DO-HU (Dow) [The classical Greys]
The “Do-Hu” were an old dying race, who left their home planet Elderan, M-? in the Zeta Reticuli system, which was very old and deteriorating, in search for a new home. They wished they never approached Orion... where they were unfortunately captured and assimilated by the Orion Alliance and genetically altered for servitude. The Do-Hu function like a hive-consciousness, connecting telepathically to a central cognizance, from where instructions are emitted and shared. This species was originally a cross between reptiloid and botanic genetics and hereditarily parents with the Solipsi Rai. They are now part of the Orion Grey Collective. Their telepathic skills are phenomenal, in particular when it comes to deceive Terran abductees. Genetically altered, they cannot reproduce anymore and are maintained in dependence to their oppressors regarding to the cloning of their species for survival. The Orion and Ciakahrr (Draco) Empires, who uses them, made of the Do-Hu a group of harmful scavengers at their service, and this is a despicable and awful fate. They are sent by their masters on genetic alteration programs towards undeveloped worlds, in order to prepare the ground for invasion, as they did with Terra. Years 1953, 1955, 1957, the Do-Hu motherships arrived in orbit of Terra and took place under the Oceans, their largest facility positioned near the Easter Island. They also have an outpost on Mars, on the behalf of the Orion Empire. This small dangerous group of Do-Hu are very active on Earth, working for the Orion Empire, largely responsible for abductions. They do their job coldly and without much emotion, of which they have been deprived.