N'TORI (or Endorians)
On the planet N'Tora ("Endora") of the Antarian system, lives a magnificent race: the NíTorii. They are beautiful 9th and 11th density extradimensional beings, who never leave geographically their planet but travel a lot using interdimensional consciousness resonance. Their structure is humanoid based but purely etheric. There are very few races in this galaxy who have reached such levels of evolution and the N'Torii are one of them. If I mention them to you it is because they brought their attention to your planet, in the desire to help the forces of light and evolution. We sometimes work with them and I saw one of them, once, it was a life experience i will always remember. They manifest as a bright light with filaments of etheric substance dancing around a barely, blinding bright, tall humanoid body. You cannot see the features on their faces but i was told they have eyes like crystal.

They are so powerful. Your Terra guardians, such as Caeayaron, are of the same nature as the N'Torii. Their world is, i was told, a 9D otherworldly place exempt of gravity, where mountains float in ethereal oceans of currents of light and moving translucent creatures. There are many other life forms on their planet and all living from the 9th to the 11th density. Imagine, the submarine life in your Terran oceans, but made with lights, colours, ethereal matter, in floating and gracious dancing moves. This is where they live. A perfect world. They help the GFW in elevating and cleansing the grid of your planet. Their etheric shimmering colourful ships are always an astonishment to watch, moving discoidal light vessels,