T-Marhu Taal Third planet of the Ashaaru (Taygeta) system, T-mar is a smaller world than Erra but the administrative central for the Ashara system. Temperate and also luxuriant with nature, T-mar is more populated proportionally than Erra. The T-marhu (pl: T-mari) are the Taal colony from Omankhera. The complete Taal royal family, who used to reign over the Man races, had escaped, as we know, to the Orion district and vanished into oblivion. Hence, a new government has formed on T-mar from the union of a fermale royal descendant and a military hero. The Taali are close cousins of the Ahil, at some differences, for instance their alimentation; they are omnivore, meaning they eat flesh, which makes it more difficult for them to elevate their frequency into higher densities. They are therefore more vulnerable to lower frequency races such as reptilians and greys, this is why they only work in the background, in the military operations on Terra. Also, their spirituality isn't based on sensitivity and sensuality like their cousins Ahil, but on ascetic methods, which gives off them an impression of coldness. T-mari are involved with the GFW. Although they visited a Terra lot, they never really established a durable colony. Their ships are discoidal, very similar to the Ahel ships. All three races, Noor, Ahel and Taal, share in the Ashara system the same technology and engineering.