This beautiful species originates from Astorah, the sixth star in the constellation you name “Coma Berenice”. This star system is composed of ten planets, among which the Lang occupy three worlds. Lang are gracious humanoids, not very tall (about 2 ft high). Cultivating their love for aesthetics and creativity, they wear body decorations such as blue skin pigments, feathers, beads, shiny trinkets and other accessories, for artistic purpose and tribal recognition. The few clothes they wear are in general very colourful. Males wear more decorations than females, as to display their social attributions and merits. Nature is essential to their lives and Lang are in total symbiosis with their environment, physically and spiritually. They hunt and eat other creatures, surprisingly, but in all respect of the cycles of life, which they consider part of their sacred beliefs. Although this culture gives a primitive impression, it is very misleading because their technology is quite advanced, notably in medicine and space travels. There too, diverse levels of civilization transpires through a system of castes. They are part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

Lang visitors were among the earliest aliens to discover Terra and they are still remembered in Northern Europe though the elves and fairy folklores about a mysterious “Little People". They never abducted humans and instead, they rescued a very large amount of people from the Reptilians.