They are located on planet Urdam II, in the Goraneor system, is their original world but their race had extended far out in this galaxy and unfortunately, beyond. Alcobata have five bony points sticking out of the top of their skull. Extremely aggressive and considered by the Galactic Federation of Worlds as a parasite race. They area warrior class based society and very complex in its hierarchical structure. Their religious system is also very complicated, with a myriad of gods. They breed by eggs or by mammal way as there are two ways of reproduction. A class of males bear the eggs and that is their weakness. These are assigned and born for this task. They have androgynous ability and can inseminate themselves when chosen time has come. For this transformation, they produce a particular hormone which will activate the reproductive function. The offsprings from eggs and the offsprings from womb are biologically different and assigned to different purposes in the society. I told you it was a complicate society. Females procreate by womb individuals assigned to practical social and political roles, of both genders. The offsprings from eggs, predominantly males, are fit to be warriors and are particularly aperessive.
Alcobata have colonized over 200 planets at this day. Frequent and ongoing abductions of humans, a practice they perform on all their colonised worlds, purpose unknown but suspected slavery. They do not like to interact with other alien races. They are a very aggressive race.

They are suspected to have been involved in several plane crashes, the most case know was the Korean Airlines flight 007 over Russia in 1983. The Russian took and accepted the blame for it.
Last sighting: Canada Sept 2001. Alcobata have over 5000 ships. Their ships are very fast and their space travel technology has made of them one of the most dangerous races, as they can move very fast. Flat and round, quite big.