Universal White Time Healing was created when highly developed spiritual beings, having monitored the development on Earth, saw that the need for healing increased in the human race. These beings also saw that the humans could perform the healing themselves by opening up to the universal healing force. The spiritual beings carried ancient knowledge - full of light and love - and they also carried the knowledge about White Time. They knew, through contacts with humans, that these could connect to, and use White Time. Even the human contacts for extraterrestrials knew how to use White Time for different forms of travelling. So naturally, the human race had every chance of knowing how to use these healing powers the right way.

The spiritual beings now created a new form of healing and adopted it in every way to the human need of healing. The new healing form, using White Time, was constructed to give the right amount of power on the right frequency, but also protection and security for both healer and patient. The healing was called Universal White Time Healing - tailor-made for humanity. Now all humans would have the opportunity to give and receive healing, a healing that worked from a high spiritual level. The healing-form that was created, could also be used for purposes other than healing humans, for instance a healer could heal nature and Mother Earth. Healing could also be administered to things not looked upon by most people as "living matter", like different situations in life.
Universal White Time Healing can be taught to all people. Age does not matter, although the pupil should be at least 10 years old or fully matured spiritually to take on the responsibility of becoming a healer.
The creators of Universal White Time Healing have said: "Healing in this form (Universal White Time Healing) is completely consistent with the human being and her abilities and needs to give and receive healing. Furthermore, Universal White Time Healing follows the development of a human being and awakens mental abilities. This healing-form should fill all human needs, without interfering with the Karmic laws. Nothing dark can come from this healing".

Every healer has different starting points. That is, a person who has had previous lives as healers starts out from another level than a person who has not been a healer in earlier lives. But White Time healers eventually mature and their powers increase. The "quality" of one person’s healing constantly changes throughout life. This depends on how often that person uses his or her healing powers. There are no limits to the level of power a person can reach - eventually everything becomes possible. This is one reason why this healing-form has been kept out of the public eye for so long: it takes just a few months to become a really powerful healer and only a few years to develop really strong powers. Healers who have practiced healing for a long time have the ability to use only their eyes or mind to heal. This would naturally create a debate in the and media and this is the reason why the healing-form was kept out of the public eye until may 1993 (when humanity and Earth went through a natural increase of spiritual insight). The high spiritual beings that created Universal White Time Healing now allowed the healers to work freely and Universal White Time Healing can also be taught publicly.
Universal White Time Healing is unique, due to the fact that the healer uses white time in his/her healing. White time is past time, present time and the future - all in one! Time is brought together into one "unit" - much like taking the rainbows colors and merging them into white. Because of the white time, the healer has the ability to give out healing to a patient before the illness has even occurred. He/she can also heal in present time or send the healing power forward in time to prevent the illness from breaking out again.

Healers using Universal White Time Healing summon their power from the Universe. This means that they will never use their own personal energy - thus preventing the possibility that they drain themselves of life power and become ill. This is a great risk in other forms of healing. On the contrary, Universal White Time Healing gives the healer better health and after a healing session, the healer feels a sense of harmony and alertness. This because the healer receives a little of the healing power in the process of healing.
The healer cannot receive an illness from the patient, nor can the patient receive any illness or imbalance from the healer.
Universal White Time Healing is special in that it obeys the Karmic Laws. A person’s karma can never be changed or altered in any way by Universal White Time Healing, as is the case with many other healing-forms. If an illness has karmic origins, the healing power will be turned off, something the healer will feel in his or her hands. A person using Universal White Time Healing can never be affected by their patient’s Karma. The flow of healing power is directed towards the patient and will not flow back into the healer. You might feel that it is cruel that you might not be able to heal a patient because of karma. But who says that the patient cannot be healed by another person, for instance a nurse in a hospital, and that nurse, happens to be the woman the patient is supposed to marry, once healed? If Karma was altered using Universal White Time Healing, they would never have met, thus causing great damage in the Karmic chain, since they would not have that girl who later would grow up and become president of the United Nations and bring peace to the world!

New Agers often says that you should "open up". But to what? Good? Evil? Universal White Time Healing is a sure way to open up to something good, full of light and love. Certain inhibitions in the mind are lifted when initiated in Universal White Time Healing. The difference between the ever so popular "openings" in New Age circles and Universal White Time Healing is this: thousands of years of knowledge and experience lie behind the creation of this particular healing-form.
High spiritual beings and light-beings have created this unique healing-form and they watch over those who use Universal White Time Healing. Sometimes these beings are present when healing is administered. They have created a sort of filter, a protection for all people healing in White Time. The protection ensures that no harm can come to the healer or make its way in to the patient during healing. This healing is designed to grow as a person grows, in his or her own pace. It is up to the healer how much he/she wants to grow as a person and healer.
Universal White Time Healing can also be used to heal animals, plants, food and matter, even events and situations! You can for instance heal a situation such as a flight trip if you are afraid to fly, or a situation when you will tell the girl next door that you love her but you are not sure of her reply! Every situation that might need a bit of healing to set things right can be healed. There simply are no limitations to what you can heal! Except, of course, Karma.……

The healer is constantly evolving, even if he/she only gives healing to him/herself. When a healer opens up the power he/she increases his/her powers. In the end, the healer, as mentioned, just has to look at a person for that person to feel better or to be healed. But the healer must always keep a humble attitude towards his/her healing power. To say, "I did this", are words that should never be uttered by a healers. We are all just tools in service of a power filled with dignity and we who are healers already, should always go on with our work with dignity and a humble attitude. Never should a healer brag or boast about the healing work being done. No man is better than another, no matter how powerful that person might be.
You can describe a practitioner of Universal White Time Healing as a person who "has a funnel on his/her head where the healing power flows into the body. Every time the healer starts a new healing-session, the funnel becomes wider. As a result the healer can tap into more and more of the Universal Light and love-power. This power is given from All in its Whole and the Divinity. Since the funnel widens in a steady and, one might say "mild" way, the healer is constantly developing in the same way.

There are however shortcuts for the person who wants to evolve faster as a healer. Widening the funnel and increasing the power achieve this. A person with pure knowledge of Universal White Time Healing must administer this. This teacher must be certain of his/her judgement of the healer who wants to be opened up to more spiritual powers. The teacher must be sure that the healer is mature enough!
The teacher starts by widening the funnel 100-150 "steps". Each step represents one healing-situation, which is the same as if the healer has opened up and used his/her powers 100-150 times. The next step is 200-250 "steps" and finally 500-550 "steps". You always start out with the lowest number of "steps", just so that the teacher can control the pupils understanding of the increase of power he/she is receiving. "Steps" 1000 and 10.000 are not yet implemented for use on Earth, since this would be a too overwhelming experience due to the increase in energy and frequency.

The Supreme Teacher of the country where the healer lives often administers the ”steps”. There is one Supreme Teacher plus four "ordinary" teachers in each country. Larger countries can have more teachers. Higher spiritual beings can also administer the "steps", if that is convenient.
Universal White Time Healing can be used in a great variety of ways. Experienced healers can tailor-make his/her treatment of a patient. The healing works on all levels of the patient, even the etheric or astral bodies. So even if you do not remember exactly where you are supposed to lay your hands, the healing will reach its goal anyway! Universal White Time Healing can also be used to specific treatments of a patient. You can for instance, separately clean the aura or balance the chakras. You can also give extra energy, in the form of "containers" filled with light, which is put into the body. This "container" works as a personal battery from which the patient can draw energy for up to two months. The healing from an ordinary healing-session continues to work on a person for about two weeks (giving healing is however, much more powerful than just administering a "container" of light). The patient ought to come in for another treatment before all healing power has been used up.

Universal White Time Healing can also be used for healing at a distance. When such a healing takes place, the healer has to follow certain rules and use certain extraterrestrial signs or symbols. These signs can be used under other circumstances, but then to boost the healer’s powers. The signs used stand for: “A clear interpretation of the total love power, from this power nothing negative can evolve. This healing can never be used for negative purposes. It can never harm anyone or anybody”. This goes for all the parts that make up Universal White Time Healing.



The patient and healer links up mentally when a healing-session is taking place. The brainwaves of the healer and patient harmonize during the first thirty minutes. This means that the brainwaves Alfa, Beta, Theta and Delta are 90% active! This is why the first thirty minutes are the most important. Normally, "hands-on-body" healing is administered during fifty minutes, shoulder-healing fifteen to forty minutes, distance-healing three to twenty minutes, animal-healing five to fifteen minutes, emergency-healing (administered on the scene of an accident), ten to twenty minutes, light "touch" healing (laying your hand friendly on someone’s shoulder or shaking hands) from one second to one minute. The healing-force enters the healer through the Crown Chakra on the top of the head. The force travels a little distance below the heart and then travels up to the heart, from where it continues up into the arms and out through the hands.

During "hands-on-body" healing the healer places his/her hands on the patient’s body in a predefined pattern, although there is always room for improvisation. The healing power is secured in the patient by the closing up of certain energy channels, especially under the feet. This ensures that the power is not drained from the patient, but will instead be used by his/her body. Some outlets, mainly arms and toes, are left open, so that the patient can gather force from the nature around. A stroll in nature is recommended after a healing session! This increases the effect and secures a more permanent result. It should be pointed out that the patient would not gather negative energies during such a walk in the nature. The energy in the patient’s body keeps on working for up to two weeks, if "hands-on-body" healing is given. Naturally, this depends on the severity of the illness that the patient carries. A very sick person uses up the healing power faster.

Shoulder healing lasts for about three days, distance healing for two days, animal healing a week, emergency healing one to seven days and light "touch" healing from a few hours up to a day. Hopefully, the healing power takes effect and heals during its "lifespan" in a patient’s body. The patient then returns to the healer and gets a new dose of healing power and so the healing continues. It is recommended that a White Time healer give no more than ten healing sessions to a particular patient. If nothing has happened after ten sessions, the healer should tell the patient that he/she must decide if he/she wants to continue the treatment. Maybe Karmic laws stand in the way. It is the responsibility of the healer, not to go on taking a patient’s money for a treatment that does not help him/her.
When using distance healing, the healer cannot only heal a patient but also situations. A White Time healer can also ask the higher spiritual forces and receive answers in the form of "yes" and "no" during distance healing. The healer can also, provided it does not interfere with karma, change a "no" to a "yes", if he/she heals a situation. The healer will know if karma is stopping the healing, since the healing power simply wont start to flow or is cut off!

A healer using Universal White Time healing also has knowledge about the universal force called "The Golden Movement". This particular sort of healing is made by higher spiritual beings, extraterrestrials and light-beings for all humanity and for the benefit of the single human. These beings have a deep belief in the "All in its Whole". Their belief says that all beings are unique and that we all carry a power unique to each person. Humans and all other beings are a small part of the "All in its Whole" in which the Deity also is a part. You do not have to believe in anything higher to practice Universal White Time healing, but it is to no disadvantage to do so.

Thank you