a remarkable ufocontact in England in 1963


The withess to one spec.ufocontakt in England in the -63 was Joelle Marchemont, and was a good friend of the English UFOlogist Timothy Good, for about thirty years and he promised not to publish Joelle’s entire story until after her death, that occurred in 1995, The case is therefore reflected in the "Alien Base: Earth's Encounters with Extraterrestrial" from 1998.
Joelle Marchemont was born in Russia in 1914 and her parents came from France and Russia. During World War II, Joelle was in the French Resistance against Nazism. Later, she settled with her family in London. September 1, 1963 is Joelle in Sheffield -region to make home- interviews on household items for a marketing companies. At one of the visits she was surprised at the amount of unusual devices that was in a visited family house. Mrs R in the house says that her husband is a researcher and testing various appliances practical use. Joelle see a great receiver and get to learn that her husband is a radio amateur and keep in touch with people from all over the world.

like in the KOLDAScontact- the spacepeople had modified the radio for communication. "George" (Valdar was his real name "out there" )-  had modified the radio-antenna, so that the KOLDASIANS could override the circuitry by remote control and then broadcast through this set. This set was confiscated by men who claimed they were authorities and never returned.

Mrs R put the radio receiver on to demonstrate, but leaves room for a short time to get tea. Suddenly you hear a short message on the radio that Joelle writes down on the back of her questionnaire. When Mrs. R will return Joelle explains that a message is heard, but she does not say that she wrote it down. Mrs. R seems shocked, turns off the receiver and explains that her husband would never forgive her if he knew she was sitting on the recipient without his permission.

At the hotel, Joelle read the notice and become curious to what this could mean: "comes the Blue John tomorrow, 4:30 pm - Mark". She feels well aware that the Blue John probably means the Blue John Caves, near Castleton in the Derbyshire district. Joelle wonder if she have found a group of spies and decides to investigate. Monday, September 16, 1963 Joelle takes the car back to London, but stops at the Blue John Caves where she parked the car so she has a good vantage point. Shortly before 16:30, she sees a bright light in the sky that goes down to the ground a few hundred yards from her resting place. When the lights declines, appear, instead, a discus-shaped craft about six meters, in diameter that is at three landing gears. In a dome is visible several windows. After some time, a man emerged from the craft's rear. He is dressed in a blue, full-covered suit and wearing a helmet. While Joelle see a man come from a car parked some distance away. Joelle see that it is the same car that was parked outside the house with the many appliances. The man from the car approaches the craft and cordially greet the man in the suit. They both go to the car and then leaving. The craft starts to glow, lifts and takes off with tremendous speed.

Joelle does not believe in flying saucers and guess what she witnessed is some sort of secret aircraft, perhaps of Soviet origin. As she suspected espionage, Joelle decides to go back to the house, to find out what she could, and may report the matter to the police. Half an hour later she rings the bell to the house and a man opens. Joelle trying to excuse that she forgot a few questions to the lady of the house in the previous visit. Doubtful she enters and tries to wriggle with questions but one of the men suddenly said: "You came here because you saw my vehicle and wanted to find out what was going on, right?"

Joelle is forced to admit it, and sits down to explain what this is about. A meeting that will continue long into the night. Mark, as the man from the saucer is called, says he comes from a planet in another solar system and working with several scientists on Earth. Joelle is very skeptical at first but becomes initiated into the secret work that the space people do here. The next fifteen months, she gets acquainted with both Mark and his extraterrestrial colleague Val and meets several times. She becomes their practical helper in several ways. Twice they're in Joelle’s flat in London. She offers food and both Mark and Val enjoy good food and wine. They are very humorous and would be treated as normal people. For Joelle says, "We are perhaps thousands of years before you in our development but see us NOT as angels." The men look like ordinary earthlings. They have white skin and perfect teeth. Joelle also notes that the eyes are somewhat unusual. Space men only require four hours of sleep per night.

In short, Mark and Val say as follows: They work in complete secrecy with a select number of scientists from different countries. Space People have bases in several places, including South America, Australia and the Soviet Union. They have been here a long time and their purpose is not only to help us. They would intervene actively if we tried to initiate a nuclear war, but otherwise they take no official contact since we are not psychologically and spiritually ready. We need to develop at our own pace. On two occasions in history, they genetically influenced us to accelerate the evolution. Humans are spiritual beings who live by the physical death. There are also other space-faring people who visit Earth but not all have the same good intentions as their group. George Adamski was contacted by the same group of space people as Joelle but he revealed some secret data. To protect themselves, they had to give him false information that led in the end, to almost no one believed him.

At one point, said Joelle, she was allowed to see a saucer up close. She was taken to a place near the border with Wales. It's dark but she sees that it is the same type of vehicle she had seen before. The only details she can see is the number of round windows. She was not allowed to board, but could touch the craft, which later gives her a slight feeling of nausea. One of the scientists involved in the secret cooperation with the space people can board and must be taken to the Woomera- base in South America. Joelle said she later also meet with two other scientists working with the same group. One of the men worked on Woomerabase in Australia. A base that was built in collaboration with the British after World War II to test the particular aircraft and missiles.
The fifteen months Joelle Marchemont was able to getting around with these people, she always has a fond memory, even if their message was harsh. At one time they said: "What a beautiful planet. Too bad that you destroy it ..."

this is reported in this sweedish book

The underwater-UFO-BASE visit by the Swedish “henry” – his UFO experience from the Canary Islands.


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