The so called “‘Men In Black" are cybernetic life-forms controlled by Ciakahrr (Draconis) working with the Us government's secret divisions, usually accompanied, in their visits at your door to intimidate you, by a true reptilian shapeshifter. Such synthetic creatures are also infiltrated by great numbers in Terran societies and the way to recognise them is similar to identifying a shapeshifter. To these criteria you may also add a peculiar synthetic smell, unrefined features, no fingerprints, and faint or artificial looking ears. They are also named "Horlocks” and when they are not of the above, they are Terran humans under mindcontrol. In order to dissuade witnesses, they use mind-control (a reptilian speciality) and threat by fear as psychological weapon. They move in black cars and black helicopters, and are assigned to underground facilities.



Reptilian Hybridization

They have interest in humans’ DNA, as they have been involved with it since aeons of times, making in this aim great use of their expert abilities to use their shapeshifting skills. Ciakahrr (Draconians) are as involved in manipulating Terran DNA in the conception of their own Hybrids as the Greys and their helpers, biologically created drones, Synthoids and various Hybrids. Human abductions, when the abductee never returns, are usually of Draconians nature. They have underground facilities on Earth, some in connexion with Terran military bases, linked by a web of monorail systems connecting to various points like the poles, and Mount Shasta for instance, You can identify access points by the serpent circle symbol, or as you name it: Quroboros, This is the symbol of the factions of the Reptilian Empire assigned to the colonized worlds, and the insignia they wear on their uniforms is the serpent circle including seven stars, referring to their seven main sectors of colonies.


Soul Scalping

As to dispose of Terran bodies to inhabit with a soul of their own matrix, the Ciakahrr (Draconians) conducted despicable procedures. With time, practice and resilience, they perfected the technique of ripping a person's soul out of the body and dispose it in a container. Trapped within this peculiar pod, the soul will live experience living through an illusery matrix. None can kill a soul; they are immortal and a fractal of source. The best you can do is extracting it and trap it. What do they do with the bodies? Al experimentations, soul replacement... Many powerful industrial and military elites, and some leaders, have been soul-scalped and replaced by Ciakahrr (Draconian) entities, in order to take over the control of Terra via the banking systems, powerful corporations and industries, celebrities and governments.



Ciakahrr (Draconians) and Nagai are exceptionally tough and adaptable to almost any environment, even extreme, but they favour the subsurface environmental type for the dimmed light and mild unchanging temperatures. This is a reason why we find a number of their army bases built inside asteroids or dead planetoids. They only access the surface when necessary. Their usual method of colonizing an inhabited world is to build first an initial base of operations underground, then expand it progressively, traversing the planet with a web of tunnels, connecting slowly all their key tactical installations. At the early stage of this underground colonization work, a central government is settled with certain leaders and institutions on the surface, based upon a typical Draconian multilevel caste hierarchy structure, and these surface people are promised and given absolute power. In fact, the real rulers are of course, the Ciakaher (Draconians). The Ciakaher (Draconians) ’ tendencies to aggressive conquests raised the concern of the entire galaxy, as much as the consistent growth of their empire. No one really ever wishes to seek confrontation with them, in reason of their nature to promptly display massive warfare technology at the thinnest irritation, and contact is usually avoided unless open intrusion in territorial space.

The vast Ciakahrr (Draco) Empire, from its central power in the Thuban system (Alpha Draconis), expands from Cygnus to Perseus, and up Orion, and the occupied outposts and worlds in this sector do not react well to intrusion into their space. No intervention or intercession by any races is known to have been attempted, although the Galactic Federation of Worlds has always kept an eye on the Ciakahrr (Draconians) with increased attention. The Ciakahrr (Draco) Empire invaded the Lyran systems long ago for taking possession of their exceptionally abundant natural and human resources. The outcome of this siege was dramatic and the losses of lives correspondingly. The massively Ciakahrr (Draconian) armadas had reason of the Lyran worlds and the survivors fled to new worlds and safer settlements, far from reach of the conflict where they could find planetary systems fit for sheltering life. A ship who left for Mirza (Canis Majoris) from the Lyran Taal main world, was accompanied by a Reptilian Draconian fleet as an escort, transporting the Taal royal family. It is said an agreement was made and we can explain then, the connection between this surviving Taal group and the Alpha Draconian population both located in the Mirza system. This is the origin of the relationship between these two population groups. Ciakahrr (Draconians) had also a colony on planet Maldek, now asteroid belt blown up in a war with the Galactic Federation to try get them out of the solar system.Recently, nonetheless, a reptilian female-dominated society in the Capella system has broken free from the Reptilian Empire.

For another bit of history, a Lyran colony had arrived and settled around actual India and Gobi desert, which had at that time a tropical climate. Challenged and threatened by a race of reptilian shape-shifters based in Antarctica, which had also a different climate, a war ignited between the two factions, which was recorded in diverse indigenous local legends. To close the chapter, the Lyran colons developed a super-weapon they launched on Antarctica. The explosion was so tremendous that it literally shook the planet, wobbling Terra's axis. Al- though, a few Reptilian colonies survived in other parts of the world, in underground cavern systems. One of them was Patalas, a seven-levelled cavern, where some indigenous encountered the violent Nagai and saw their ships entering and leaving the mountain sides, and in this area there has been through ages many conflicts between Reptilians and locals hierarchy of the occupants Invader races on Terra have interrelated agreements between them, as well as with the U.S. government and their security, Draconians compose the secret pyramidal summit of the military industrial extra-terrestrial complex controlling all information related to alien presence. They control human elites, media and corporations, institutions and financial systems, stimulate wars, scarcity, fear and insecurity, encouraging corruption, ethnic and religious ferocity, terrorism, drug trade and organized crime. There is a strict hierarchy involving the Draco-Reptilians and other extraterrestrial races involved in the invasion of Terra. Reptilians from Thuban, the Ciakahrr and Nagai (or ‘Dracos’), are in command of the Earth based Reptilians. These are in turn in command of the Maytrei (Tall Greys) and Mantis (Insectoids), who command the Do-Hu Zetai or the enslaved faction of Solipsi Rai and their related cloned and biosynthetic technicians


Underground nightmares and the rising storm

The American government made alliance with a separatist faction of Telosii, colony from Alpha Centauri part of the Agarthan kingdoms. These two allied were later involved in secret treaties with the Do-Hu from Zeta Reticuli, who approached them with their usual, and systematic, moaning stories of being a fading race begging access to Terran genetic materials to upgrade their decaying genes. The deal was to conduct few abductions of Terrans, just enough to secure their genome, in exchange of technology which revealed to be, at the end, very disappointing. Well, the American government, who chose to fall into the trap, harshly learned that Do-Hu and Draconian Reptilians work together and had used their cunning treaties with Terran and Telosi governments to take possession of the military bases and the Telosi sub-colonies. This jomt method of manipulation using the Do-Hu for easy conquest is so well known; it has been used by the Ciakahrr (Draco) Empire to infiltrate many worlds. Always, they are able to find naive indigenous allies to sell out their own people, in exchange of false promises. Once treaties are signed, and the local leaders of the invaded planet agree on the terms, the invaders have all rights regarding to the eyes of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. They systematically proceed like this, and it works wonders because they always manage to find that sparkle of greed and personal profit in targeted indigenous leaders on the world to conquer. In 1954, the Do-Hu contacted Terran leaders to operate their age-old trick, so the Galactic Federation of Worlds decided to exceptionally break the Prime Directive, making contact to warn the Terran leaders not to make the greatest mistake ever in their History. Unfortunately, it occurred shortly afterwards that the Terran leaders signed an agreement with the Do-Hu. The only thing we had to offer was help with spiritual evolution, eradication of all weaponry and assistance federating in one peaceful structure. Of course, this wasn't in the liking and personal agendas of the Terran leaders. The Ciakahrr (Draco) Empire knew very well what they were doing by sending the Do-Hu to the US president at the time; there was nothing more desirable for the US government than faining superior weaponry technology in a period when a cold war was going on with their greatest economic archenemy: Russia, So our offer to help disarm and settle peace went like sliding on a sleek surface... So this went on for decades, worsening...The list of a couple hundred Terran people to abduct, mostly prisoners and mentally-ill subjects, were overpassed at light-speed and rapidly, the number of abduction reached thousands to millions in a short time. The Ciakahrr (Draco) Empire stepped in as soon as the treaty was signed and shortly afterwards, the Orion Empire and the Corporate of Altair invited themselves to the feast. Independent groups like for instance Fiily-Tokurit and Maytrei smelled the opportunity and quite rapidly, a very complex web of treaties and agreements were established. This is only talking about the non-Terran species. On (and under) the ground, secret alliances were also made with the military-economic-complex and dark Terran cults preying on fear, pain and blood sacrifices. All was set up to give birth to the most horrible, multi-tentacular beast: the Cabal. For decades, Terrans were abducted, stored, bred, tortured, raped, butchered, in the vast underground facilities in connexion and collaboration with the US military bases. Children served for sexual trade, food and Adrenochrome, women for genetic breeding and sex slaves, and men as slave workers sent on diverse mining colonies, Some facilities specialized in mind-control technologies using nano and quantum dust trackers, Al intelligence, guided energy weapons, human cloning and genetic experiments, and worse... Soul scalping. This, is the removal of the soul from a body by the use of mercury, chrome and intense pain. All of these species, and all of these Terran elites, had a part of profit in this. You have no idea of the extent of the web of undergrounds and the cities...gigantic cities. The Agarthan subterranean structures, extremely ancient, were requisitioned and vastly extended with the help of extraterrestrial technology. Trains using antigravity technology speeding up to 1,200 km per hour even link continents to another in great depth. This has been going on until recently when the Galactic Federation of Worlds finally decided to intervene, breaking the rules of non-intervention and despite the treaties protecting the Cabal’s alliances and their activities. In the second decade of the twenty-first (T) century, a vast operation was created ta proceed to a large-scale cleansing named: “The Storm”. The purpose was to exterminate the Cabal and liberate the Terran species. We renewed contact with Terran governments and started working with them, training on both sides elite fighters and preparing an intervention which would stay in the records of History. We generated precise seismic activity to help us mapping the whole thing and this is how we could find all the tunnels and the facilities. Strong with our support, alot of Terran influential people started to speak and reveal the truth. Many were eliminated but crawling under numbers, rapidly the Cabal was overwhelmed. Many Terran leaders rebelled one by one and joined the fight, and the allies of the Ciakahrr (Draco) Empire turned their back on them, not wanting to be at war with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. The war underground was violent and millions of Terrans were rescued, Terran elites were arrested. This is to remain the story of how Terra was liberated and supported towards the new step of its evolution: the spiritual age of a new paradigm. They refused our help in 1954 when we knew what was coming, they will thank us in 2024 seventy-years later. All these suffering could have been avoided, if only... they had listened.

There are hundreds of these underground shared facilities but here is a list of the main ones used by the Ciakaher (Draconians)- Orion-Altair Alliances, built in extension to the Agarthan preexisting structures with the cooperation of a Telosi faction, as well as Terran governments. There was 4 main Cabal underground headquarters on Terra: Underneath Dulce Base, off coast of Bermuda Triangle, off coast of Denmark and off coast of New Zealand, but let me first tell you about the big hub, the centre of it all: Dulce.

NEW MEXICO: Dulce: Highly classified underground jointoperational facilities. Extra-terrestrial technology is used there and it is residence to the Ciakahrr (Draconian) command, Naga officers, the Do-Hu work force and an outpost for the Orion Alliance involving mainly Maytrel and Etily-Tokurit. And whatever humans/hybrids/ puppets might be under their control. All collaborate together with the Terran CLA, in the lower levels of subterranean structures that stretch to about 90 or 100 miles to the south-east. The Reptilian working caste is the one doing the ugly job in the low levels of these undergrounds, abusing and violating all the human rights on abducted Terrans, We are talking here about an evil alliance of the Reptilians from the Ciakahrr (Draco) and Orion empires, with the US national security agencies and corporations, dark cults and even some social celebrities used as their human puppets in order to dominate the world at their liking. Dulce Base is more technically known as a Biogenetic Laboratory working on human control technique, cloning, cognitive research and advanced mind control, animal,/human crossbreeding, implantation of visual and audio chips, and children experimentation. Dulce is the second largest Ciakahrr (Draco) and Grey underground base but the central core for all other ones. The largest facility is located in Taos, not very far from there. Built on twelve levels with its own roads and districts, the first three levels are for Terran offices and labs, Terran and extra-Terran vehicles parking, technical and functional maintenance. The fourth level is where things get rough; there, are conducted experiments on human soul, dream manipulation, hypnosis and telepathy. All aspects of mind control planning are done here as well. On the fifth level is the extra-Terran housing where abducted Terrans are stored for food. In vast tanks, in a bio support gel and constantly stirred by robotic arms, are preserved human body parts. On this same level, thousands of cages are piled in lines and rows, containing Terran population of all ages and genders, waiting to be eaten. The sixth level...is called “the nightmare room”. It contains the genetic laboratories and here, the experiments of crossing humans and animals are carried out. The seventh level is the cryogenic storage of thousands and thousands of Terran adults and children and as far as we go down... we sink into the Shadow. The largest base is located in Taos, but there is as well: White Sands-Alamogordo: Three underground facilities. Major hub for researches about radiations and mind-control. / Datil and Pie Town: Tow underground facilities. / Carlsbad Cavern & East Carlsbad, Angel Peak: Spaceship base. / Los Alamos: The subterranean structures connecting to the Agarthan web, were dug by prisoners in the 1940's. In there are performed interspecies genetic experiments and Soul scalping, and the facilities serve as well in the id-levels the human food preparation and storage. All of these are linked by subterranean tunnels, notably to Area 51, Colorado and Texas bases. Kirtland: medical experiments / Manzano Airforce base: Nagai garrisons headquarters and spaceship base. / Pie Town: Spaceship base / Sandia mountains: Spaceship base.

ALASKA: Nome: underground spaceship base ran by the Maytrei.

ARIZONA: Fort Huachuca: Here is one of the main underground hangars for spaceships. This facility is a landing point for incoming Ciakahrr (Draconian) contingents and acentral deserving a vast amount of other facilities. It serves as well as a training facility. / Gates Pass: armament and technical storage facility, turning ground for Terran slaves dispatching. / Gila mountains: experimentations on soul scalping and genetics.
/Santa Catalina mountain: Genetic experimentations, armament and technical storage facility, { Grand Wash Cliffs / Green Valley /Hualapai and Rincon mountains /Mt Lemmon /Page /Safford

ARKANSAS: Hardy / Fine Bluff: Spaceships landing facility and base.

CALIFORNIA: Palms Marine base: Spaceships base, combined research facility of US military, Ciakahrr (Draconians), Orion, Altair. / China Lake: US mind control and weapons research base. / Deep Springs: Spaceships base. (Kiilytokurt) / Fort Irwin: Spaceships base (Naga) /Edwards Air Force Base: Three large spaceships bases. (Ciakahrr (Draconians) , Kiilytokurt, Zetan) / Helendale, Lockhead: Three spaceship bases (Ciakahrr(Draconian)- Orion- Altair), centre for extra-terrestrial technology development and secret intelligence projects, / Los Angeles, Tehachapi Mountains: Technology for the elite's secret projects. Go down to 42 levels. Involved with electronics and hitech aerospace research. / Mount Shasta: Part of the underground structures created by Telosii from Alpha Centauri and where a vast underground city named Telos is located, shared with Terran US military and the invaders (Washington-Telos Alliance). Here are conducted advance space technology researches, genetic experiments, beam weaponry. A tube connects Mt Shasta with one the main Telosi cities in the Matto Grosso jungle of Brazil. Kern River: Spaceship base / Lancaster: Aircraft design, anti-gravity engineering. /Lawrence-Livermore International Laboratories: Human genome mapping, chromosome #19 cloning experiments. / Napa-Valley: Spaceship base and slavery traffic. / Norton Air Force Base: Spaceship base. / Quincy: Spaceship base. / Palmdale, Uano: Space technology lab. / Presidio: Administration / Sierra Nevada: Spaceship base, multi-purpose facility regrouping same activities as Dulce, Very deep. # Tehachapi Ranch: Four spaceship bases, lead outpost of the Orion Alliance. / San Bernardino / Santa Barbara / Santa Rosa / Trona / Darwin / San Juan Valley / Wingate Pass, Death Valley.

COLORADO: Alamosa: §paceship base. / Boulder: Centre of transmission for mind-control radiations. / Colorado Springs: Huge facility and largely extended web of underground facilities with forty-five buildings, hundreds of personnel and vast storage holds for Terran slaves. Here are monitored a certain type of satellites active in the mass mindcontrol process, / Fort Collins: Spaceship and activity base for Maytrei. / Grand Mesa: Spaceship base for Orion Alliance, Mt Rose, Paradox Valley: Slaves facility and mind-control executive. / Falcon Alr-Force base: Satellite control / Gore Range, Lake, Denver: Library and central data bank. Denver: 5 under- ground buildings of 70 levels, 22 miles diameter, plus 8 subterranean cities. / Book Cliffs / Creede.

CONNECTICUT:North West: US-Telos Alliance, genetic harvesting.

FLORIDA: Massive base at Eglin: Orion Alliance spaceship base.

GEORGLA: Atlanta: Kennesaw Mountain, Marietta, Dobbins Air Force Base, Forest Park are the main centres of a huge underground complex. / Thomasville: training ground.

HAWAI Manu Crater & Hana: Weaponry storage.) Kokomo"IDAHO: Lower Goose Lake, Oakley: Prison facility. / §nake River, South-Central: Between Twin Falls and Idaho Falls.

KANSAS: Kinsley: Spaceship base / Hutchinson: entrance of the tunnels under the hospital. The underground reptilian base is handily supplied by hospital patients for genetic harvesting and experiment, and also organs and foetus supply. / Kansas City / Atchison / Fairview.

INDIANA:-Bedford Mines.

MARYLAND: Suitland ultra-classified archives & library /Cp David /Frt Meade /Olney /Edgewood.

MASSACHUSETTS: Maynard "MICHIGAN: Battle creek / Gwinn / Lake Superior: §000 ft deep extra-terrestrial base under the lake.

MISSOURI: Twin Bridges, Lebanon: Spaceship base. / Bat caves’ cluster of caves (Dry, Dead Man, Howell): Spaceship base / St Francis mountains: between St louis & New Madrid.

NEBRASKA: North-Central Nebraska / Red willow.

NEVADA:Blue Diamond: Spaceship base. Groom Lake: Also known as Area 51 or Dreamland. This complex
is facilitated by the CLA and is composed of three main separate undergpround bases, the two other ones are: Pa-poose Ranch and Cockeyed Ridge. Here are developed and tested secret technologies related to extra-terrestrial spaceship engineering. In twenty nine subterranean levels, all sorts of terrible operations are conducted, among which are: the manufacturing of Do-Hu clones and artificial life-forms to use as worker force in the different extra-terrestrial programs, and hybridization experiments and operations on abductees. What is going on down there is of the vilest kind.
Quartzite Mountain: Spaceship base. / Tonopah: US Airforce and CLA secret underground facilities.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: New Hampshire Hills: 3 underground facilities. ““NEW JERSEY: Picatinny Arsenal:Ciakahrr (Draconian) spatioport, very deep.

NEW YORK: Adirondack Mountains, near Elizabethtown / New York Metro area: Slave traffic, genetic experimentations, hybridization agenda and human food supply and storage. / Plattsburg (near Canada & St Alban): Two spaceship bases.

OHIO: Wright-Patterson Air Force base, Dayton: stealth technology and prototype engineering.

 OKLAHOMA:Ada base: Human cloning and genetic experimentation, spaceship base. Kiilytokurt. / Ashland Naval Depot: Spaceship base.

OREGON:Bull Rum Reservoir (north), Mt Hood, Larch Mt, south Benson St Park of the Columbia Lodge. / Coos Bay: three spaceship bases. /Klamath Falls: Underground concentration camp.

PENNSYLVANLA: Blue Ridge Summit, Ft Richie, Raven Rock, Site R: Psychic dark experiments and procedures, souls scalping, mind-control sex slave traffic.

TEXAS: Ft Hood: Do-Hu garrisons and spaceship base.,/Denton / Red River Arsenal: Spaceship base. “UTAH: Dougway / Kennecott's mine.

VIRGINLA:Bluemont, Mt Weather base: Underground city, administration power centre for cabinet-level ranking administrators. Dark genetic experiments going on underground. Ciakahrr (Draconians) and Maytra holds underneath. /Culpepper, Mt Pony: storage of corpses, monitoring of banking systems. / Pentagon, Arlington / Warrington.

WASHINGTON & DC:-Bothell / Fort Lewis / White House: multiple connexions with deep underground installations by tunnels and also to a dark cult place: the House of the Temple.

WEST VIRGINIA: Sugar Grove / White Sulphur Springs.




ALBANIA: Lshnje.

ANTARTICA: Admiralty Mountains, Mt Levick on top of the ice: weather regulator, Human experiments, communications control, atomic weaponry.

AUSTRALIA: Pine Gap: Particle weaponry weaponry researches, genetic experiment, space tracking. Thirteen floors. / Mt Ziel / Canberra / Snowy Mountains / Brisbane: Maytra.

CANADA: Toronto: Access Parliament St between two buildings.

ENGLAND: Bentwaters § Meriwith Hill # Rudloe Manor, Wiltshire, Bath / Staffordshire / Suffolk

ICELAND: Jokulsaarglifur National park.

NORWAY: Finnmark: weaponry & energy, Spaceship base,

PHILIPPINES: Mindoro / Magsaysay / Davao, Mindanao island.

RUSSIA: Ramenki / Yamantan mountains, Belorelsk area, Southern Urals / Tundra, Kola Peninsula / Siberia, Chatanga area at the crossing of Kotuja& Cheta rivers / Egveknot.

ZIMBABWE: Mt Inyangani: Tubular grid system for atmospheric ionization.

The following ones are the other significant spaceship bases. but not conducing programs, knowing that there are in total hundreds of landing points and underground facilities all over and under this planet: Baltic Sea /Bermudas / Bosnia / China / Egypt / France/ Germany / Greece | Greenland / Hymalayas / Iraq / Ireland / Italy, Kosovo / Malta / New Zealand / Poland / Saudi Arabia / Siberia / Spain/ Sweden /