NEGUMAK (Gnomopo)
Negumak is the name of their planet, in the Antarian system. They name themselves after their homeworld, but the original name of their race is Gnomopo, one of the oldest known races in existence, and the predators you don't want to crass on your path. Tall and large, looking insectoid, they are not humanoid based and their genetic composition is, to our knowledge, neither reptile, grey or anything else living in this galaxy. Negumak Gnomopo are unique. They are androgynous and reproduce by laying eggs, and then they fertilize them once the eges have reached a certain level of maturity, They are terrible warriors and terrorize everyone, even Ciakahrr (Draconians) (that is to say) just by thinking about them. They are highly feared and not part of the GFW. Negumak have the power to wipe out the Reptilian race off existence and we are still to this day, trying to figure out how to win their alliance. Their ships are made of a dark glossy metal and of very elaborate shapes. Negumak perform abductions on Terra, to which purpose is unknown to everyone. All we know is that they use mind-control very skilfully, and release the captives afterwards, Terran governments are well aware of their existence, since first contact was made in 1989. The Ciakahrr (Draconians) and Orion occupation forces warned the Terrans about them, scaring everyone immensely and instilling fear regarding to the future of humanity. But thatís a thing, you know, because the Cabal fears them... if only... we could only converse with the Negumak and come to an agreement.