Nommo are originally indigenous to Nyan, a planet of the Thula (Sirius B) system, but chased by the Orion Alliance, they migrated to the third star of the Ashkeru system: the dark dwarf Emerya, epicentre of the elliptic orbit for the two other stars. There, was a unique planet they terraformed to fit their survival requirements. They named it Xylanthia. Nommos are amphibian beings, and also androgynous in reason of the peculiar influence of the two other stars upon all life-forms on Xylanthia, Torn between the powerful gravitational force of Ashkera and the pulling dense magnetism of Thula, Emerya is epicentre not only of gravity for the two celestial bodies mbut also, for complex magnetic configurations. In reason of the nearby orbits of the two other stars, there is no night on Xylanthia. It is an amazing and surprising world, intensely showered by the light of three stars and mainly covered by oceans. It is a rich, beautiful aquatic world.
The Nommo made contact with many former Terran civilizations about 5000 years ago (Sumer, Babylon, Acadia, Egypt, Dogo...), but retired when chased by the reptilian Ciakahrr (Draco) Empire.