SELOSI (Selosians)
They originate from planet Selo, also named Alpha B Centauri 4. A lot bigger than Terra, the fourth planet of this system is a world with seven moons. Due to the proximity of the second star in this binary system, nights are very short and the planet's orbit is elliptical, which enables complex seasons. Selosii are tall, white skin and white hair humanoids. Their eyes’ colour can range to blue, green or grey. Benevolent beings, they are part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, assisting Humanity in its evolution. Selosii master the science of harvesting the universal lifeforce into crystals, in order to generate plasmic and ethereal energy. They are the mother race of the Telosi Earth colony and have a presence in the orbital stations of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, interacting as well with Terran governments for the greater good of Humanity. They look like Terrans and their society and cultures are based on a spirit of equality and justice. They promote the wise and responsible use of sciences and technology, peace and preserve their neutral position in galactic diplomacy. It takes 12 hours to get to Alpha Centauri 4 and twice a week, a shuttle links the Federation's outposts in the Terran vicinity, to the Centaurian systems. Their usual ships are silvery and discoidal.