(pL. Kiily-Tokurit). Kiila is the name of their world, near the star you name “Suhail”, and Tokurt is their race. They are 6ft tall beings, living up to 200 years, and also one of the oldest races in this galaxy. They are not members of the GFW, although we are trying hard to get them in, in order to oblige them to behave. They are very good shapeshifters, and the one thing that gives them away is the aspect of their eyes, which are wide and obsidian dark. Their true appearance is like tall grey-humanoid, but they are in fact of reptiloid genetics and have very pale skin, nearly white. That is why your people calls them sometimes “tall whites", They are regularly mistaken for the Maytrei, who are not shapeshifters, have darker grey skin, uglier face and wider skulls. Kiily-Tokurit have two genders and are oviparous. They don’t do hybridation programs but abduct for sexual slave trade and food market. Some work also as mercenaries. They are not allies of the Zeta, Ciakahrr (Draco), Maytra neither the Reptilian Alliance; they work solo and although they possess great weaponry power, they do not search for conflict. Frequent incidents with GFW forces are constantly occurring, regarding to their illegal business on Terra. Their ships are elongated black triangle with tree corner lights underneath plus a larger central one, and very recognisable, Compared to the USAF secret flying triangles, the ET ships do not make any noise, they have sharp edges, are bigger, and possess a cloaking system based on quantum reflection (reflecting underneath what is above). If you see one of these, just don't think; run.