This is where I come from: the 2™ planet of the Taygeta system: Erra, “the shrine of knowledge". This is where the physical archives and records of the whole Man civilization are preserved. It takes us 14 (T) hours to travel to Terra, or just 4 hours at warp speed. Erra is a warm and temperate planet sustaining a wide variety of life forms and bie zones. The planet's crust is mainly silicate. We imported many vegetal and animal species from our home world Maya, recreating our natural bio habitat with five climate zones: tropical, tepid, temperate, glacial, and polar. We have seasons, rain and snow, luxuriant forests, deep valleys, stunning coastlines and numerous high mountain ranges. It is a magnificent world, turquoise blue seen from space, with seven moons.

This world is populated by the Ahel colony, the fair skin, blue eyes blond hair race from Maya. Errahel (pL.: Errahil), or “Ahil of Erra" have grown inte a very spiritual race, cultivating arts serving the attainment of inner peace and spiritual ascension, such as ethereal music, dance, visual arts, and love making. This is something very particular to the Ahil: because of its natural photosensitivity (adapted to our star Ashaara), as well as our genetic heritage, our skin is exceptionally sensitive to sensual touch. We distinguish, in the act of love, reproductive function from transfiguration of consciousness.

There is a part in our brain which activates at puberty, and that we switch on at will to stimulate our epidermis’ receptor cells. Regarding to entwined soul ascension, all aspects of the being are enthused: the physical (external: skin, and internal: genital connexion), the mental-emotional (love), and the spiritual (energy and vibrational elevation in frequency). These three aspects combined allow us to reach out higher realms of pure consciousness, transcending densities as high as the 13'%(Source). In this attained state of bliss, we are only pure disembodied, universal and omnipresent, infinite consciousness. Concerning procreation, we chose to perform it at the same moment or not, knowing that combining both is a very special moment in one’s life, when the highest realms of ecstasy are embraced, ultimate condition to ignite an impulse for the binding of a soul into a new incarnation. For reasons of practicality, we also have developed the option of artificial conception in life-pods, but we usually chose the natural way. Concerning education, there are schools of specification. Each new child's abilities are identified and enticed to develop at the best of their possibilities, in order for the being to achieve their mission and aspirations. Our youngsters are regrouped into specific schools of learning regarding to their common talents. Our favourite leisure is to spend time outdoors, as well as gathering for social entertainments such as games and artistic activities (concerts or communal artistic activities.) We are not into competition sports, as you are on Terra; we believe that the best way to attain improvement is through personal development and not by competitive comparison.

We have a vegetal alimentation. Our race, Ahel, is based on an organic life-form, but there is an upper class which we call “The Elders", and who chose not to incarnate because they passed a certain level of evolution. I am myself part of the active class, and even if i can at will wander out of my body, I am linked to it. So yes, I eat, and all the rest. We ingest vegetal ailments, primordial components, and energised water. The energised water is drunk when travelling, to allow our body to shift at will while not having to deal with food evacuation. We have the choice for solid meal when not performing space travels, this follows a rule: that if only it has no heart and no face. Otherwise, if we eat blood life-forms, it lowers down our vibration to the frequency of what we ingest.

We are not spiritual masters for your species, just your space relatives, people like you; the only difference is we were born somewhere else. We are not the guardians of your planet; the GFW and the Council of Five do this better and you have your own indigenous guardian-entities. We are not gods, neither what your legends call “angels” (although an interpretation of alien encounters in the past of your planet). We only perform our mission, in the structure of the GFW. It is always a common mistake to consider us as personal spiritual messengers and make us godlier than we are. We are supporting the Terrans, they are not alone. We are backing you up, keeping the dark forces at bay. We promote spiritual evolution, but we knew also how to fight when it is necessary, and it is also part of our spiritual path. All fights, if they are right and justified, open ways to liberation for the higher Light to flow in. Passivity is death.

Do not to create a religion about us, please, Not again, We are just people who came here to help. That we have the ability to shift densities at will, doesn't make of us some sort of gods, it just makes us different. It is time the Terrans stop considering themselves as inferior, otherwise they won't grow. Our purpose is to show them they can become like us, that’s why we're here. We wish the Terrans to join the Galactic Federation one day, but this will never happen if they put themselves down as an inferior race. Of course they are more primitive than we are technologically, and a bit less wise...but we've all been there, we've evolved too. We believe that all life is immortal, that the soul is eternal, because all life forms are a fractal of Source. Each of us is made of a substance that is part of Her. We are Her, she is in us. She is us. Source is the consciousness of the multiverse. She is the almighty power, the source of all life, all matter and all energy. Our vehicle bodies are perishable, not our true selves who are unfailing fractals of Source. She is omnipresent, infinite and timeless. Source will never die, because She was never born. We say “She”, because she is the matrix of all things, and the Great Force that is Love, her igniting breath. Coming from Her we were never born, and returning to Her we will never die, Our temporary bodies of flesh decay, and we nourish the greatest respect for the sacred vessel that has carried our soul towards a mighty journey of learning and duty. When we are finally free, you feel Her, more than ever. Choice will is then ours to return, move on, or set ourselves free in the Unity of it all. We have no gods, no idols, no cults, we just have Her.

An Errahel scientist named Thor, sent by the GFW, spent time on Terra with the US government to teach them about hyper-space travel, in the 1940's, in purpose of speeding up the Terran technological evolution before the growing threat of the Ciakahrr (Draco) Empire. Unfortunately, the US representatives made the worst choice by denying the assistance of the GFW, when they were contacted in 1954, falling into the habitual con of the Ciakahrr (Dracos). Despite we had warned them!

One of the main beliefs of the GFW is in the freedom of choice. We never force anyone to a decision, even though in many occasions we have done our very best at convincing about the best way to stay alive. In 1954, when a diplomatic squad from the GFW officially met your leader Eisenhower, we warned him about the different life forms visiting Terra, some of them not being very pleasant, and especially anything that looked Grey, Reptilian or white Humanoids. We offered the Terrans our assistance in deactivating all their weapons, ending their wars and cultivating peace and spiritual elevation of consciousness, in order for them to join as scon as possible the GFW. This had the purpose to get them safe and protected against the Ciakahrr (Draco) and Orion empires. We couldn't make the final decision for you. We are also active in a program of assistance in the elevation of Terran consciousness, in helping you finding freedom from the oppressive servitude of the Ciakahrr (Draco) Empire and the Orion and Altair groups. As such, we entice awareness opening through education, information, channellings and work on the frequency of your planet's energy erid. We are also involved in the global “Envoy program”, which consist in incarnating into a Terran body in order to perform ground work more efficiently. Many other races are part of this program created by the GFW, and which you name “Starseed".
Our cargo ships, for long space travel, have cylindrical shapes. Our patrol ships are smaller and discoidal, the fleet decades have a more oblong profile. I will detail they technicality further down this documentation.