page164  in  book from -77:
(that was about a contact to a 'space-women' looking as "us" i highland
of peru i the mid 70s. She said 'they' had bases on jupiter moon
Ganymedes.  And in a new- 2021 book - is told of visit(s) to those -
seemingly - bases, underground. Here a video-interview report
from this visit.)

"Is the volcanic energy used for heat as well?"
"Yes, the volcanoes contain a great deal of thermal
energy, which we use to maintain healthy tempera t ures.
Since we have no rivers or oceans, and extreme
temperatures, we have no animals on our planet, only
mineral, vegetable and human forms of life.
In our world
we've adapted to this; we don't need animals for food.
Besides, eating and absorbing the ananas and a n ionites
of animals puts micro-organisms into our systems,
creating toxins in the body. That's where you earth
inhabitants get your common cold and other illnesses."

"I've heard about this; it's the vegetarian philosophy
and basis for their lifestyle. This is hot stuff. Tell me
more. What about your cities? Do you have large cities?"

"No, nothing at all like your big cities. We don't use

such methods of construction, and our materials are
different. We have lots of seismic movement. Earth­
quakes are natural in a place where there is so much
volcanic activity. You people make your cities grow
towards the sky. We go several levels underneath. Our
structures are in cylindrical form, with one main shaft
onto which other cylindrical structures can be interfaced
if expansion is required. The additional cylinders are
clustered around the main shaft and are connected to it.
These underground buildings also function to modify
the seismic activity of our world."

"What about government? What is your economy like? Who rules?"
"I know what you mean, but give me a more specific
"Well, do you have countries?"

"No, we have
no boundaries on Ganymede. It's
enough to tell you that we need no armies or police. I
spoke of this before, so I won't elaborate except to say
that it would be useless to have policemen or armies
when everybody knows what everybody else is thinking,


"Right. What about religion?"
"Religion on our planet is, in essence, the same
doctrine of love and brotherhood taught some two
thousand years ago by a man named Jesus Christ. He
was someone very special, a guide. We're going to talk
about him more, but not right now. Let's leave him for
later when we make a link with Jesus as someone from
far away, from another world."

"Aren't you going a bit too far with this? Can you
imagine me telling my future readers, that Jesus Christ got out of a UFO? No way!"

"You're so screwed up with this Jesus concept that

every time you even hear the name mentioned, your
adrenalin rises. Let's be peaceful about all this. I'm asking
you to give it a fair chance, just as you did with the idea of

Remember when Jesus said, 'My kingdom is not of

this earth'? We're going to study that phrase. What I'm
trying to tell you now is that in our world we practice the
same teachings as the early Christians. I wouldn't call
that religion, because we don't go to church and pray to
idols, or to a tortured man on a cross. We act. We are
love; we feel it, sense it, breathe it. This is the funda­
mental basis of our religion; it's more or less a state of

We do have our spiritual guides, those who take care

of our spiritual guidance in space. Remember in Catholic
school, when you learned about the saints?"
I nodded affirmatively.

"Here in Latin America, Mexico, Spain and Italy,
devotion is instilled concerning patron saints. It's a
custom, a tradition, to believe that each person has his or
her own patron saint, remember?"
"Yes, I remember, like St. Jude, the patron saint of the
"Right. A guide in the universe. People think of him
and pray to him. It's a way of getting in touch with a

higher mind. What you're doing is projecting your
ananas and anionites, getting in tune with the saint
through the thought form known here as prayer.
"For us, prayer is being at peace with ourselves, and
projecting our thoughts, making images of what we
would like to do. In your case, you might wa nt a
beautiful penthouse in Rome. So you would start
thinking about that penthouse, how it would look,
giving it shape, color and design. By doing that, and by
developing your ability to control the Third Force, you
begin to create just by thinking.

Remember when you
were learning about astral
projection, you first studied about it by reading. Then
you projected your thoughts. It's a chemical process. The
mind secretes thoughts the way a gland secretes fluid.
This is pure science. Haven't you read about the thinking
and learning processes being a chemical reaction?"
"I remember the test where worms that had been
trained to perform certain tricks were eaten by un­
trained worms. After eating them, they were able to
perform almost the same functions without being

"That's the idea. Here's how it works: Inside your brain,

there's a gland. It's called the pineal gland, or the "third
eye." This gland creates light in the darkness of the mind
by secreting a substance we11 call anions and cations. One
substance, two names, because as soon as it is secreted as
one force and hits the pineal gland, it divides into two
elements. These elements of thought, anions and cations,
are projected from your brain into space, mixing with the
ananas and anionites.

As you begin thinking about and desiring a penthouse

in Rome, you begin taking steps toward achieving that
goal. If you continue to do this, you will eventually have it.
A dream, a thought, a wish, eventually materializes-like
an answer to prayer. The Education of a Believer 167
The beautiful thing about this is that when you finally
master this technique, you no longer want a penthouse.
That's what concentration does for you, though, it makes
your wishes come true."

"You're telling me that when I master this force I can

make my wishes come true?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying. But in order to get to

that point, you have to be sincere and peaceful in your
own being. If having that penthouse in Rome doesn't
harm your fellow human beings, there's not one cosmic
reason why your dream shouldn't come true."
"Rama, you mentioned spiritual guides. Are your spiri­
tual guides like rabbis and priests?"
"Yes, I suppose you could call them that. They're people
who give us spiritual guidance. Each one of us gets a
scientific explanation for every, what you would call here,
religious teaching, except that our religious practices have
more correspondence with things like metaphysics, theo­

Do you remember Madame Blavatsky?

"Mmmm. The name sounds familiar," I said.

"She was the founder of the Theosophical Society and
the author of a book known as the Secret Doctrine. Madame
Blavatsky was very much on the ball. She understood God
as a Third Force. And, in her time, she said it. I wouldn't
say proved it, but she used it, and she used it in good faith.
And because of this, she was persecuted and vilified.
People made her out to be a know-nothing lady, a con, a
witch. Same thing with Lobsang Rampa. These people
had no mean intentions when they brought their doctrines out; it was more or less their way of saying, 'Hey,
look, this is the truth; do you want to take it? You want to
become immortal, to live forever? You want to astral
travel?' That's more like our religion.

Our priests, if you wish to call them that, are spiritual

guides who cultivate our spirits; they don't interfere with
our everyday lives. They teach us no mysteries, only
cosmic laws. They use scientific methods, like the method
I used to teach you about ananas and anionites. That's the
way we teach our children. From the time they're old
enough to understand, they're not taught to think of God
as someone with a human form the way you people on
earth do.

We don't have any rituals. There's no veneration to

any kind of idol. Sometimes we get together with certain
ones who are more advanced. Then we participate in more
advanced studies. That calls for a celebration, but nothing
mandatory, as you have here in your world.

In general, the sun is the cosmic source of inspiration

in our system. That's where the teachings come from, the
same teachings as found in the Egyptian, Incan, Persian,
Mayan, and Aztec cultures. In the books you've read you
can clearly see where Von Daniken and others speak
about these divinities coming from heaven.
When it comes to religion, we're going to make a
parallel comparison between your religion and ours. All
the great civilizations have always catered to the sun as a
source of religious inspiration.
When you study the teachings of the Incas, the
Persians, the Aztecs, the Tibetan Lamas, the Mayans,
you'll find they all have one thing in common: that this
Third Force is God. That's what we call the intelligent
force in the universe, the greatest Teacher, the God of
love, of forgiveness, the path of light, the truth of life.
This is already known here on your planet, through
metaphysics and astral projection. Lobsang Rampa's
teachings, and Buddhism, are the same. These truths
were brought to your world by other people from outer
space. It's a shame that throughout the ages and because
of the separation of people, the ideas have changed so

Remember, you and I are just two people from
different parts of the universe. I'm in human form
because I'm human, like you."

"I guess that's what you meant when you said I could go
to my local library and find out about these things. I was
reading a book recently, Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient West,
which I thought was the greatest. It was the knock-out
punch to all my incredulity. After reading it, I was
convinced that you people have come back. You've
promised to return so many times, and now here you are,
and very near the year 2,000."

"Yes, and you haven't even started yet. When you get

back to the United States, you'll have a lot of research to
do. You're not going to take any major assignments, your
missions will be short. Try to remember, you've promised
us two years of your life."

"Now that I'm a member of your 'Impossible Mission'
team, will I get to go in one of your vimanas, or flying
saucers, or meet your friends?"

"Yes, perhaps soon."

When Rama said these words, I didn't say anything, but

it was difficult to hide my excitement that she had finally
agreed to let me investigate first hand some of the things
she'd been telling me. Naturally, she picked up on these

"What's more important, Charles, is that we spend our

time wisely. We're going to see each other at least two or
three more times before you go back to the United States.
I wa nt you to come here as often as you can. You11 see
how beautiful it's going to be. As we go along, we're going
to be revising some of the teachings I've been discussing
with you, okay?"

as you've already probably sensed, I'm completely convinced. My mind is made up. I want to, and
must, write this message for you. Give me the proper
guidance, and I'll complete the task. When do we start?"

"As soon as you wish."
"How long will it take? How often am I going to come
"You will come when you have the time. We can cover a
great deal in one session. It depends on how much we get
off the subject and how eager you are to complete it."
"When am I going to be returning to the United States?
Can you give me an exact date?"
"Not an exact date, no. I told you I wouldn't interfere
with your life. You just come here on weekends, or when
you have the time, and we'll take it from there."
At this point in the conversation, it was our turn to go
into the bathhouses. We went in, never interrupting our
conversation. She told me it would be easy to forecast
when I would be returning to the United States, also that
she could tell me the story of my life for the next few
years, but that she would be destroying my incentive and,
therefore, the joy of living. She said it would be kind of
dull to know everything that was going to happen in the
future, so I dropped the subject of the exact date I would
be returning to the United States.

Even though I hadn't seen Rama for a month, we were

at ease with each other. My distrust of her and her
motives had vanished. Instead I felt a warmth and
enthusiasm toward our relationship, because now we
had one common goal: I was going to learn all she had to
teach me, and she was ready and willing to start. I had
stopped resisting, and discontinued my obnoxious be­
havior whenever she said something that frightened me.
After our mineral bath, we decided to drive to a nearby
town. It was early afternoon, kind of chilly and a little
too cold to be out riding on a motorcycle. We took my
car, and as we drove, we had a mind to mind conversa­tion. Rama told me earlier that these mind to mind conversations meant that we didn't have to go through long explanations to understand simple concepts. From now on, she said, a thought, perhaps a glance, would
explain something better than a thousand words.
I'll relate the mental conversation in words, although
it's extremely difficult to translate in that mode, since
visual images are equally important in this kind of
conversation .
Rama opened the discussion with the comment,
"You're not the only person who's had experiences as
incredible as you've had. There are other people who
have published books, stating exactly the things I'm
telling you. We all give the same messages to people with
whom we come in contact, and by the time you're ready
to publish yours, the time will be right for a change in

Many of these strange things now going on here on

this planet are just a fair warning from us to you:
Something pretty catastrophic is going to happen. If you
wan t to be prepared to take a little trip with us, this is
your chance. We're going to choose the people, good
people, the type who have your kind of mentality. You'll
see when you start doing your research.
Look up a man by the name of George Adamski (more on him) and
start reading what he has published. You'll see that
George Adamsky, and many others, have also had
contact with outer space beings. The time is ripe for us to
make ourselves known, first to certain people, then with
everyone through the establishment of media connec­tions.

There are many people in the world who are trying to

stop this from happening. In one of his works, Adamsky
talks about the 'Silent Group' which doesn't want our
presence known. It's to their advantage to keep it as
secret as possible. But since we gain nothing from this,
we'll just start preparing for what is coming . That's the
reason I've asked you to read the books of Daniel and
Revelations and the twenty-fourth chapter of Matthew.

Because they are accounts of angels, celestial armies,
people coming in flying machines. Take, for example,
Revelations 15:1:
'And I saw another sign in heaven, great and mar­velous, seven angels having the seven last plagues; for in
them is filled up the wrath of God.'
The angels mentioned here are .....(all/the rest on this link)

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