KUR (Golden Birds)
They come from Planet Dillimuns, Xi Orionis. A system of four planets, and only their world is inhabited. Kuri are a very old race related to the Anunnaki, with an intense individual character to them. They are tall humanoids with bird genetics and features, such as a duvet covered skin, a crest of feathers along their spine, and a falcon-like head. Their peculiar colour is due to a golden liquid they bathe into, which expands their life-span. They were there as well, alongside the Anunnaki, at the time these latest were reigning upon Terra; the Kuri were directly involved with them in altering the Terran human genome. Kuri are still in diplomatic transactions to join membership with the GFW; they insist to join under their own conditions and this is not how it works for ws. Regarding to their technology, it takes them two years to get to Terra, where they set a small and discreet little colony somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. They use interdimensional travel and their iridescent ships are truly magnificent,