OGOLONG (Barnarians or “Orange")
Origin: Planet Orega, star system M26 (GFW listing). To you: it is the Barnard system, a small red star located 6 light-years from Terra, visible in the constellation you name “Ophiuchus". These people go by the name of Ogolong (pl. Ogolongeé) but your people name them “Orange”. They are a humanoid-reptiloid race with blond to red hair, having mainly humanoid form but with reptilian features. They possess humanoid reproductive organs. They visit Terra and a small group of them are sub-treating abductees for the Ciakahrr (Draconians). This little group also has ties with the US government and a base on your moon. I would qualify them as mercenaries. They are let by a male going by the name of Sikkar-Taa. There is nothing we can really do as they are protected by the Ciakahrr (Draconians) in return for their services. With the protection of the Ciakahrr (Draconians), they can then run their own dodgy little business on Terra, which is slave hunting for their own purpose. Ogolonge possess important mining companies on diverse planets and asteroids and need consistent labour force. The only way to stop their activities on your planet would be to catch the leader of their group but this has not happened yet as he may hide in an underground reptilian facility. Their ships are triangular, curved in at the back (I can only describe this by boomerang shape).