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Here you will find information about the technology of the spacepeople. UFO pictures. Spacelanguage and pictures from other dimensions/planets.

UFO pictures.                    Pictures from other planets.

Galactick info.                  Galactic technology.

Spacelanguage (text)             Spacelanguage sound

Different types of aliens.              Crop circles.

Planet descriptions.                    Alieninspired web sites.

Video recordings of UFOs.               Cosmic Clock.
                      Earth mission.

Different lectures about the UFO topic in English.

Gateway to Planetary society and Cseti.

Gateway to UFO related databases.

Some text in the galactic info is in Norwegian language at the moment. The text in the diagrams under galactic technology are also written in Norwegian language. The hypertextmenus for choosing galactic info and galactic technology are in English. Text documents who are translated to English will have a "*" sign at the end of its description in the hypertextmenu.

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