the feminine intuitive force of Gaia. As Gaia directs and guides the rhythms and movements of nature, she also regulates the body. It is not a rational thought process, but a natural way of being and a beautiful dance of life. From the food I choose to eat, to the direction I choose to sleep, I naturally feel that which is most beneficial to my well-being. It takes no effort or thought on my part for it is my joyful way to be. Health to you is to be without disease or illness and fitness is a distorted version of over-burdened muscles. Health to us in the future is like nothing you can imagine in your now.

We move our bodies in grace, not as a form of discipline, but in an innate way of being. Dance and physical play are a big part of our culture as this aids us in having a perfect, healthy and beautiful body. We appear so much more exquisite than seems humanly possible. You would insist that we were of angelic descent. We have grounded into our bodies our angelic expression and have saturated ourselves with the love that is unique to their realm. The beauty that radiates from our faces is the same for everyone, but not to say that we all look alike. We are all expressing the same energy, that of the Creator. Spirit light shines from our eyes and a subtle etherical emanation can be seen around our bodies.

The auric field is seen by everyone as we all have clairvoyant sight. The light coloured patterns that the auric field creates clothes us in an etherical coat of many colours. Through the love we feel in our connection to the Source we appear beautiful without compromising our uniqueness. Being able to see with new eyes, we recognise all others as aspects of the same one UNIVERSAL DREAMER. Seeing this radiance in all faces enables us to appreciate THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER's consciousness mirrored into the outside world. The eyes have a shine, a characteristic lustre familiar to one awakened in matter.

As I have said, our uniqueness is not compromised as we all appear different in choosing to express who we truly are. You, in your present reality, hide and disguise your true inner self. We have no fear around revealing ourselves as we have evolved past limitation in physical form. We are free of genetic distortions, having healed out the issues and programming that used to lock us into deformities and abnormalities. Our DNA has been cleared of all negative patterning that hindered our biological development. This has allowed us to create a race that you would consider to be superhuman. There are many of us, all sexes, all races, and all ages. No matter what age we are, we still have an ageless beauty about us.

I could tell you all about the internal transformation of the body, but would rather divulge the amazing gift of living in a physical body. The temperature of my body is always at a comfortable level; I neither get too hot nor too cold. This is aided by the temperate climate of the planet and the natural flow I have with the weather cycles and changes. Just as the animals take cover before a shower of rain, prompted by their intuitive natures, I, too, have this sense to live in tune with nature. Being in balance with the energies and forces of my own body, I glide through life in ecstatic bliss. Every breath I take fills my body with life-force that rushes throughout me, bringing great pleasure and vitality.

I am always living in balance. I can lie in the shade of a tree or run at top speed across a wild flower meadow and always have the right amount of energy. As well as breathing in life-force I can also breathe in different energies like those of colours and sound. This gives me unique and alternative physical sensations and experiences. Each colour brings with it an individual and invigorating quality that can take me to new levels. I breathe in the energies of the trees, the flowers, the sky and the very planet itself. This gives me limitless subtle emanations in which to share my consciousness. I wish I could explain the feelings of bliss I experience in my body. However, words cannot express the intensity or range of feelings that are enhanced by the breath.

Love is the key to this bliss and our whole world is permeated by the love from the fifth dimension. We have raised our vibratory level to a fifth dimensional expression. Everyone here moves in total alignment with spirit and this radiates love. Living in this world is such a pleasure. Every positive creative thought we have about ourselves and reality creates love. This ultimately gives joyful and pleasing sensations in the body. Everyday I sing the praises of the physical body realising my divinity in form. If you have ever felt the bliss of unconditional love, you will be close to understanding what it is like to be present on this planet Earth.

Transformed System

The chakric system of the body is now balanced and transformed. You, in your present time, operate only with a minimum amount of energy running through the chakras. You occasionally experience the rush of adrenaline as it activates the energy of the base chakra. You cannot maintain this in the body and feel the need to expel it. Anger is a negative expression of this adrenaline which, intensified, can turn to physical violence or aggressive lust.

This energy has been transformed, and we do not experience it in occasional bursts. Now, it continually flows up and down the spine, activating all the chakras. You have heard of the kundalini energy that lies sleeping at the base of the spine. The serpent has awakened and is now a river of energy. This electrifies the body, turning it into a lightning rod that is connected to the planet and the upper spiritual planes.

The kundalini energy from the base of the spine turns the energies of the body into finer and lighter expressions as it ascends. The base chakra has transformed and no longer expresses anger or aggression for it is now used as the prime creative energy. We can instantly manifest what we want and have moved past the need to express ourselves in negative ways. We move in a synergy with the whole. Therefore, we do not create anything that may be detrimental to another person on any level. The ecstatic bliss that is felt during orgasm is only a fraction of the feeling that we experience constantly as the base energy travels up our spine.

As the energy travels, it ignites the chakras. It comes across the sacral chakra first. This is the centre that is responsible for sexual expression. Instead of feeling sexual energy concentrated in this centre alone, the whole body is now a focus. Sex has been transformed from a physical gratification process to a spiritual expression that ultimately brings you closer to THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER. You truly begin to make love. The energy of the sacral centre gives you a warmth, a feeling of well-being that runs like warm water throughout the body. This feeling heightens the senses and brings an overwhelming feeling of connection to the surrounding reality of planet Earth. This energy of Gaia feeds the soul on a physical level and the synergy with others occurs. The energies of this centre move outwards and dance with those of others to create a pattern of love that is experienced through these heightened senses.

This interaction has totally transformed the issues of sex. It is no longer seen as something that only occurs between two people, preferably of the opposite sex. The ecstatic emanation has now become a way to express loving energies between all people. This energy can stimulate you into the act of physical love making or can be expressed in movement, dance and being. It is the energy that allows you to express the love of spirit in a physical way. Activating this allows you to love yourselves, and this love feeds and heals the body. This centre guides us in the physical movement of the body. Dance has become a new exciting way to heal and balance body and soul.

From the sacral chakra, the serpent energy travels up the spine to activate the solar plexus, the sun centre. This centre is the place of personal power. With only limited amounts of energy running through this centre, the ego is locked into power games. When there is only an insufficient use of the sun centre people beg, borrow and steal to feel empowered. Some people give power away with no sense of responsibility and others hoard it selfishly for themselves. Money reflects one of the expressions of this power and you can plainly see the imbalance in its distribution.

In our reality, everyone is totally connected to the unlimited power source of both the planet and cosmos. The energy of the sun centre allows there to be a new and fresh approach to the expression of emotions. We are finding new and exciting ways to convey ourselves in terms that best show who we are.

The creativity of this centre is expressed in the arts and drama, but also throughout our varying lifestyles. I cannot fully describe the feeling of completion, well-being and confidence I feel now that this centre has been cleansed and balanced. I feel the power, self-assurance, and peace to be myself in the fullness that I AM. I get a sense of my belonging, purpose and life through this centre. I do not need to be or do anything grand to feel this sense of completion; I just AM.

This feeling of power does not make me arrogant or operate from a protective fearful ego as I can see the beauty and power in all others. >From this energy, I get a drive and ambition to be more of who I AM. This does not lead me to an unhealthy goal orientation or an inflated sense of competition. I simply express myself joyfully and learn more about myself as life unfolds. The joy is beyond anything you can presently imagine as it is expressed in many forms. All the joy originates from the certainty that I know I AM THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER. Being THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER is not just a concept but a reality. It is me being myself.

As the kundalini energy rises, it activates the next centre, the heart. The heart opens and the love within this incredible chakra flows out, touching all of creation. The love is unconditional, limitless and free. Those of you who have experienced the energy of the Angels will recognise this form of love. It is beyond conditions and you do not have to enter into partnerships to feel this. The love is felt when you gaze upon a flower and can be as intense as falling in love or holding a new born child. Everywhere you go and every interaction you have, whether with a person or simply a pebble on the beach, is amazingly creative.

This love is circulating around the planet and can be felt in the air we breathe. The breath is very important, not only for the welfare of the physical body, but also the emotional body. Every breath we take inspires us into more loving expression. This love is not confined to those we consider our loved ones but extends to all of mankind. Everyone we meet we love with the innocent energy of the child within. This heals and raises all in vibration, taking everyone back to the Source.

The human voice has now become a great gift with the activation of the throat chakra. The toning of notes heals and balances the etherical bodies of both people and planet. Great groups gather together to tone, healing themselves and Earth. This is not seen as a ritual or chore but as a celebration of being alive and free. Communication with the voice obviously still occurs; however, it is now free of tension and fear, bringing more beauty into the voice. There are those of us who have exceptionally good singing voices who anchor the energies of the musical planes above in song. The human voice allows us to express in sound more than can be conveyed in words. This new form of communication is a joy and moves us into creative and intimate interaction with each other.

Talking as you know it is still used as an art form, but is not the only form of communication. Telepathy or rather telempathy, is widely used. Telempathy is telepathic communication through the sensitivity of feeling. We have moved past negative forms of communication that call for privacy and secrecy. We are all open and free. We can relay messages from great distances or express massively complex concepts in the blinking of an eye.

We also express ourselves on a soul level by using the light of intelligence that shines from within. One look conveys so much on many levels. You have experienced it with those you have grown to know intimately. However, we experience it with everyone. This form of communication is not among mankind alone but extends to all of creation.

Channeling is also an accepted form of transmission. You recognise communication in the forms of words and feelings but, for us, it has grown beyond this. It has reached a level of ultimate expressions of energies. Conveyance in pictures, words, and feelings allows us to move beyond our limited understanding into the realms of our all-knowing presence.

The energy that is released from the brow chakra has freed our minds from the limitation of the rational thought processes. We still have the use of the rational mind available, but use it in conjunction with the all-knowing energy of the higher spiritual mind of spirit. All we have to do is quieten our everyday thoughts and open ourselves to spirit within and have instant access to any information we need. This information may come in words, pictures, feelings or energy transference.

Energy transference has more in common with the way music expresses a message than our usual mental process functions. This conveyance enables the communication of complex information to occur between other energies that live in this universal reality. The communication of information between ourselves and extraterrestrials is commonplace. This exchange allows mankind to take its place in the universe and have access to all information contained therein. This centre allows us to travel inter-dimensionally and experience other existences on other planets and realities. In your present, you can only experience this travel in the form of dreams and visualisations. We have developed within us to the point that we can access all realities consciously. We then interact with them in a way that is real in our world.

The activation of the crown chakra is beyond words for it is the ultimate connection to THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER. This is the centre where we have an incredible connection to our own Spirit aspects. We do not have to exercise practices to access Spirit as the connection is a continual way of being. This allows us to play with the expression we are without the limitation of feeling trapped within our form and its sense of separation. We recognise THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER as being everything and everywhere. There is now no sense of separation between us and the reality we find ourselves in. We can be the sea or a bird flying high in the sky. We do not have to imagine this as we become the consciousness and feel that which we wish to experience. Due to this connection, we are all interlinked with each other in the most amazing ways.

The Heightened Senses

The senses have transformed and the eyes have been cleansed so to speak. The veils have been removed. The veils are limited programmed beliefs that you have about your reality. With the removal of these veils, the eyes are capable of reading reality in a clear and more defined way. The vibrant and colourful energy fields that surround everything and everyone can be seen clearly.

Working very closely with colour and its symbolic meaning allows us to have a deep insight into the constantly transforming nature of reality. Seeing the amazing interaction between the energy emanations of people has furthered our work in the realigning of the energy bodies. This not only allows us to heal, but also gives us an alignment to facilitate a transformation on all levels. We work in co-operation with the devic energies of nature to align the energy bodies of people to the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. This alignment has set in motion a great healing on all levels.

This healing has progressed past the removal of disease and negativity into the realms of facilitated self change and spiritual transformation. In our reality, we are facilitating a planetary shift in vibration. Everyone realises that through their work they are aiding the planetary return to the Source. Through the eyes, we have expanded insight and clarification that we need in order to see the subtle workings of the universe. Some of us have made the study of these invisible universal energies our life work. This allows us as a whole species to move forward in harmonised progression.

As well as having the ability to see auras and energies, we are also capable of seeing the subtle energies of beings who share our world. Beings of other dimensional realities can be plainly seen which enables us to have a deeper level of communication with them. It is possible for us to physically perceive the nature spirits of the air, sea and land. The communication that is allowed because of this new sight has gone a long way to transforming our interaction with the planet itself. We no longer see ourselves as separate to such realms of existence, but as an intricate and valued part of nature.

The beauty that is seen with our transformed eyes is beyond words. Imagine that you have always looked through a dirty window onto a beautiful landscape, and then opened it to see without the hindrance of the veils of perception. This is how we see our reality through the unveiled eyes of spirit. The beauty is breathtaking. Sunsets and sunrises are cherished, revered moments of our days because of our sight. Colours are more vibrant and alive. Those that usually could not be seen can now be viewed through the transformation of sight. The subtle changes in light allow us to see colours higher in vibration. The rays of ultraviolet can be clearly seen in the air that surrounds us. If you could stand with me and watch the magnificence of a sunrise you would be totally amazed! You would be in awe, not only by the colours of the sunrise itself, but also by the interaction of those in the air that surround.

The eyes not only function as receptive instruments of incoming energies but, through the interaction of the third eye, they also project energies into the outside world. Through our experience we are realising that we create the visible reality we live in through the eyes. Using the energy of our creative minds, we are manifesting visible realities. We are redesigning our world along more creative and inspiring ways. You in your reality have to send the energy of the eyes into the outside world through the clouded veils of perception. With these veils removed, we can create reality along clearer and more harmoniously defined lines. Thus, we can manifest our reality as being more beautiful.

You do not realise that you create your own reality and, therefore, think it is impossible to change your world without the hindered need of your physical actions. In our reality, it is possible, with the co-operation of the planetary level of communication with them. It is possible for us to physically perceive the nature spirits of the air, sea and land. The communication that is allowed because of this new sight has gone a long way to transforming our interaction with the planet itself. We no longer see ourselves as separate to such realms of existence, but as an intricate and valued part of nature.

The beauty that is seen with our transformed eyes is beyond words. Imagine that you have always looked through a dirty window onto a beautiful landscape, and then opened it to see without the hindrance of the veils of perception. This is how we see our reality through the unveiled eyes of spirit. The beauty is breathtaking. Sunsets and sunrises are cherished, revered moments of our days because of our sight. Colours are more vibrant and alive. Those that usually could not be seen can now be viewed through the transformation of sight. The subtle changes in light allow us to see colours higher in vibration. The rays of ultraviolet can be clearly seen in the air that surrounds us. If you could stand with me and watch the magnificence of a sunrise you would be totally amazed! You would be in awe, not only by the colours of the sunrise itself, but also by the interaction of those in the air that surround.

The eyes not only function as receptive instruments of incoming energies but, through the interaction of the third eye, they also project energies into the outside world. Through our experience we are realising that we create the visible reality we live in through the eyes. Using the energy of our creative minds, we are manifesting visible realities. We are redesigning our world along more creative and inspiring ways. You in your reality have to send the energy of the eyes into the outside world through the clouded veils of perception. With these veils removed, we can create reality along clearer and more harmoniously defined lines. Thus, we can manifest our reality as being more beautiful.

You do not realise that you create your own reality and, therefore, think it is impossible to change your world without the hindered need of your physical actions. In our reality, it is possible, with the co-operation of the planetary energies, to recreate an entire landscape. This literally expresses our ideas in planetary form. You can now understand how it will be possible for you to transform your world in alignment with the visions that you all hold within yourselves. Each and every one of us has an idea of what 'Heaven on Earth' should be. Even though we are all unique, we all align with the greater plan that has been designed by Gaia herself. If we tune into her ideas, we can plainly see that she is the master architect.

As with sight, hearing has also transformed. Any disfunctions of hearing have long been removed which allows all to experience the intensified receptivity of the ears. Bird song is an ecstatic experience. Sound is very closely linked to sensations in the emotional and physical bodies. When you listen to music that affects you strongly, you have some ideas as to how sound affects the physical form. With the veils of hearing removed we now continually hear and feel the effects of sound. We use this ability to produce sounds that are harmoniously healing.

Sound and its healing properties have been a major part of our worldly transformation. We use it in our everyday lives to align and balance with the energies of the planet. We come together in celebration and use sound and music to facilitate transformation in large groups. These celebrations of life are a beautiful and amazing way to experience the incredible creativity of sound and music. With this new awareness, we have also recognised sounds that are detrimental to our growth.

With our changed sensitivity we also have the ability to hear and respond to sounds that are usually above your hearing capabilities. This new talent allows us to ultimately communicate with energies and realities that are mostly too subtle for you to be aware of. In the higher dimensions, there is a plane of sound. Many of us, through the inspired activation of the human voice, bring down these energies and ground them into the physical world. Those of us with this talent use sound to recreate the planet in which we live.

Energies and beings of other dimensions can now be audibly heard and sensed. This enables us to widen our sense of reality and to create a new level of communication with other realms of existence. This talent makes it possible for us to tune into the symphony of Earth and its surrounding space. Everything has its unique note, sound and song. You can hear the beautiful melody that is created between the sea and the shore. You can hear the song of love between people and the wondrous symphony as the sun rises in the sky. Our whole world is one of marvelous sights and sounds.

Communicating through sound gives us access to a deeper level of loving exchange. Sound has allowed us to express our love for each other and Earth in the most inspirational of ways. Through our use of sound, we have found our rightful place in the scheme of Gaia and her expressions in nature. Music gives us access to deep levels of soul that could never be expressed in terms that the rational mind could understand. We have literally discovered the language of the heart. With sound, we create an anchoring point to ground energies. Energies of such a high vibration without the space certain sounds create would be unable to manifest on this planet.

We have learned that all the energies of all creation can be represented by one of the five senses. We are learning to express the beauty of the senses in an artistic fashion to explore the nature of the universe and its many dimensions.

The sense of taste has come into a new light. Initially, it was used as a means of distinguishing between substances that were poisonous or not. This sense has not developed at the same rate as sight and hearing. We now use it to access a new level of interaction between the plant kingdoms and ourselves. We no longer have the need to kill animals for our survival. Eating is not only a form of survival for the physical body but is a pleasurable exchange of consciousness between ourselves and various species. When we eat an apple, we access a great storehouse of information from the consciousness of the apple and its source, the tree. We also share our consciousness with the apple.

Thus, a two-way exchange of information occurs. Eating has taken on a completely new role.

Great care and intention is put into the preparation and growing of food. Awareness is taken to blend not only the physical taste of ingredients, but also to harmonise the energies of the food. It is possible to raise your level of consciousness through the preparation and eating of certain combinations of food. There are those of us who have made it their life's work to discover the secrets of the plant kingdom. They blend and combine the energies of plants to create not only a meal that is tasty and nutritious, but that also gives an experience, too, of raised consciousness. By eating plants in this way, we are literally transforming ourselves from the inside out. With all pollutants and negativity removed, we are much more sensitive in the realms of taste. Subtle changes in light and seasons have a big affect on both food and ourselves.

With the raising of our vibrations, has also come the sensitivity of the skin. We have many levels of sensation and touch. This has allowed us to remove the limitations that have existed between people. It is possible for us to feel, touch and respond through the power of thought and intention. It is possible to physically feel thoughts of love. This level of touch and sensation gives us access to the thoughts and feelings of another. We can not only feel the warmth of the physical sun on our skin, but also feel the love of the spiritual sun. It is possible for us to communicate who we are in deep and intimate ways through the sense of touch. The estranged feelings that humans have always had to each other have now been removed. We live in a world where the physical touch of another is accepted and received. The expression of love is freely given and great exchanges are experienced through touch.

The tactile experience of love is not limited to humans alone. The affectionate touching of animals, plants and the planet itself is lovingly experienced by all. This heightened sensitive love-making has reached levels unimaginable by you at present. We exchange our energies from great distances. Love-making of this kind is not restricted to those of opposite sex and the same species. We can make love to a tree, the whole planet and even the universe. This form of love-making is ultimately with THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER itself.

These new gifts of touch have been responsible for healing on all levels that can be physically expressed. The study of anatomy and massage of the body is widely acclaimed and valued. It is acknowledged as not only a way of healing, but an exchange of energies between souls. The mystery of touch and dance has been united. This has created new and exciting ways to heal and realign us in large groups. Dancing is no longer an individual bodily experience. We can access information from a tree through simply placing our hands on its trunk. Using this new sense, we diagnose illness and imbalance. Great healers with the combination of spiritual love and touch sensitivity heal deep levels of pain. This heightened sense allows us to physically feel energies that are otherwise invisible to you.

On a human level, we are predominately ruled by our sense of touch. You consider the other senses capable of distortion. However, the sense of touch is the most relied upon. It is the first sense that is developed when we are born. We can feel the presence of another's intention and soul. This has helped transform our beliefs about reality and ourselves on a basic physical level. After all, we are beings who are predominantly touch-orientated. What is the use of love if we cannot feel?

Our sense of smell has enabled us to access levels of physical pleasure that are unheard of in your reality. It is possible for us to have a physical orgasm by simply smelling the loving fragrance of a flower.

In ancient times, the sense of smell was used to distinguish other people's levels of consciousness. Animals have this ability. With the onset of artificial perfumes and pollution, the sense of smell has atrophied. In our reality we have rediscovered the secret of the sense of smell. We use it as a diagnostic tool to sense and learn about our reality on an instinctual, animalistic level. This new sense has allowed us to enter the world of the animals. We are now appreciating a deeper level of understanding about the animal nature of our bodies.

Through smell, we can discern what energies and beings we need or which we have around us. We can literally smell misplaced energies. Our range of smell is amazing and we can distinguish subtle differences. We could sniff out our loved ones whilst blind-folded. We can find our way in the dark through the sense of smell. Smells are keys to memories that trigger whole files of information. We use scent to access hidden unconscious information about ourselves and reality. This technique can also access our past life history and that of the planet.

We are guided by the instruction of the flower devas. We create fragrances to wear and have in our homes. These not only heal and rebalance, but also raise consciousness. Imagine the amazing experience that we have when entering a flower garden with our heightened sense of smell. Everything has its own unique scent so we can smell the air, sea, land, sun and love itself.

Our senses have merged so that we can smell a colour and hear the sound of a cloudless sky. If we look upon a flower, we see its beauty, smell its sweet fragrance, hear its magical song, feel the love of its silky petals and even get a taste of its unique energy and form. Our senses are no longer separated and we now live in a myriad world of heightened senses. It is an ecstatic way of being.

Living Joy

In our reality, we have developed a heightened level of emotions. No longer are we plagued by emotions of a low vibration, such as fear, depression, and anger. We are free to express emotions such as joy, love, peace, and excitement. In your reality, you are de-sensitised from your emotions by a level of consciousness that was employed by the World Management Team. Through this, they control you and hold you in destructive patterns that develop into wars and death.

We are free from this level of consciousness and can access the energies of the higher light planes. This accessing creates a synergy that raises the status of our emotional body beyond that which you are presently experiencing. The heightened sense of well being in the physical body and the beauty of the connection we have with the planet allow us to feel a wide range of emotions. These emotions do not have to be stimulated from an outside influence. We are capable of experiencing joy, happiness, and laughter spontaneously. Just as laughter is catching, so too are the emotions of joy, peace, and happiness. The whole world is in song, singing the joy of being alive in our times.

With our newly advanced state of emotions, we are now attracting to us beings from other worlds and realities that are aligned with these levels. Before they were apprehensive to communicate with us, choosing to avoid the influence of being locked into devolutionary patterns governed by fear.

Now that we are free of negativity, we can communicate with these beings. They educate us in the creation and use of higher vibrational emotions that move beyond bliss and ecstasy. The past density of the body only allowed for a very limited experience and expression of emotions. With our lighter vibratory body, we are now experiencing feelings far reaching that which you are familiar with. Up until now, you have only been able to experience emotions such as bliss, excitement, and passion in short bursts as the body is unable to hold the energy for any length of time. We are now capable of experiencing these emotions as a continual stream. Instead of apathy, sadness and depression being our natural state of being, peace, joy, and bliss are the foundation of our emotional experience.

From this place, it is possible for us to extend ourselves into the higher planes of angelic emotions. In such a place, your present body would be overwhelmed by the intensity and range of feeling that can be experienced in this realm. In your reality, you are restricted in your expression of emotion. You are taught to suppress emotions, causing disturbance and, ultimately, physical pain.We are encouraged in our expression of emotions. We even allow the release of so-called negative emotions. We use their expression creatively in dance, song and drama. We hold great openair plays to learn and experience the subtle variations of feelings.

We have much to teach in this area as we are experts in our field. Beings from other worlds devoid of emotions are intrigued and curious with our experience. They come to Earth to be taught and learn all there is to know about emotions to aid their evolution. This new freedom has taken the arts and any creative endeavour to the heights of expression. Everyone is encouraged to use the wellspring of emotional information to fuel their creative activity. Everyone has become the artistic genius, bringing great pleasure and satisfaction. Everyone freely teaches in order to share talents and knowledge.

This new surge in the arts has allowed there to be a great healing and openness of self-expression. People are finding new and ingenious ways to convey themselves. No longer are they limited by other people's opinions and what does or does not constitute art. There is great sharing of creations. People gather together in large groups to share and create as one. The co-operation of many is opening the doors to new and exciting ways to express as a whole.

A Free Mind

Our whole way of thinking has transformed. We are no longer plagued by the repetitive rambling of the mind and its thoughts. With this new freedom of mind we are open and quiet enough to hear the subtle whispers of other dimensional energies. We are in constant communication with our higher mind. The channels have been opened allowing us to access incoming information via our spirit mind.

In your reality, you have to function from a rational capacity as you are locked into this by the energies of the World Management Team. We are free from this captivation, having the ability to continually communicate with our own Spirit and other worldly beings. The mind is an incredible translator and can read any energy, deciphering the available information into a form comprehensible to our usual everyday level of awareness. We still utilise the rational processes, but do not have to rely on them solely. We have access to an immense well of intuitive knowing which is ultimately connected to the spirit of the planet Gaia. This frees us to understand the information on deep and profound levels.

The rational mind locks you into only experiencing the world around you as a physically proved reality. This is very limiting and constricting. With the introduction to the intuitive mind, a great balancing has occurred between the two functions of the human mind. This balancing allows us to use this new function to access higher levels of mind energy that ultimately connects us to the mind of THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER.

In your reality, you are governed by the polarity of the rational mind. In our reality, we are no longer controlled by these principles. This allows us to use the talents of both the rational and intuitive minds, opening us to greater areas of learning. With our new perspective, we acknowledge consciousness in everything around us.

Having access to this new information has totally transformed science. It is no longer groping in the dark of ignorance but has elevated itself to a level that proves the existence of THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER. Science is no longer ruled by the rational mind alone and has moved beyond primitive levels of fear-based experiment. This emergence of inventions has revolutionised the world in which we live. Nature is the master scientist and with her co-operation, we are understanding the natural world. Science now sees that we are an intricate part of nature and that no level of consciousness is devoid of life. A rock is simply THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER expressing itself in rock form. Therefore, science has given up its cruelty and total disregard to life to now becoming truly compassionate.

Thoughts and information do not come only in words, but also as feelings, pictures and a plain sense of knowing. If we close our eyes and relax, it is possible for us to see information in vibrantly colourful pictures. These pictures are not flat, lifeless images but alive. They allow a depth of understanding that is beyond words and rational knowledge. We communicate with other people, species and worldly beings via these pictures. The mind translates the incoming information into images to project them onto the internal conscious screen like cinema.

We learn and experiment with this new level of creativity. We have great schools of learning where we are instructed by other dimensional beings in the capacities of our minds. High vibratory beings teach us how to expand our minds and facilitate our learning. Once you are free from the rational processes you will discover the wondrous workings of the higher mind.

Moving In Synergy

In our reality, we do not experience ourselves as separate to our sense of Spirit. We experience ourselves as a human aspect of Spirit. We no longer pray to an outside source for forgiveness and guidance. We have modified our practices to encompass a new knowledge about our reality and selves. This has opened up a whole new reality as we can see the magic of the Creator animated in the world we live. God is no longer an unknowable force that is somehow unattainable and separate to ourselves but the well-spring of our existence.

Not only do we see the Creator in the natural world around us, but also in the unnatural world of inanimate objects. Everything, whether natural or not, has become alive, animated by the very consciousness of our Spirits. It is possible for us to communicate and share information with the structures of our homes and the clouds of our skies. This has given us a very creative world indeed! Everywhere we look there is magic to see and experience.

We have an internal friend and guide in Spirit. It instructs us in the ways of living in our world as a multi-dimensional being. Spirit guides us by the powers of the mind and body. It mirrors itself into the outside world in order to teach us about ourselves and reality. We use this principle to communicate with the myriad realities of THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER.

Words cannot describe the sense of completion and satisfaction that this has been brought to us as a species. We have finally found safety, nestled within our eternal natures, within our own Spirit. From this place, it is possible for us to access any time frame, whether of this planetary reality or other. History is not a static expression and can be creatively interacted with for our learning pleasure. Our intention guides and creates for us new exciting ways to experience our species' inheritance and ancestral lineage. This process explains how I can communicate to you in your now time frame.

With this new ability, we have healed our past karma and allowed a free flow of information to travel between the various time frames. We can bring the joys and achievements of the past and the future and ground them into our present. This has made it possible for us to transform our world in a very short amount of time. If you allow for there to be a new programming within you on a mass level, you will also witness such a change in the blinking of an eye. Being anchored into the eternal present of the moment allows you to create with the intention of the mind. If your child-like wishes flow in synergy with the wishes of Gaia, then they will manifest in the outside world. The form it may take and the method of its arrival will still be a mystery, but the realisation of your dreams will be there for all to see. We have used this principle to recreate our world along more pleasing lines. We are no longer burdened by such things as pollution or nuclear waste.

The new creative interaction that now occurs between people is the most amazing transformation that mankind has seen. No longer locked into the fear games of polarity and judgement, humanity has finally put aside the childish playground games of bullies and come of age. Everyone is tapped into the source and its power. This has removed the need to prove to each other a sense of worth. In the depths of their soul, all can feel soul their true self.

Religions locked their followers into fighting those who opposed their beliefs. The connection to THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER within and without has allowed mankind to see the real nature of creation. No more do we argue the facts of various religions, but see them as historical methods of worship, some rather outdated but, nevertheless, inspiring.

The new sense of equality between people of various countries, classes, sexual genders and races is not a documented or enforced endeavour, but a natural way of being. All are connected to their inner wisdom and use this guidance to instruct them in their interaction. The diversity of people, whether of a certain country or individual, is recognised and valued.

The allowing of differences can only aid mankind as a whole. Through this new relating, countries no longer fight or oppose each other, but have joined together. Whole is the key word. There is a new energy present that you will begin to see manifest shortly in your reality. The good of the whole is only a hopeful concept in your time frame. In our reality, it is a living, breathing manifestation. There is no need for legalisation and enforcement as everything magically unfolds. We are finding new inspirational ways to grow together. We are pooling together ideas and resources for the benefit of the whole.

There is a new air of forgiveness which is moving us forward without the restraints of conflict, lack of compassion, and intolerance. We have evolved from the concept of sin. We believe that the holding of beliefs of punishment and guilt are futile and unproductive. We are finding new ways of addressing the issues of crime and punishment. We are freeing these souls, realising that they are only a mirror image of the neglected aspects of our own psyche. There is a new feeling of co-operation and healing in this area. As a whole, we are taking responsibility and accepting the need for a healing of the way we govern our lives.

With fear and blame removed, we are now free to move forward. We are allowing for the various ways different people live their lives. We are realising that it is wrong for us to try to govern people with laws and rules. We are discarding the opinion that we are not responsible enough to administer our own lives, exorcising the need for governments and policing to control or regulate us. In co-creative compassion, we are maturing and taking back our power from those who have abused their positions of authority.

Family structures are expanding and changing. This is having a big effect on the way we perceive children and their role in society. Education is changing with the new involvement of spiritual inspiration. Children are no longer seen as unintelligent and in need of education in the old ways of society. The youth are being honoured for their fresh and inventive way of looking at reality.

We are realising that many knowledgeable and highly evolved souls are now incarnating in our children. Parenting is an honour and a highly appraised undertaking, not taken lightly. There is a natural and balanced understanding to the appropriateness of an individual's calling to parentage. There is an honouring of the agreements between those incarnated and those to be. The population is decreasing because of this. Contraception is not needed as everyone flows with the natural rhythms of the body; unwanted pregnancies are a thing of the past. No more do we lock away our children, but allow them free expression of being.

The whole family structure is changing and we are developing a family that contains all of mankind. We are taking responsibility for the welfare of the whole and are making giant leaps in the way we conduct ourselves. There is no need for groups of people to feel neglected and persecuted. All ages are cared for in ways that are productive to their evolution and growth. Resources are equally distributed. Everyone has his or her needs requited, whether financial, emotional, mental or spiritual. With this new pooling of resources, there is a new optimism and hope in the general energy of mankind. Mass consciousness is shifting into the realms of love and light. We are celebrating and enjoying the prosperity of our kind.

No longer do individuals interact from a fear-based ego but from a place of soul inspiration. A new level of trust between people is manifesting. It is possible to approach a perfect stranger and have conscious soul to soul interaction. The love that is circulating between people is incredible and fascinating to witness. It is commonplace to see groups of people gather together in the sunshine, sharing their knowledge and experience of their lives. Young and old alike are becoming companions in these creative time. People do not restrict themselves to separate groups. Their differences add to the fun of relating. An air of acceptance is opening up a space for facilitated change. Through the new family solidarity and love, no one feels alone or isolated. The battle of the sexes and the divisions between race or age are no longer issues. Everyone is honoured for his or her uniqueness of being.

The boundaries of protection around relationships are shifting and changing. Because it is possible to have more than one intimate partner, living situations are also transforming. The love between people is increasing and intensifying. We are not restricted in the way we express our love. The taboos of love and sexual interaction are removed and physical exchanges of love are commonplace within our newly developed societies. The spontaneous expression of joy is a common sight. There are no longer laws that restrict and inhibit the gathering together people or the need for a controlling influence if they do.

Wise Wealth

Money is no longer a symbol of identified success or greed. Money is simply recognised as a physical manifestation of energy. It is seen as a means of exchange and sharing. With the balancing harmony of our being, we live in complete trust to our existence and, therefore, have an innate flow in receiving and giving. No more do we lack faith in the universe or ourselves, and this is reflected in our new-found relationship to material wealth.

There is a new feeling of generosity in the populace as a whole. Greed and miserly tendencies are a thing of the past. Everyone is ultimately connected to their power source within, and this can be clearly seen in the new, refreshing approach to money and resources. Poverty and starvation exist no more, becoming forgotten memories. Everyone's standard of living and all aspects of the way we live have changed drastically. Advanced technologies are freeing people with regard to time and energy. Everyone's role in society is valued and honoured. Every profession is respected and seen as an integral part of balanced society. Wages and salaries are becoming obsolete as, following Spirit guidance, we all live with equal and fair exchange.

The freedom this new attitude to money and working has created has allowed people the time to pursue hobbies or creative pastimes of varying kinds. We are now seeing amazing works of art and technological advancements that are unimaginable in your present reality. To say this is all aiding the general progress of humankind is a gross understatement.

We are ecstatic about the momentum of the growth of our species as a whole. Great schools of learning are being set up because of the freedom of time and energy. Spiritual teachings are becoming part of an everyday reality, not restricted to those of so-called 'holy' persuasion. The common man in the street is finding new inventive ways to express THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER within. There is a reemergence of many magical rites of passage. People are finding their way and purpose in the world openly with greater ease. With everyone consciously connected to spirit, they are finding that all this advancement and growth is becoming a natural, intricate part of living at this time.

With the overall emergence of love and new found technology, the welfare of the planet is transforming and healing. People are removing harmful pollutants from the air, land and seas. They are re-introducing many animals that were on the verge of extinction in your reality. The connection everyone feels towards Gaia and her kingdoms is magical and incredible.

It is now possible to live on the planet in hope and joy. People are pooling resources and knowledge of the natural world to aid the change. We are all contributing, some in what may seem small ways, but all in perfect harmony with their path. Inventions of every kind are being used to assist the project of healing. As well as the obvious environmental physical changes, there is also a cleansing of the etherical body of Earth. As individuals heal, so does the mass consciousness. Because we are all intricately interlinked, so does the etherical body of Gaia transform. All have a clear and undeniable connection with their own personal relationship to Gaia.

People are using the co-operation of the Devic realms, and animal and plant kingdoms to access information regarding how to live in harmony with the planet. The physical landscape is slow to change and yet it is easy to see the start of the transformation happening in the world around. No longer do we build structures that are ugly or environmentally harmful to Earth. We are accessing the ancient knowledge of the East to construct buildings that are aesthetically pleasing and harmonious. The old buildings of beauty are being renovated and cleaned. Those considered 'blots on the landscape' are slowly being pulled down to make room for more heartfelt structures and parks. In every available space, people are planting trees and creating gardens of beauty. We are at long last recreating Eden. With the magical interaction of spirit and the loving co-operation of mankind, we are transforming the landscape into our vision of 'Heaven on Earth'.

To you in your reality, it may seem this is only wishful thinking, and yet it is possible if you simply 'allow'. We, as a species, are evolving at an incredible rate. As you speed headlong into the next millennium, you will experience what was referred to in the Bible as 'Judgement Day'. This day is a turning point where you choose between two dissimilar realities: one of hope and beauty, or one of death and destruction. It is your judgement, your free will choice.

Bring hope to yourselves and recognise that, in this wondrous universe, it is possible to live in a reality of your own making. Simply take responsibility in conscious purity for the self and watch your world evolve. You are extremely powerful creators, and, so, why not manifest that which is most pleasing to your eternal soul? Take a deep breath and take a risk. Believe in the impossible dream and together we will live in light.

Love, forever, from one who lives in your future Eden.

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