The Great Experiment

    Hello Friends, This following is a message received today from James F. Twyman. It is a message in which "Teacher" was really speaking to Jimmy. It is a message for all of us. You can find more information about "The Great Experiment." By going to the following Web Sites: Peace BE! Laurie Joy Pinkham Welcome to "The Great Experiment." In the summer of 1995 I discovered an amazing secret in the mountains along the border of Bosnia and Croatia. The Emissaries of Light had a message for the world, a message they had been waiting to give us for a very long time. These messengers of peace, lightworkers of the highest order, were holding a vision of humanity that we were afraid to look at ourselves. Until now! They told me to tell the world that the time has come to remember who we are - how holy we are, and that we have within us the power to create any experience or world that we want to create. The world of fear is the result of a world that is afraid to remember that holiness. But now, something new is being born. Love itself! A world is ready to be born that reflects the truth of our nature, not the illusion. The message of the Emissaries was simple, and as I sat with them in the mountains of Bosnia I was told to proclaim it to the world. "Just tell them theyíre ready," Teacher said. "Ready for what?" "Humanity is ready to remember the truth - that each on of us had the power to create a world based on the laws of love. You have been afraid to face that power for a very long time. But everything has changed now. Youíre ready to accept the holiness and the power that defines who you are. If enough people join together in that strength then the world will never be the same. It can happen in an instant. In fact, thatís the only way it can happen. The instant of humanities awakening to the light is now! Thatís what we want you tot tell the world." The book "Emissary of Light" describes the journey into the mountains of Bosnia to receive this message. But the story is not complete until we act upon it. We are not finished until we accept our readiness and step into the world we were meant to experience. Ancient cultures have pointed to this moment in history as the "great time of awakening." This is the moment we say yes to truth, to live and to holiness itself. Hence: "The Great Experiment." It is time we stand together and accept what the saints and sages have always told us. And science stands with us, for we are one in this venture. On April 23rd the world will shift and we will accept what has always been true - that our holiness has never been compromised by this silly dream of separation. This is the moment you have been waiting for. This is the time of the return. Tell everyone you know. Pass this message around in every way possible. We must stand together in this venture if it is to have the impact we desire. What do we desire? We want nothing less than to change the world in an instant. Is this possible? I believe itís inevitable, but only if we accept our readiness, and accept it NOW! Participate in "The Great Experiment." In Light and Holiness, James F. Twyman April 8, 1998 Aloha in Love and Light from Maui, Hawaii, Kurt Wright