Their homeworld is the 3rd Planet of the Man system: Oman Khera (O-man-kher -a" = Man central power). Sister race of the Ahel, the Taal display a greater diversity in skin, eyes and hair colours, as you have for instance on Terra. They are a pacifist and spiritual people, with a strict code of ethics which they respect with such personal involvement that they may often be mistaken for cold and emotionless. It is on their home planet, Oman-Khera, that sieged the government for the Man system. It was organised in a hierarchical system of monarchy presiding above a council of 25, then an assembly of 300 senators. The Taal culture and education is similar to the Ahel traditions, although the spirituality diverges; the Tall practice an ascetic spirituality based on the idea that the body is obstacle to the elevation of the spirit, contrarily to the Ahel who use it as a toal to connect to higher reals of consciousness. During the Lyran wars, the Taal government skilfully managed to pass an agreement with the Ciakahrr (Draconian) invaders to allow them saving their culture and escorting the royal family to the near star system Vega, in exchange of unclear arrangements. It was discovered long afterwards that the destination of their escape changed to Mirza in the Orion area. Part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the Pleiadean colony of Temer plays an active role to the liberation of Terra. Their ships are small and have many different shapes depending on the colonies.

 COLONIES: Temer in the Pleiades (Taygeta) / Vega / Terra / Elfrak Daal (Lyra) / Wolf 424 / Katayy (Sirius A) / Ashkeru (Sirius B) / Araman (Tau Ceti) / Zenae (Andromedan systems) / Mirza (Beta Canis Majoris).