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One more Witness


[The following notes are from November l978 Diary pages.]

I traveled only four times in the ship of LYA, but she always met me in places least imaginable to me.

I saw her today at the University. She came by that place as I was parking my automobile. She greeted me with her hand at the level of her eyes. I smiled. I invited her to get into my car. I wanted to talk to her.

"LYA, how is it that you always find me in the most unexpected places?"

"That is relatively easy Professor. I have already told you that your radiant energy is different from the others. Such is as different as the lines in the hand of each individual."1

"Do you think that if I told anyone that I had had conversations with an extraterrestrial woman, they would believe me?"

'No..... perhaps not. But listen Professor, this is precisely why it is that many races from other civilizations can come to this planet in all tranquility. If they gave a person some proof they would not believe it."

"LYA, why do you not speak in public? Why not present yourselves on television?"

"They would not believe it Professor. Our appearance is similar to yours. The genetic scheme from which we are created has been similar to yours, with the difference of a certain number of years. Your DNA degenerates and ceases to produce healthy cells, but there is not much chemical difference between us, except that we have strict control of our organs. Our DNA instead of deterring the advance of cells propitiates them and works to continue the age.2

2 LYA had mentioned her age of 900years, similar to some other cases.

I have already explained this to you before, because this occurred with your ancestors. I had the opportunity to know of a man in Switzerland. He lacked one arm. He was having contact with persons from the Pleiades. I had access in a form that was mostly discrete. We, at a level of advanced interplanetary civilizations, help each other and we share our knowledge and such on the level of civilizations. We see with great pain that you do not participate among yourselves in this. Very well, this man is called "Billy" and he has had many encounters. The Pleiades civilization has delivered samples to him. They have permitted him to photograph and film their ships. He has ridden in the ships with several (extraterrestrial) women. They gave him a sample of metal from which their ships are made. It is a form of self-regenerating metal. It is like your cells, but of a chemical-mineral configuration. Well, they permitted him to take samples and to film them. He has taken many photographs. You know that you can not film or take photographs of our ships if we do not want it. Those of the Pleiades permitted it. "4 "What happened then?"

"At first nobody believed him. Nevertheless when he offered to show the sample of mineral they had given him, it changed the events. He was investigated. He was repeatedly questioned at great length. They accused him of being, above all, the greatest fanatic to claim he had samples of his lies. Very well informed people and some scientists doubted this. And likewise, as with him, they gave samples to a very important Russian, who died after his interrogations, or perhaps from the emotional impact on him to know that he was being contacted by someone of extraterrestrial origin. You are not the only one to be advised about the dangers among yourselves. To him also they spoke about a race that threatens your humanity, and which will be arriving around the end of the 1990s, if not sooner. You will believe that they are a race like us.. .but no. They could be of a different con-figuration. But they are very destructive and cruel. When they arrive they will know about your position, both defensively and offensively, because they do not come in peace. Billy knows this and they, who come from the Pleiades, know that one Swiss man could be better heard in the world, and thus it was... though he was not listened to, as he should have been. I tell you Professor, that if any race comes to your world, it will come with all the powers it has accumulated over the time of milleniums, and you will have no alternative but to accept their presence. Billy knows this and not only him; there are more in the world... but some have preferred to remain silent. Others are simply spectators on the threshold of such happenings. And you perhaps can contribute one grain of sand, but finally -- it will be that they will doubt you as they have Billy.


[This is a most remarkable turn of events. Very seldom do we get real cross-corroboration of one UFO case with another, and only twice before (to our knowledge) by specific contact events. In another one of those strange coincidences that keep coming up in this phenomena, and perhaps one reason I was led to him or he to me, Wendelle Stevens, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.), formerly an officer in the Air Technical Intelligence Center of the Foreign Technology Division of the Air Material Command at Wright field, the parent office under which both projects SIGN and GRUDGE (and later project Blue Book) were organized while he was there, just happened to be the lead investigator of an American team made up of professional, licensed, Investigators, who conducted the most extensive private UFO investigation in history of a single case, and that was the Pleiades contacts with Eduard (Billy) Meier in Switzerland. They were doing this in 1977 and 1978 also, and were in Switzerland at the time the professor received his information and made his notes.


Nothing of what the professor was being told had been published out of Switzerland up to the time he was told it. The people in Switzerland knew nothing of the professor or of his contacts, and he had never heard of them, or Mr. Meier, except in the reference from LYA just quoted. We have asked Col. Stevens for a brief on the Meier photographs of the Pleiadian ships just mentioned.]


(about the hundreds of Meier' photographs - see link or here, and the many online videos on the case fx this)





from chapter 17:

Changes Overcome Me


[The following notes are from Diary pages for March 1979.)


'.absorbed in my thoughts I had not realized that all around me had come to a stop. Escaping from my reality is when I can remember what LYA had told me days before. I shiver not only to remember, but to simply pronounce her name, to know that she, at some point in this vast Universe has found the answer for her presence in this world.

I looked toward the window and I noticed that it had become dark outside. It was already late.

At this point in the infinite, in which I had touched life, clouds had gathered and were forming immense cumulus masses that undulated violently, sketching fantastic configurations in the blue sky. I watched it rain and was moved by the fury with which the drops of water lashed the window. LYA had given me an incalculable inheritance; she had taught me to love my world with all, and what I encountered today revolted me.

But there was something very important about this. I had changed too, not only at the emotional level, but at a psychic level as well... Where was it that I got this?

I had considered the conversations that I had obtained with LYA and the slow but inexorable change in me a great deal, which at times I did not myself comprehend.

My conduct had changed, sensitizing me to a high degree, but this I did not ask for, nor did I solicit any change. No, this did not come in any rapid manner. It was slow, like sparks of metamorphosis. These changes at first were spaced out until each time they came more frequently.

My mind had expanded, and my power of concentration had become sharpened. I could perceive any sound in great detail, and surprisingly, could repeat such any time I desired, and analyze it completely including it's musical derivations, if it had any. All for me now had no beginning nor end, nor rise nor decline. It is as if each point in my imagination suffers thousands and thousands of changes. My thoughts separate into interesting concepts. All that occurs to me is subjected to profound analysis by me.

I am sure that because of my encounters with LYA all in my life has suffered a transformation. My mind has been modified. It is as if I am living within a vortex, where all has great reason for being. For example, If I think on the word "mind", this same thought stimulates my imagination, and my capacity to discern comes to me immediately. Then I "see" a brain... thousands of concepts recorded in it and a movement induced through the same thought like energy in vortice which generates these stimulus. The same word suffers a distortion far beyond my knowledge of it, far beyond the explanation for this word found in a dictionary.

I had asked myself many times if in this manner the human being could utilize a greater percentage of his capacity for concentration and learning, surpassing the normal levels in any individual.

This situation, or mental state, is that which I had opted to call "Power of infinite concentration" - for lack of any other concept - and moreover, still from previous knowledge concerning this phenomenon, had brought really an indescribable change to my life.

For example, If I perceived a determined aroma, let us say of a flower, to my mind would come innumerable ideas of landscapes where such a flower could have originated. I would think of it's origins, from the unicellular be-ginning of the seed to the simple representation of color and aroma previously registered in it's respective seed. I would immediately know it's possibilities of duration, then perceive a succession of ideas about how to plant and grow them, in what parts of the world, resistance to climate, it's industrialization, medicinal as well as for food, it's possibilities for grafting and for sprouting. Finally it's formula and then it's preservation. All this without reading about it in any other place. LYA had explained to me how only one page could contain hundreds of formulas according to their own characteristics. Well then, it is as if I myself have been converted into a computerized being to an undefined level.

Now let us apply this to my personal life. For example, when I see a man, whatever his ancestry might be, I perceive various characteristics, his extraordinary ones - levels of vibrational frequency, his origins, His bloodchemistry composition and other questions. On the other hand, there comes to my mind the origin of the DNA and the gene from which he descended, and I can know if he descended then from a mixed or a pure race, how many generations have passed before him to his present state, from that obtaining his hereditary character, and from whan as well as his physical characteristics.

If I meet a man of the negro or Japanese race (we consider both of those pure races) upon taking his hand I can perceive his vibratory waves more or less acutely -depending on the biological-chemical combinations of his genetic make-up - and other traits which for questions of reproduction have been modified.

I can compare him with others which have been mixed, and with various races that emit various frequencies. These two races have a characteristic odor and their glands are different from those of the white or copper races. I can perceive his spiritual state by means of his stimulus and know then his tendencies and the nature of his thoughts.

LYA had told me one time:

"You will some day understand my form of being and of thought, because you yourself will experience something much like what occurs with me, and that what for me is normal for you is incomprehensible."

For that, when I experience all the situations that I have narrated, you will come to the conclusion that on the planet of LYA such phenomena could also occur, and that it is very possible that she possesses characteristics perhaps more sharp and elevated than that which I experience. One time LYA had said to me:

"If your could listen... you would be delighted with the beautiful sound of your Universe itself".

Little by little I began to understand the quality of her development to that level of mental perception and to me it seemed a formidable portent. It convinced me one more time that the human race, a valuable representative element of his existence, had lost this marvelous ability in some lamentable form. For me, to experience this was to reach the stars with my hands... But what could I do with this in a world like ours? Could I do something when I perceived that some human being suffered intensely with his health? Could I avoid a continental level of confrontation? No... Then I remembered that as a human being I could be, through this sensitivity recently acquired, an easily vulnerable being.

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