Another remarkable case in Botucatu

Intro - we know from esp. " UFO Abduction At Botucatu" that much ufo activity seemed to be ongong there in that region. Here another case some years ahead of that other, in that same city in Brazil. And so one could speculate if this early visit there, was a kind of prepartion for those that happend later…?



On 17 May 1968, at Gaconde, near Butucatu, SP, Brazil, Sr. Gaetano Serqio dos Santos arrived from his night work, at about 05:00 AM., and discovered, to the right of the outside door to his home, a short and fat metallic cylinder about 17 centimeters long by 15 in diameter, which he lightly kicked with his toe. He then reached down to pick it up and found it too heavy to move with one hand, and thought that it deceptively had the weight of a much larger object. He felt it might be mostly solid metal like an automobile generator. His curiosity aroused, he bent down and using both hands picked it up and examined it. Its surface was of gray metal, smooth, solid. He couldn't pry it open with a screwdriver nor could he puncture a hole in either the metal of the transparent panels that covered the clocklike arched scales in the two ends of the cylinder. The scales were marked in strange symbols and ended in a dot at one side. A black needle swept the scale. Both ends of the cylinder were the same but the symbols were different. After examining it for about a half hour, the witness set it down inside the house and went to bed.


The next morning, as he was outside eating an orange, he remembered the object and went to look at it again to see if the airplane had any effect on the pointer that swept the scale. The pointer had not moved. He threw the object violently to the ground trying to provoke some movement of the pointers, which meanwhile had moved away from the dot at the end of the scale. Giving up, he put it out of reach of the children between an oil lamp and two chunks of soap on top of the cistern in the wall of the kitchen.


That night, as he left for work, about thirty minutes after midnight, he looked at the object and noticed a strange luminance in the lamplight. At 01:07 he heard that his wife had called for help from a neighbor and he ran there. There he found his wife sitting on the porch, in her nightgown holding the children. He was able to understand from his wife that only a few minutes before, all had been treated to a spectacle for some 15 to 20 minutes inside his house, which she was forced to leave with her children. She had heard a loud buzz that came from the direction of the kitchen, from where there also emanated a bright bluish light, which she could easily see because the house had no interior finishing. She also felt a strange heat within the heat of the house.


Suddenly the electric lights went out and she thought of the circuit breaker, but the heat was increasing, so she grabbed the two children out of their beds and ran out of the house into the cold night. They were all crying and she shouted to her neighbors for help.


Suddenly there was a strange noise in the roof-tiles in the kitchen, from where they saw pieces of tile showering down. After this all became very quiet. The bluish light and the buzzing noise were gone from inside the house, and that was about the time that Caetano ran up to them. The husband went into the house to investigate and found the object gone from on top of the cistern. The roof tiles above the cistern box now had a hole completely through and broken tile lay all around. He went to get the authorities.




Shrinked ufo's or really "small" visitors the norwegian alleged 'walk-in' - tore alfstad, there exists civilisations, with technique to shrink the reality, same as we can shrink digital pictures on the pc. Well, belive it or not, but many cases have been reported worldwid about small ufo-visitors. Fx this case:


In August 1968, after a prolonged build-up over many months, luminous flying objects that had been plaguing the Wilson Gusmao farm, returned in force. On the 17th they carried out extensive operations over the property, stopping the truck and blacking out the power, although the diesel power generator continued to run. Wilson had alerted the authorities before, and now he was joined at his farm by General Moacir Oschoa, Major Jacob Zweiter, and an official party of scientists, who observed the phenomenon personally and left instructions to be kept advised.


On 31 January 1969, General Oschoa arrived again with his team to observe a now almost nightly approach by the flying object. At about 20:00 a UFO appeared and went through the customary maneuvering ritual, and then came up to within 20 meters of the group of investigators in front of the house, passed along the line of cars and descended to a brushy flat on a hill 100 meters from the group. Photographer Luiz Albuquerque accompanying the team snapped several pictures of the glowing object as it flew above the trees.


Wilson Gusmao went up to within 1 meter of this glowing object hovering there, and saw that it was an obviously controlled ship of small size, about 1 meter wide by 2 meters long with a beacon of light in front. As he watched, a little port opened in the side on top of the thing and a tiny humanlike being came out and stood in the air, levitated in space above the ground. The little ship balanced itself in the air a half meter above the ground as Albuquerque snapped a second and third photo of this phase of the event. The little UFOnaut looked steadily at Wilson, then at a box at the beltline of his suit. Wilson followed his gaze and then the UFOnaut moved his hand and pressed a button on the box, giving Wilson the impression that he was being photographed. A blue light came from the box and then went out. The UFOnaut then turned his back to Wilson and looked into his tiny ship.


Suddenly there was a great light on the hill behind the farmhouse and a huge ship rose up radiating a resplendent brilliant light in all directions in perfect view of all the witnesses. Following that, the little man turned around again and faced Wilson, then looked at the group of witnesses watching intently, some with binoculars, kind of smiled at Wilson and lifted his hand to another button on his belt which when pressed, produced a luminous halo or mass of dense light around him. Now the other witnesses could only see Wilson and the bright ball of light, which Jose Albuquerque also photographed.


The little UFOnaut made a simple sign to Wilson, like a salute, and reentered the tiny ship with his legs held forward as he had come out, and the port closed behind him. The little ship ascended and disappeared into the bigger one in seconds and they flashed away and out of sight.


But that was not the only tiny humanlike UFOnauts we have seen reported. In 1970 the international news wires carried a press report of a tiny UFOnaut - 3" tall who got out of a 3 foot UFO and fired a mini-ray at a 10 year old schoolboy, K. Wigneswaran, at a school compound in Penang, Indonesia. That was never followed up with any word and we were left in the dark, to laugh about somebody's prank. BUT that was no prank. We can hardly blame everybody who handled that report from cutting it down some to save face. Anybody who would even forward such a report had to be some kind of a nut.


The facts of that matter however, were considerably more profound than ever came through the press filtering process.


Ahmed Jamaludin, a respected UFO investigator in Malaysia reported a veritable wave of sighting reports of tiny UFOs, and UFOnauts that got out of little model-sized disc-shaped craft that looked like two big plates placed together at the rims. The flurry of activity that was reported in Malaysia daily in the 'Straits Times" and other local papers, was summarized for the 21 and 22 August issues of 1970, and was published in the prestigious British Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 28, No.5, 1983.


Not only was there not just one sighting or one school boy involved, there were many sightings all over Malaysia, and many witnesses, and many of the miniature flying discs.