The heart of their hive-culture is on the Xrog twin-planets, a strange and hostile place, of metal and darkness. A world of doom and order, a totalitarian order. Shamtbahala is the name of their star, a system of twelve. Six are inhabited; the six other planets serve as resources. I heard stories, of how those who came back could barely mention what they had seen, shaking and sobbing, barely alive, ripped off all things that make an individual sovereign of their soul. You call them the Small Greys and often mistaken them in appearance with the Solipsi Rai. Their face features are more bony and emaciated than the Solipsi Rai and they have bigger eyes. They wear black uniforms with silver patterns for high rankings. Their physical strength is also surprising despite of their size. Half insectoid by genetics, their way of communicating is mostly telepathic, accompanied by crackling sounds produced in their throat. They have four fingers, which is a recognisable feature.
They have secret underground bases on Terra where they work in agreement with the US-military. Allies of the Anunnaki, They cooperate with them on different planets, as well as on Terra (they are not enslaved to them), as to report the evolution of the hybridized races, sending them information very regularly. The Anunnaki also created a sub-species of the Zeta with the purpose of making them look more humanlike, but leaving enough physical differences for humans to distinguish them. Some have been rulers of Egypt. Shamtbahali Zeta have been on Terra since the time the Anunnaki were there, so it goes back to a good while and they still exist in both forms, original and the hybridized sub-species. They have usually large discoidal ships, completely neat and smooth surface.