How to contact mermaids.


There are 2 main types of mermaids, the extraterrestrial mermaids and terrestrial mermaids. The extraterrestrial mermaids come from several star systems, but the most common is the Sirian Mermaid. Some of the extraterrestrial mermaids are those who look most like us and some of them can be pretty like classical paintings showing mermaids. It also exist terrestrial mermaid colonies originating from extraterrestrial mermaids but is born on Earth as second or third generation after their parents arrived on Earth. The original Earth Mermaid don't look so human-like as the extraterrestrial ones and they live on deeper water. Some of the extraterrestrial and terrestrial originated from extraterrestrial mermaids live on a slight higher dimensionally frequency according to the physical plane. This frequency is so close to the physical plane so the water is present at that frequency, but this mermaids are invisible seen from the physical plane. They have to lower their dimensional frequency in order to be visible at the physical plane. Other extraterrestrial mermaids live directly on the physical plane. The extraterrestrial ones are the most common mermaid. The original Earth mermaid is more seldom. The contact procedure is directed at extraterrestrial mermaid or terrestrial mermaids originating from extraterrestrial mermaids.




Find a place in the sea where the water-temperature is above 22 degrees Celsius. Swim out in the ocean approximately 50 meters from shore. Lay down on your back without swimming just floating. When you feel weightless close your eyes and start a remote viewing meditation searching for mermaids anywhere on Earth. You could suddenly get a inner picture of a group of mermaids and their surroundings. The picture can be quite clear with different fishes, corals etc in addition to the mermaids swimming. Try to take a closer look at the mermaids. Suddenly the mermaids will become aware of your teleprecence and you can start the telepathic communication. One of the mermaids can connect to you energetically and you will feel her energy signature. When this happens you can begin communicating with her. The communication is without words, only thoughts, pictures and feelings. In seconds she will know almost every thing about you, and you will know a lot about her.   She may teach you things about her world. If it's an extraterrestrial visiting mermaid she may show you pictures from her home planet with underwater cities etc. You can try this communication on the other mermaids in the group. If the mermaids become interested in you they may have the ability to teleport thousands of miles within a fraction of a second and they will come to your position in the ocean and you will be visited directly by them.

Not all the mermaids have the teleport ability, but the most advanced of them have. Extraterrestrial visiting mermaid also have the ability to visit you with their ship. The ship usually is in the form of a large flying disc (UFO). Inside the ship is a large room filled with water where the mermaids are swimming. At the ship walls there are different screens showing ship systems and views to space when flying interplanetary. The mermaids described that they also have the ability to teleport you to them during the procedure. They showed an instrument in the form of a rod with a ball at the end. The rod was approximately 1,5 meters long made of a sort of metal. The ball at the end was in size of a handball and dark blue metallic. The ball transmitted a blue-greenish fluorescent light in certain patterns. The mermaid holding the rod established a second remote viewing fixation on you with her inner abilities. When the connection is stable she use the rod to teleport you to her. When you meditate laying in the water with closed eyes you won't feel the teleportation at all if the water-temperature at the destination is the same. When you stop the procedure and open your eyes you will be in an unknown place with the mermaids. This place can be on another planet but is usual another place on Earth where the mermaids live. It's only the most advanced mermaids with extraterrestrial technology that can do this. When you have established a telepathic link to them, you can contact them from anywhere also on land. Its important that the initial connection is done in the ocean because it will energetically amplify the remote viewing because you then share the same medium. Inland waters would not do the same thing.

Contacting originally Earth mermaids at deep sea is more difficult because they can lack the telepathic abilities. Her you can use a dolphin communicator who are a experimental communication device using sound waves. You must connect a underwater microphone and a sound transducer to the device and use special software for communication.

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Updated 30 April 2016