ôVery bad race, the worst out of all."

 Maytra (pl. Matrei), or Maitre, originate from two home planets in the nearest galaxy of Andromeda, that they name Megopei. They are your worst enemy, and the worst enemy of all races in this galaxy. Basically, they are considered as parasites by everyone except by those who managed to create alliances of mutual interests with them, that is to say: The Ciakahrr (Draco) Empire and the Orion collectives. Of the same average height as humans, this race of hermaphrodites with long shaped face, elongated skull and long slim neck, carries indeed a very mean looking. We think their lifespan is of usually 120 (T) years. Their motivation is rage, hate and assimilation. Their ships are large, dark and discoidal with a circular row of lights plus a large aperture underneath, and their in-signia is a black inverted triangle on 3 lines and a red background. They have been visiting your planet since before the two last glaciations and tried to colonize it at many occasions, but were always interfered by either the Ciakahrr (Draco), the Anunnaki, the Council of Five or the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Not stopping there, they colonized 26 other planets. Abductions of humans are carried out openly by them, either for their own interest (slave traffic to mines on Terra's moon and Mars, as wellasslave trade with other : species, primarily the Reptilians), or in coalition with the US-Telos Alliance.

The Maytrei have been involved in several tragedies throughout human history. Some of the worst plagues were inflicted by them with the knowledge and agreement of the Reptilians, who want the human population to never go over 8 billion.