TELOSI (Telosii) (“Agharians / Aghartans / Shining Ones”) They originate from Alpha Centauri 4, Planet Selo. They are tall white human beings, with pale glistening skin and white hair, and highly developed telepathic abilities. Their eyes are clear, from grey to pale blue, and their alimentation is plant-based, grown hydroponically in fullspectrum artificial light. They use psychotronic technologies involving crystals, and universal life-force energy. Telosii are an ancient Selosi colony who settled on Terra before the last Ice Age. Terra’s myths remember them as Lemurians but in fact, Atlanteans would be more accurate, as their civilisation extended in the area of the Atlantic Ocean and its shores, which is why they migrated to the American continent, Western Africa and Western Europe after destruction of their lands. They disconnected with the Galactic Federation of Worlds as they migrated underground, becoming the western branch of the Agarthan network. Aghartan is the general term for all the different species inhabitant of Terra’s underworld. Telosii have interbred with Terrans and their gene markers show up regularly within Terra’s population. Alike their cousins Selosii working with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, Telosii are by nature benevolent people incline to assist humanity remembering its ancient history, help in its ascension and improve health and longevity.

Their rhythm of existence is different from Terrans; calmer and quieter, vibrating in a slightly higher density. They work at helping the preservation of the environment and the ecosystems, as well as fighting the new religious systems that disconnect human beings to mature, to their own power, and to Source. Helping Terrans to recover hidden knowledge, they provided many tools and hints, guiding archaeological discoveries and also offering keys to decode ancient knowledge. Telosii are at the origin of the crop circles, geometrical clues guiding the decoding of a lost science. They are also at the origin of what is called erroneously the “Lemurian crystals", which more accurate name would be “Telosi Quartz”. Wherever you find these crystals given by the earth, Telosii are nearby, In these, they have encoded keys to unlock ancient knowledge and data related to the star origin of some ancient civilizations. They must be used as keys; they do not contain knowledge as you would say a book, or a device, but they allow accessing it. In this, they help humanity's ascension. It is the energy signature of the crystal's structure that is the key. Telosii are in certain Celtic cultures named "the Shining Ones", or Sidhe.

Nowadays, we can count about a million and a half inhabitants of a re-established network of antediluvian colonies, widespread underneath the surface of the planet, in a vast system of caverns, The main networks are located below the region of the Gobi desert and surroundings, in a vast cavern systems below Tibet linking the central Asian systems and finally, on the American continent around Mt. Shasta in an underground city named Telos. The vast underground web of tunnels was created mostly by Telosii, but it became progressively with time shared for a great part with Terran secret governments, from the moment these latest signed agreements with the Reptilian invaders, Unfortunately, “enticed” to provide facility of the existing underground structures, an important faction of the Telosii joined forces with the Grey and Reptilian collectives to bond with the American government by the Washington -Telos Alliance. There is a whole diplomacy of its own going on underground between Terran military, Telosii, Agarthans, Greys (Maytrei, Zetai, Kiily-Tokurit) and Reptilians (Ciakahrr (Draconians) & Nagai mainly), as these Reptiloid species progressively took over the majority of the Telosi underground network. In the need for the Reptilians to link the ancient networks to some military bases, were used boring machines to heat the rocks to incandescence, and then vitrify them. Nonetheless, this peculiar method, although it provides quick results avoiding the need for beams and supports, renders the whole structure vulnerable to landslides and seismic activity. These transit tunnels, which high-speed tubes are now propelled by electromagnetic impulses, connect diverse underground cities all over the planet as well as to some of the military Terran USAF bases’ secret underground amenities. These tunnels go very far. A tube for instance, connects Mt Shasta with one the main Telosi cities in the Matto Grosso jungle of Brazil. “Snakeworld” for instance, as called by local populations, is a multilevelled cavern system under the south-western slopes of the Himalayas, where the Nagai dwell, along with a serpent cult of human and reptilian collaborators, one which is said to have had contact with the Nazi Thule society during World War II. The Ciakahrr (Draconians) have repeatedly attermpted, by threat and manipulation, an occult takeover of the Aghartan kingdoms, to which some factions have unfortunately fallen for.

Nevertheless, a rebellion roars in a secret alliance of the Aghartan races, some Telosii and secret factions in the US governments, preparing their agenda for fighting back the Reptilians, getting rid of them and put anend to this oppression. This secret benevolent alliance has, at this moment in time, joined forces with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Their ships are called “The Silver Fleet” and are either discoidal or spherical. It is them creating the crop circles by a technic using. sound frequency, in order t to D give humanity keys t to >» unlock ai an vancient knowledge. 7