The name of their star system is Stakkah, a system of six. Strom are very peaceful invertebrates-coelenterates. They are about 6ft,5 with a big head which look a bit like some of your Terran dog species (nonrelated), and they feed on nutriment liquids and vegetals. Strom have three genders and need the three together to procreate; one is the egg layer, the second the fertilizer and the other one, the bearer. It is something i have been explained and if you wish a bit of exobiology, here is how they do that: pheromones are first generated by the bearer, who feels it is time in its cycle (they have four cycles in a lifetime (of 200(T) years). It searches a couple of the two other components to attract for reproduction and when they have gathered all three together, the pheromones produced by the bearer stimulates the sexual functions of the two other ones, who switch into a chemical reaction activating their genital organs. There is nothing, then, that can stop them and if the process is interrupted, both die rapidly, burnt by the chemical that need to be transmuted by copulation. Once the intercourse has occurred, the chemical is released from their system and the fecundated egg-matrix needs then to be implanted into the bearer. It is then, that the bearer inserts an appendix into the matrix holder to grab the fecundated egg, and ingests it. I know, disgusting, uh? Welcome to the wonderful biodiversity of this universe. Oh, and after? Well, the bearer ejects the matured specimen by an orifice at the back of its lower body. Do not be horrified, they do enjoy this. There must always be a minimum of enjoyment in any reproduction process; necessary for any species to motivate for survival.

Vegetation is of great significance to the Strom culture and the main reason for their visits (at least 200 times on Terra). They first discovered Terra at the end of the last Ice Age and have visited then mainly to study the flora. They are discrete and act with extreme caution towards Terrans, which they consider dangerous, violent and devoid of rationality, with a very low level of intelligence and a severe lack of consciousness. In a word: primitive compared to their own level of intelligence. Strom possess twenty colonies across the galaxy. They have octagonal ships.