The Alternative Channel

This is an alternative radio channel based on the internet. The channel mostly contains lectures aboute alternative and New Age topics. In this Eglish version the content is in MP3 format only. Choose topic by ckikling on a button assigned to that topic.


         UFO                            Free Energy                           Alien Cultures  



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          Runes web page            New World Order           About Mermaids



      Download Soundbooks and PDF books  



     Information from Swaruu of the Taygeta system in the Pleiades




Information by Swaruu of the Taygeta system in the Pleiades added 28 January 2020

Download soundbooks and PDFs about alternative topics added 21 May 2016

New button with info about Mermaids added 11 May 2016

Lecture by Richard Dolan about extraterrestrial contacts in September 2013. Can be found under the button UFO.

Intervju with the crew on MV Rachel Corrie Juni 2010.  Can be found under the Misc button..


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