They name their world “Odji” and it is located for you near the star Gorgonea Secunda, Pi Persei, Tanzany are about 5 ft tall grey reptiloid, and have a long life expectamcy (450 to 500 (T) years). They are not usually wanted in any of the existing alliances, empires and federations, due to their aggressive and independent behaviour. There is something vicious and Tanzanys mind that fuels their intentions and makes of them a race that can not be subdued by material arrangements. They do not want territorial possessions, nor new technologies, resources, slaves or whatever the Orion and Ciakahrr (Draco) empires usually deal in exchange for submission, and they do not agree either with any authority other than their own. The GFW has some ongoing conflictual problems with them. Tanzany have been very harmful on Terra by the past, by interest of studying how lifeforms react to physical pain, fear and mental suffering. They are also at the origin of cattle and human mutilations. They have oblong ships, silvery with black stripes and patterns on the side. No visible windows. Use interdimensional travel and quantum propulsion.