part 2 on sex with human-looking ufo-women in south-America in the 80ths;

UFO Abduction At Botucatu -2




Investigation Begins

But the story does not end there. After that first contact with the extraterrestrials, Joao Valerlo da Silva began to remember consciously various details of that frightening experience. Also, as has been frequently reported in such cases, Joao Valeno began to develop psychic sensitivity and healing powers unknown to him before this time. He lived in constant expectation and anxiety over the next contact with the extraterrestrials who had told him that they were dedicated to help humanity. Meanwhile his family lived in constant fear that one day the porter would not return from one of these contacts.

More clearly now he recalled the events of that first meeting. It was early in the morning of 29 November 1982 and began about 02:00 AM. He remembers feeling severe pains in his stomach, and going out to the tank behind his house in search of water to drink to try to help relieve the discomfort.

Then he heard, behind him, a definite sound that to him seemed, "Like that of a muffled engine running slowly". Turning around, he was momentarily blinded by an intense white light described by Joao as "a kind of elevator of light", within which there was a being dressed in a kind of suit that covered his whole body with openings only for the eyes and mouth.

Joao said he was drawn inside of this "elevator", that immediately ascended, stopping in a small room where an-other identical been waited. He described the room as very brilliantly illuminated although he could not locate the sources of the light nor any openings out of the room. There was a kind of frame in the form of a human shape above one of the walls, and there was a circular bench all around the inside of the room. Joao was induced to sit down there, where he remained trembling, shrunken and perplexed while the beings conversed among themselves in a language completely unknown to him.

After some time the beings left the room, passing right through the wall. Very soon, in the same manner, a woman entered the room. She was described by Joao as being a species of human, nude, dark skinned, with long brunette hair. She held a small apparatus in the shape of a "Y" that had been on top of the bench and she pointed it at him. Joao withdrew a little but still remained on the bench with eyes lowered in embarrassment and very frightened. When the woman came near him she raised her right hand until very near his face and at that point he lost consciousness until about 05:00 in the morning when he was found unconscious, wet and cold by his wife and daughter, Sonia. He was about two meters from the water tank near a tree which had many of the leaves on its upper branches burned though parts of the same level were still green. Another similar tree near-by showed no such effects. Some of these leaves were analysed at the Faculdade de Agronomia de Botucatu and were found to be burned by some kind of radiation.

Sr. Luciano Stanka E. Silva, psychoanalyst, psycho-therapist and parapsychologist with ten years practice at the Instituto Brasilero de estudos psiquicos and Parapsicologicos entered the investigation and followed the case very closely.

When Joao was found that first morning, he was completely nude and covered with an oily liquid His clothes and watch were neatly piled at his side with difficulty his wife and daughter carried him inside the house. After a warm bath Joao began to show signs of consciousness.

As there appeared a circular mark with strange characters on the right side of his chest and superficial lesions on his penis, Joao was taken to an aquaintance in the local police where he described all he could remem ber and was given a medical examination that diagnose the lesions but did not identify how they might hav been produced. On the following day he was given an other examination in the clinic in which Joao worked which diagnosed the injury as, "painful marks on the chest that are identical with a circular hematoma wit raised stains (red) in the center and on the trunk," ar that the heartbeat and thoracic fall are normal.

Joao remained considerably disturbed for several day without appetite, with pains in his body, and having bad dreams at night accompanied by gastrointestinal upset. Several days later the dreams and the agitation subsided and Joao returned to normal living.


Some time later, on 21may 1983, Joao was hypnotized by Luciano Stanka E Silva and examined under hypnotic regression techniques. In trance Joao confirmed what was known about the abduction and added new information concerning his detention aboard the spacecraft, giving the name of the being who seemed to be in charge, and revealed that the liquid which they applied to his body had the objective of disinfecting him. He said also that from the small room he was taken to a larger roan and placed upon a table where he had a sexual relation with the brunette woman. Immediately after the act the mark was placed on the right side of his chest that, according to Joao, "Is the mark of their planet". During the hypnosis Joao felt pain in the location of the mark and opened his shirt upon feeling it, revealing the mark again visible, almost as if this were the day he was found unconscious. He also noted that the woman was very lively.

Luciano Stanka said, "Becoming very intrigued with the facts of Joao's abduction, I got in touch with Professor Flavio Pereira and Irena Granchi (well known UFO investigators) and they advised me to look for new information. By then I had discovered that some weeks before the abduction by the extraterrestrials, strange things had been happening in the house of Joao such as abnormal noises, spontaneous flares from all sources of flame in the house such as the stove and the furnace. It was like the phenomenon normally characterized as poltergeist which is also commonly associated with UFO phenomena. And after the abduction these phenomena seem to have ceased. (We shall learn later that they only ceased telling outside people about it.)



Abducted Again

Some three months after the first traumatic experience Joao Valeno da Silva was abducted again! On 6 March, 1983, just as Joao was recovering satisfactorily from the disturbance of the 29 November 1982 abduction, the extraterrestrial UFOnauts returned again. It was late in the afternoon when Joao heard "the noise" through the kitchen door of his house, and turning, saw a very intense light moving in the sky. He called to his wife immediately but she did not arrive in time to see the object. That night all in the house felt an abnormal sleepiness. The mother, with a fear of something happening closed the door to the kitchen and locked it with a key. At 01:45 Joao awakened feeling compelled to get up and go to the room of his daughter and open the window. Unaccountably, there outside was RAMA, just beyond the window, "floating" in the air. RAMA pointed toward Joao and Joao also floated, sailing out through the open window. The daughter affirmed having seen her father as he entered her room and opened the window, but said that the sleepiness was so heavy that it was impossible for her to keep her eyes open, and she did not see Joao leave.

In the morning Joao's wife (picture below) awakened and found Joao missing from bed. She got up and went to her daughter's room and seeing the window opened looked outside. There she discovered Joao, a few meters from the locked kitchen door, on foot in the rain, dressed only in socks and shorts and staring fixedly. She and the daughter both went outside to bring him in and were soaked by the rain, but Joao was found completely dry! He told them that he was quite dizzy, speaking of disconnected things, and seemed confused. He told them that he flew above the houses and fields, and that he communicated telepathically with RAMA. After this new encounter Joao returned to being agitated for a number of days.

Joao and his family

On 13 April 1983, Joao "dreamed" that he was in an unusual place like a quarry, conversing with RAMA. When he awakened he was in his bed with a blue stone similar to the oily liquid that had been applied to his body on the first capture. The stone seemed to have something in its middle, and for this his son tried to break it in two with a maul... He succeded in knocking off a piece of the stone and was prevented by his sister from trying again. The two parts of the stone were placed in a bag and guarded in a closet.

Some days after this Joao discovered strange physical effects taking place. Unusual phenomena which he did not understand were developing and he at first had no control over them. Upon sitting down to eat he felt, in his right arm, a kind of electrical shock and the fork that he was holding began to turn until it broke. He repeated this several times in front of his family. When he was asked to do this for the investigators he failed.

Joao continues to have contacts with Rama and those of that species, and the sensation of a familiar relationship and of being constantly observed by those beings persists.

The contacts continue and now, between Joao and them exists a code to signify imminent encounters. The new contacts are always preceeded by a spontaneous cascade of electrical energy to a medallion of crystal that, still fastened, falls from his neck to the floor or is projected violently against the wall. Sometimes, we are told, that Joao will be working and not notice that the current flow has taken place and that the medallion is no longer around his neck, but upon returning to his house will find it in the tree in the garden. Telling this does not make it a fact, but this phenomenon is confirmed by friends of the family.


more on sex with human-looking ufo-women in south-America

here from page98 in book UFO-ABDUCTION AT BOTUCATU - but this case of a contact in Columbia, near El Banco, province of Magadlena, where a cowherd had this;


Cowherd Anibal Quintero, lived with his wife and 3 children on a farm. His wife was Brunhilda, and this night she reamarked he was snoring, which he else did not do.

She lay awake for some time watching him, unable to sleep. Then a thunderstorm broke, and it rained with much thunder and lightning, and this woke Liberato up. By then, Brunilda, having given her smallest child his last breast-feed, had dropped off to sleep herself.

Liberato felt "queer"... as though something odd was going to happen. He was restless. He felt he absolutely had to get up out of the hammock. He was nervous and sweating, and realized that his movements and sensations were not quite normal. He crossed himself, recited Our Father, and dashed out of the house.

It was now two years since he had taken this job as a cow-hand on the farm known as La Vida Tranquila. Little did he realise that was about to change that night.

Outside all was normal and quiet. The heavy rain had stopped and the stars were beginning to appear in breaks in the clouds. Liberato found himself walking towards the cowsheds, which were some distance from his house. He felt there was something "heavy" and "difficult" in his movements. He proceeded slowly forward, feeling as though he were "controlled by some inexplicable external force."

Coming to the brook that cuts across the farm at this point, he stopped and washed his face. The time was now about half an hour past midnight.

Just before reaching the cowsheds, he became aware of a vivid beam of light which lit lip the sky and, instinctively threw himself down on to the ground. The light drew steadily closer. He tried to run, but his legs gave way under him. At last he managed to crawl into some bushes and secrete himself in a hollow from which he hoped he could observe without being seen.

As Liberato described it later, "Everything seemed strange. At first I thought I must be dreaming, but soon I realized that none of it was hallucination, but all real enough. A big luminous craft, shaped like an egg, was slowly descending from the sky, vividly lighting up the whole area all around. And it changed the temperature, because just previously, after the heavy rainstorm, it had been quite cool. And now, suddenly, It was like an inferno, an unbearable heat.

Terrified, he continued to watch as the strange craft touched down close by the cowsheds. It's light was now so vivid that it dazzled and blinded him. For a few seconds there was a dead silence. Then came a heavy metallic noise, as a small ladder appeared on the side of the craft and came down towards the ground.

Liberato continued, "I was by now more scared than ever. I wanted to run but that was impossible. I was simply paralysed to the spot, however much I wanted to get out of there. I simply could not do it. I tell you, I swear to God, my fear was so great that I could not move from the spot.

"At one point I felt I was about to faint, but then I felt a new surge of strength and just sat there where I was. I nearly let out a yell when I saw a number of people coming down out of the machine. They were carrying what looked like lights and torches in their hands.

"I recall very clearly what they looked like. They were, as I calculate it, less than 1.50 meters tall. They were white-skinned, with flattened faces, very high cheek-bones, quite thick eyebrows, and round protruding eyes. I don't think they had either eyelids or eyelashes there. Three of them were women, with long hair, who came down out of that machine after the men. They all seemed very much impressed, and were looking about them on all sides.

Liberato seemed fatigued as he described it all later to the magazine representative, and paused from time to time in his account. He looked pale and asked for a respit to refresh himself. Brunilda brought him a glass of water. He drank half of it and then went on.

"I was still unable to move. I was terrified as I watched those little men and women, and remained where I was. But then suddenly one of them was there, right be-side me. I tried to make a dash for it, but they caught me immediately. Those little folk were a lot more nimble than I am, or any of you. They caught me by the hand and it felt as though my hand were burning. Then, with a great effort, and using my fists, I knocked at least four or five of them down, but they were too many for me, and my strength was soon exhausted.

"Then suddenly they seized hold of me in the area of the spinal column, and that was the end so far as any resistance by me was concerned. From then onwards they had me completely in their control. I lost consciousness at that point, and when I woke up again, after I don't know how long a time, I found myself in a room with extraordinary lights...

My right arm felt very painful, and I could see on it quite plainly, a mark something like the mark left by a needle when you have an injection. I think they had taken blood from me, and a great deal of blood too, for I have been having fearful headaches ever since.

"As soon as I recovered consciousness my whole body felt wracked with dreadful pain, just as though they had given me a tremendous beating. But even greater was my astonishment when I found three of those women at my side, giving me a sort of massage on the back and trying, so it appeared, to relieve my pain.

"when I felt them caressing me like this, I was astounded. But what amazed me most of all was that the women massaging me are completely naked and in an inviting and provocative posture, clearly ready for anything. I admit I am very fond of women, but I swear to you that at that moment I just did not know what to do. I started to take a good close look at one of them. She seemed very nice. Her breasts were well formed and not very big and I tried to kiss them. She offered 'no objection. After that everything was dead easy. She was completely naked, and so was I. I went on kissing her, from the breasts on downwards, and I noticed that she had no naval! I became very excited and took her. She seemed absolutely insatiable, very, very ardent... She was very hairy and her legs were very short, seeing that she was herself so short, but her legs were well formed all the same considering her size. Her skin was very soft, and her hips were very nice, very nice.

"I do not know how long I stayed with her. But when I had had enough and wanted to break it off and go home, she held me back. I felt just like a pinioned child, and my fear now began to be greater than ever before, even greater than at the beginning. This woman, whom I had held in my arms a few seconds before, now emitted a series of noises like the barking of a dog, and she was answered with barks from others like her elsewhere in the craft.

"I was exhausted by now. But suddenly two more women came toward me and gave me a strange yellowish liquid to drink, and this completely restored my vigour. How long a time had elapsed by then, I have no idea.

"The first woman had left me utterly exhausted. But the most amazing part of it was the drink that they gave to me, which restored me physically as though nothing had happened! I reckon the whole affair with the three of them must have taken at least three hours. All I can remember now is that after I had the first everything went black around me. And then suddenly I felt the prick of the injection again. But this time it was not in my right arm but in my back, in the area where they had been caressing me so much.

"I woke up finally to find myself lying on the grass. Dawn was just breaking. With great difficulty I managed to get to my feet and make a dash for home to tell my wife and finally my workmates all about what had happened to me. my mates armed themselves and went back to the spot where I had fallen into the hands of the strange beings. But there was nobody there. Nothing but just silence. All there was to be seen on the spot was the marks left in the ground by the machine out of which those women came -- those women who, weird as they were, have left me with some disturbing memories. Everytime I think about it I get a ringing in my head.

Brunilda Aguirre, Liberato's wife, was described by the newspaper as of frail physique and very quiet. She was, however, to be more peevish than ever. Questioned as to how she felt she said:

"Well I've got my reasons, I'm not jealous, but after all who would like to have to do what my husband was forced to do? I don't know why those bitches should have picked on my husband who, up till now, had never been unfaithful to me, though he is fond enough of the women. My husband means absolutely everything to me and I can't do without him. As a matter of fact, on the night when it happened, I noticed that he was already acting very strangely. And especially when he came back home from work and took off his shoes and lay down in the hammock.

Normally he never snores. But that day he snored... and how. I never used to put faith in all that talk about men and women from other planets, but now I've got to believe it, in view of what has happened to my husband. And there's another thing too. I, myself have seen a strange machine, just like my husband described it, flying around here these last few days. let us hope to God that they don't come back again for Liberato. Because if they did come back, I think it would just be the end of me, for they'd leave him completely steril! We've already got some children, of course, but all the same it would be a terrible state of affairs.

"As for myself, well I don't think I would be capable of doing what my husband did. I'd sooner be killed than to subject myself like that to someone you don't even know. And from another planet too! No that wouldn't be decent! That would be too much!

The owner of the Vida Tranquila farm, a lawer named Miguel Antonio Pina Vega, was gravely concerned when he heard the strange adventure related by the cowman, and promptly arranged for him to be given a thorough medical examination by a doctor.


Asked by the journalist to comment on the case, the lawyer spoke as follows:

"I have around twenty hired hands on the farm, and Liberato Anibal Quintero is a man whom I consider to be completely trustworthy. He is a serious hardworking man, who drinks very little. He has no vices, like narcotics and that sort of thing, and indeed, he doesn't even smoke cigarettes.

He reckons Liberato to be one of the most efficient of the workers on his farm. "One of the best I have ever had. I've never had any sort of trouble with him, nor do I expect to have any after the statements he has just made. But there is no doubt it, -it certainly does' come as a shock to you when you hear a story like this. I was told about it that same morning, when I went across to collect the day's milk. his first thoughts 'were that it must be some sort of a sick joke, but later I was able to see that Liberato was clearly telling the truth, and I felt his story was even further confirmed when the doctor, by whem I had him examined, told me that the whole thing is quite possible and that Liberato is perfectly normal. Any possibility that he might be suffering from seme sort of hallucination is absolutely ruled out.

The doctor, Dr. Manuel Villanueva Amaris, was one of the few people who did not find the cowman's story in any way astonishing. He carried but the medical checkup on Liberato at the request of the owner of the farm, Sr. Pina Vega. His statement, as given in the press account read as follows:

"Nothing in the man's story surprises me in the least.

I myself have had the opportunity to read a whole lot of descriptions lately, given by perfectly serious folk. For example, one of them was an Argentine doctor, discussing the presence of extraterrestrial beings among us, and I have also seen many other cases described in the newspapers and magazines. As regards the examination I made on Liberato Quintero, everything that I found bears out his story. He is in perfectly normal health. His neurological condition and his responses, as well as all tests I carried out on him have yielded entirely satisfactory results.

Dr Villanueva emphasised that he finds the cowman's story in no way improbable and went on:

"I am certainly not one of those who will criticise him. These are questions that we have got to think about very carefully, and they must be the subject of profound study, inasmuch as mankind has in fact been attempting to ascertain whether or not there are living beings on other planets, and there has been abundant evidence that this is so, as we can see from the many cases which are now becoming everyday happenings, proving that such beings do exist, and that they have been coming here and visiting us.

The magazine article was illustrated with six photographs which show the cowman and his wife and children. These photographs indicate that they are very poor, underprivileged sort of folk, dwelling in quite primitive conditions. We are not told whether Liberato is literate or not, but on the basis of the conditions that prevail in his locality it is quite probable that he is completely illiterate, and his humble home may not contain a single book.

This fits this witness squarely in our model profile of a UFO abductee. We have gone back over the known abductions of human males of normal Earth races who have reportedly been taken aboard what purports to be extraterrestrial spacecraft coming here from elsewhare to now study our humanity and, in these specific cases, to carry out bio-ganetic experiments involving the Earth species for reasons um~nown at this time.

A point of interest is the fact that most of these abdi'ctees are basically illiterate and incapable of concocting and sustaining a story such as the one told.



A typical profile for a UFO contactee might include a number of quite specific attributes. Based on our experience with a number of contactees figuring in UFO cases that we find to be substantially valid we have constructed a model profile which seems to be further validated with each new case added, though as in everything else there are exceptions to this pattern. We find however, that the number of exceptions are very few.

We find that in the extreme case where the abductee is or becomes directly involved with the extraterrestrials in an interpersonal way there are no exceptions up to now to this typical profile.

The typical abductee for biophysical experimentation is found to be young and healthy, and is personally clean and neat. He has aquired no debilitating or degenerative habits such as drugs, alcahol and smoking, and is not known to be promiscous sexually, nor does he mix and associate with those who have such habits. He is free of infections and diseases and is moderate in diet and sleep. He is properly respectful and known for his dependability and honesty. He is moderate in his beliefs and although lacking in formal education is bright and naturally intelligent and has a good practical mind. He has no strong religious or political beliefs and is quite free of scientific bias. No doctrines or dogmas to be unlearned. He has no preconcieved knowledge or strong conviction of interest in UFOs. He is moral and reliable and has a strong personal sense of right and wrong. He is charitable and respectful of all life, including even the smallest creatures. Perhaps his greatest strength is in his reliability and predictability. These things must either be detected in or instilled by the contacting UFOnauts.

From a glance at this list, it is quite easy to see why the roster of significant UFO abductees does not include The UFO club leaders or lecturers, religious or political aspirants, scientists or military officers, or businessmen or educated people.

Our UFO abductees for bio-physical experiment all fall neatly right into this profile. There is also evidence that they have been observed for sane time, even many years before the contact is made.

Only 37 days after the UFO abduction of Jose Inacio Alvaro for biological experiment (reported in UFO ABDUCTION AT MARINGA), another man in the city of Pelotas, the site of the second case reported in that book, was involuntarily captured and taken aboard an extraterrestrial spacecraft in an attempt to persuade him to go to another planet with the UFOnauts. This is not any kind of feedback from the other case nor mimicking of it because the Alvaro case was still under intensive inves-tiqation by experts and they had not released their findings up to this time. The same team of experts became quickly involved in this second abduction in their city.

From 2300 to 00:15, some hour and 15 minutes on Wednesday 10 May 1978, young Assis Antonio Caetano de Avilaa, 28 year old bachelor residing at Rua Leopoldo Miguens 632, Vila Santos Dumont, near the Cohab suburb in thecity of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, was abducted aboard a UFO from a field in front of Avenida Cristvao Jose dos Santos in Cohab.

Assis Antonio de Avila, the son of Santa Justa Caetano de Avila and Assis de Avila, was returning to his house in a camioneta (station wagon) of his friends who had given him a ride home. Shortly before getting out of the car at the corner of Avenida Cristovao Jose~ dos Santos and Avenida Salgado Filho, Assis was surprised to have his attention drawn to a strange aerial light similar to a beacon. He told his friends, who looked in that direction, but they saw nothing abnormal.

At about 22:50 Assis got out of the camioneta and headed for his house. He was walking peacefully along Avenida Cristovao Jose dos Santos and was passing by a field in front of the Presio Municipal some 150 meters from the corner, when he observed, in the sky, at less than 30 degrees elevation in the northeast, sanething like a very bright star. This "star" commenced to grow in size as he watched it rapidly descending in the direction of the field. When the "star" qot closer to the field, a few meters fran the wire fence, Assis could see that inside the ball of fire was a strangely shaped circular metallic-looking ship that radiated luminosity. It was shaped something like an explorer's hat.

On descending, the object projected two intensely bright beams of white light to the ground and extended four metal legs upon which it came to rest.

At the moment of descent, Assis had the impression that the lights of the surrounding suburban area went out, because it became darkened all around him. The sky was clear and full of stars with no Moon, but a dense foggy cloud formed rapidly in the local area right after the descent of the object. The place was effectively camouflaged, apparently by the strange object now sitting on the ground.

Later, following the darkening of the local area, Assis felt dizzy and at the same time felt induced to walk forward toward the wire wire fence surrounding the field there. He soon saw himself clutched in the grip of two very strange humanoids about 1.10 meters tall. They were dressed in close-fitting suits of reflective white color and wore head-enclosing helmets with closed visors, that were something like those of motorcyclists, but with two small antennas or stems pointed upward which had small spheres or balls of metal on the ends.

The strange beings spoke with Assis in Portugese inviting him to accompany them to the object as they wanted to give him a trip into space and show him the planet from which they came.

Frightened, Assis tried to disengage himself from them by force and begged them to let him go to his house. Despite his resistance the UFOnauts held the youth firmly carrying him toward the ship standing a little way ahead of them now. Said the witness, "I don't know how it was, we passed through the wire fence, whether under or over it. The truth is, when I thought of this we were already in front of the ship!"

"At the ship a large door opened from inside out, like on big commercial airplanes. In it's lower extremity it had a stair which the three of us went up to board the ship, one on each side of me." Upon entering, Assis saw himself released and remembered having taken two steps to the right and standing there. Inside the object he experienced considerable difficulty in breathing, especially after the door closed. "I felt like something constricting my throat. The air was different, more warm and dense than ours."

The part where he found himself was completely illuminated with a bright light that did not hurt the vision, something like the light of day. He noticed then the presence of two more of the occupants seated before strange aparatus like television. On the screens there he saw images like when "transmission is outside in the air." (obviously 3-dimensional presentation which he had never seen) Upon seeing Assis, these two occupants got up and came over to him. The witness was then greatly surprised to see that these two were "women", dressed in reflective white suits like the others, but over the closely fitted suits they wore an attractive cape of the same material and the same color. These two examples of the "humanoids" also wore helmets with the little antennas, but without the small spheres on the points. The hair was long and attracted attention under the helmets as it fell down over their shoulders, lending a physical aspect that made it clearly apparent that these were females of the species. They were a little taller than the male humanoids, being about 1.30 meters in height versus the 1.10 for the males, and they were a little more "full in the body."

One of these occupants, a brunette with dark hair, came up to Assis in an amorous attitude and speaking in Portugese, said that he should not be afraid lust because she wanted to take him to another world, their home planet.

Assis did not accept her invitation, responding that his mother was painfully alone waiting for him in his house. He pleaded once more for his release, imploring for the love of God to let him out of the ship.

At that same time, another occupant, a blonde that got up last spoke, "Let the youth go back. Another time we will come and pick him up." This one seemed to be in charge because she was obeyed by the other three occupants. Upon his leaving from there, they no more bothered Assis with their insistance in wanting to take him for a voyage. The door of the ship opened and the youth walked toward her, past, and descended the stair to the ground. Once on firm ground, he looked back and saw the door close and lock. Then the disc-shaped object ascended rapidly and was lost from sight.

Assis waited some time, sitting there on the ground, about ten minutes, to recuperate his strength. Then taking advantage of the light provided by the street-lamps near by (now illuminated again), to look at his watch, he saw that it was 0015, after mid-night. Before that the youth had felt considerably intrigued. By his estimate, from his abduction to the final dialogue with the occupants of the ship, could have been no more than ten minutes. Never-the-less, by his watch the time was one hour and fifteen minutes that he had been aboard the ship! What could have taken place besides the dialogue, afterward or before, in that interval of one hour and fifteen minutes?

The circular ship looked metallic and was shaped like the tropical pith helmets formerly worn by jungle explorers. The raised dome on top contained a line of quadrangular windows or ports. The ship had a very fine smoothe finish and lines, was of regular geometry and was the color of aluminum, of the same material as the walls inside. The height of the four steps in the stair that extended from the extremity of the opened door was about 30 centimeters and the steps were about fifteen centimeters deep. The slope of the steps was an incline of about 20 degrees (from vertical?). The walls inside seemed made from a very fine composition the color of aluminum. The floors inside seemed to be constructed of a kind of carpet of a very mellow marroon color. Assis was reminded that "standing on it, it felt very soft, like walking on a sponge."

The ship had a kind of circular table around the inside part of the room, with aparatus like control and display panels above the level of the table on the wall beyond. Assis saw two large recessed aparatus that looked like television screens, in front of which the two "girls" were seated. The screens of these aparatus resembled Earth television except the image was "like outside in the air". (Besides being 3-dimensional, this image might have been holographic, or possibly even a combination of both. In any case the presentation was like nothing he had ever seen before.)

Under the ceiling, he saw four focci of white light similar to mercury vapor lamps, of quadrangular form, that illuminated the whole interior of the ship like the light of day, but was not difficult to look at. On the left side, there was a door and a window. On the right side there was another window and the circular control table, and beyond that a corridor where he could see another door.

In Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Wilma Ranita was working with Assis, occupied in making sketches as he described the room of the UFO where he had been held. According to the dimensions given by the witness, she concluded that there was little space for another room, or for the "corridor" mentioned by assis.

It became clear that the lower level in the perspective drawings done by Dr. Ranita was such that because of the size of the table (about 2 meters) in that room (of about 4 meters diameter), the remaining space would be tight for the 5 people --4 UFOnauts and Assis -- to move about much.

With respect to the two doors in the room aboard the ship, one was that through which the witness entered, It now appeared that the other door must also open outside the ship.

The only furniture in this little drama was the semicircular table and the two stools with back supports such as is seen in bars and luncheonettes.

The air inside the ship must have been different from ours in view of Assis' experiencing difficulty in breathing in there, making him feel like "the openinq in the throat was suffocating."

The dimensions of the ship were estimated as follows:

Outside, including the horizontal flange. .Diam. 8 Meters

  Inside horizontal measurement Diam. 4 Meters  

Inside height from floor to ceiling 2.5 Meters

Outside overall height from top to bottom... 3 Meters

The humanoid creatures spoke with moving mouth and expression in their eyes, like humans, and the witness heard a fine voice and the sound audibly. According to Assis, the women had feminine voices and the men had deeper more grave masculine voices. The UFOnauts spoke in Portugese but with a Spanish accent and they moved their lips in perfect synchronization as they spoke the words, giving the impression that the voice heard was their own.

Upon being lifted aboard the spacecraft, the UFOnauts released their hold on Assis' arm, and recovering his own movements, he took two steps from the door to further inside the circular room. He felt cold air as though from an air conditioner and saw his breath from his mouth in the form of condensed vapor. (down page 111)

Next is on THE jehova withess pastor that was taken up in a ufo in jan.76 - (rio-south am.)

Another remarkable case in Botucatu

Intro - we know from esp. " UFO Abduction At Botucatu" that much ufo activity seemed to be ongong there in that region. Here another case some years ahead of that other, in that same city in Brazil. And so one could speculate if this early visit there, was a kind of prepartion for those that happend later…? link



extr. from p42in the webbook
"A Day With An Extraterrestrial"

 of Lou Baldin:

...While sitting there contemplating what other mind benders Milton had up his sleeve, a naked woman walked through the door and into theroom. It was the same woman that was on the screen with me at thebookstore and then at her apartment where we made love. I nearly fellout of my seat! Then she casually spoke to me.“Hi, Mike, are you up for another round of fun and intrigue like our last encounter?”I stuttered out the words, “What the hell is going on here?”“Make love to me, Mike. You know you want to!”A bed then emerged out of the wall and she came over to where Iwas sitting, took my hand and led me over to the bed. I was in a state of shock and seemingly helpless as when I was at the park that morning and Milton snared my body and soul with his ship. Seductively, she removed my clothes and we made love as if we were on our honeymoon. I was no match for the sexually enticing powers thatradiated from her magical body. She was one gorgeous and dauntingly attractive lovemaking machine.After she received what she came for, she got up and left the room without saying a word. I remained on the bed somewhat mentally exhausted and puzzled by her abrupt departure.

“That’s it? Most women remain in bed and cuddle after sex, unlessthey are hookers. Milton, is she a hooker? If so, what is her purpose,blackmail?“She is not human, Michael. She is a biological sperm extractor.There are many ways to get sperm from donors such as you, but this isthe most effective way and the best way to retrieve semen. Extracting sperm without proper sexual arousal compromises the quality of the seed and I know you do not want that.

“Sperm extractor? I never signed up to be a sperm donor! Especially with some zombie creature—that is just wrong! Why inhell do you want my sperm anyway? What about my rights in this matter? Don’t I have any reproductive say in this highly personalventure?”“Your body is a container for certain enzymes and other biologicalproducts, including sperm. We store and synthesize these items in your body and then extract them at certain intervals when needed. The body you reside in, Michael, is a product of the sperm we extracted from another individual such as yourself before you were even born. Your body is a continuation of this type of container. In essence, your bodydoesn’t belong to you. It belongs to us.”“Who the heck is us’ ? 

So, I am an unwitting continuation of somecrazy experiment you people are doing here on Earth? You only wantme for my body fluids? That is disgusting! I’m going to have to chewon this one for a long while.”