They belongs in the Draco Empire. The Nagai/ Nagari - warrior caste:Shorter and thicker, very muscular, no wings. They are aggressive, violent, and feared through the galaxy for their renowned aptitudes for combat. Their skin is scaled and can be from dark red to orange with black striping. They are 7 to 8 feet tall, renowned and feared for their fighting skills. Their eyes are yellow, slanted, with vertical slit pupils. These are capable to bury themselves to wait for an ambush, some long periods of time, surviving even with only one meal each twelve to fifteen days (technics developed to increase their aggressively and thirst for blood). Their symbol is the Quroboras. The lower caste: Smaller (4 to 12 feet tall) and considerably weaker, way less body armour. No wings. They can be split in seven sub-casts: scientists, engineers, industrial workers, priests, traders, military ,security and finally, feeders. They can appear as brown, red, blue or dark green. They mainly have yellow eyes.