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The story of “Friendship” - underground ufo-bases in south -Europe with most euro.looking ETs

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-down on some similar to the Adamski -contacts- to humanlooking spacepeople from a freq.adjusted level of Venus in the 50ths


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Sometimes life surprises us with unexpected developments. Many of you have
known me as a humble researcher who studied the crop circle phenomenon. I have
always taken a great interest in ufology, but I have never studied it in detail, and I
could never be considered an expert. But thanks to the crop circles I got to know
many people who study ufology, both in Italy and abroad. Maybe it was because of
my activity in the field of mystery, and because of my knowledge of the UFO
environment that some events with unpredictable aspects happened to me.

In October 2008 a person got in touch with me who, having learned that I was
interested in crop circles, wanted to make my acquaintance. I went to meet him, we
talked for more than an hour and then this person asked me if I could help him
divulge a very important story in an objective way. This person could not, for some
reasons, come out in the open himself, thus he needed an intermediary. I answered I
would be glad to do what I could and we agreed to meet again after a couple of
months. Indeed we did meet in January 2009 and he told me he was one of the
people directly involved in the so-called “Friendship” for a long part of his life.

Once I got back home I checked the veracity of this story with some experts who confirmed
that, as far as they could tell, it was true. At that point I had enough elements to take
the story the person told me seriously, and, since I also was positively impressed by
this person, I decided to help divulge this fascinating and important story.
I am perfectly aware of the fact that I am risking the reputation I built up in years of
work, but I'm doing it gladly. Sometimes you have to trust a person when you feel
they deserve it.

The following text has been given to me by the person who asked me to be his
He also asked me to respect his wish to remain anonymous for now,
and to assure him that the text would not be inserted into a frame which would
change its meaning, thus following the golden rule of good journalism. I accepted
these two requests, and I will send the text to interested editors without any further
Enjoy your reading, and if this seems an interesting testimony to you, please spread
the word.

The story of “Friendship” or simply “the story”, as we always called it is a true one. It
involved a group of Italian and nonItalian people for many years, between 1956 and
1990. Some of these people, including myself, are still alive. We had direct, face-to-face
meetings with the Friends (also called W56), who are extraterrestrials coming
both from planets in our own Galaxy (at a distance of one hundred thousand light
years) and from other Galaxies. Here on the Earth they reached the maximum
number of two hundred, living inside underground and undersea bases, some of
them along the Adriatic coast, at a depth of about 20 km /12 miles.
The first,
“historical” base was located under the area of Ascoli Piceno, a small town in central
Italy. - see pictures below- its mid in the boot/east

“Friendship” - of various extraterrestrial populations
Now, I shall briefly refer things that derive exclusively from what I was involved in
personally, during an extensive part of my life, and from our direct conversations with
the Friends. I have viva voice recordings of these, with the Friends’ own voices.
“Friendship” gathers together various extraterrestrial populations that are different
from each other, both as regards physical characteristics (there are tall, small and
giant Friends, etc. |
as also told in the Rampa book THE HERMIT. RØ-rem| ) and provenance (there are Friends from other Universes and dimensions). However, all of them share a fundamental choice towards Good.
“Friendship” is a sort of transversal confederation on the basis of a common ideal of
life and thought, though great diversifications remain between populations and
individuals and between personal choices. This is the very opposite of ideological

The population whom we personally interacted with is composed of individuals (men
and women, like us) who are physically very beautiful, some about three meters (ten
feet) tall, while others are tiny. However, these are secondary aspects only. What is
important is what they represent, beyond the various typologies and endless
“folkloristic” singularities.

alleged one of the very earthman-looking but actually  "not from Earth"- 2,4m++  tall (According to Prof Breccia, some of the extraterrestrials were over 8 foot tall and allowed themselves to be photographed.)

The Friends are our elder brothers. They are human. Indeed, in comparison it’s we
terrestrials who are less than human. They are much more human than we are, and
that is why they do not show themselves. They are “too” human… For us it is easy to
flatter them, but envying them is even easier, due to their perfect humaneness…
Other populations in the Universes have chosen Evil, which is often represented by
the adoration of Energy and Knowledge Science.

This dualism between Good and Evil is fundamental in order to understand both the still ongoing Struggle and why it is so hard for truth to be disclosed to the inhabitants of our planet.
The Struggle between Good and Evil has always existed and is real, not an invention
or a stage effect.
(The wicked are not the result of a failed scientific experiment, but
can freely choose to change and follow Good).
This Struggle between Good and Evil also entered the life of the terrestrials in our
group, and transformed them into “particular” beings.

We had various types of experiences, both mental and moral and phenomenal (face-to-face
encounters with some of the Friends, conversations with them, sightings of
saucers and other flying objects with different shapes, very close sightings of
materializations and dematerializations, visits and even long stays inside the
underground bases, etc.). These marked our personal lives deeply and indelibly and
caused us to become particularly vulnerable to the laws, regulations and conventions
of our own reality and society where we continued to live and work with the
exception of a few of us who chose to spend the rest of their lives together with the

What we experienced with the Friends goes beyond any imagination. As a
consequence, absolute silence with other people has been the most normal reaction
from us, together with our continuous thinking about our experiences over the
decades. It was, and still is, a kind of “mental mulling” and constantly growing
awareness of what happened, together with the realization that it cannot easily be
put into words. Some of us paid a very high price for our being “singled out”, and
abandoned established work and social life patterns.

Some of us kept it a total or almost total secret, only opening up to a very few people.
Others told the “story”, but gave a partial or modified version of it on purpose. Why?
There are many reasons and they are complex because there are things one just
cannot say even when one has decided to speak out. Furthermore, much of the
information has been heavily distorted, trivialized, manipulated and interpreted in
arbitrary ways. There has also been contradictory information given, so that a thing
has been said and immediately afterwards contradicted thus generating doubts and,
in the end, incredulity on the part of the readers or listeners. This has also touched
the fundamental aspects and reasons for the Friends’ presence among us, and that
is why it is now necessary to intervene, rectifying and above all giving the essential
points that have not yet been told and denouncing where the opposite has been

complex implications / there must always be room for doubt
The point is that this “story” and its implications are very complex, where ambiguity,
voluntary or involuntary disinformation and a mixture of true and false play a highly
important role. Inserting just one obviously unreliable element for instance,
something self-contradictory or ridiculous into a story, which is true - makes the whole
thing look unreliable (which may indeed well be the conscious or unconscious aim of
the person who relates the story). This is not accidental, and does not solely depend
upon the “bad intention” of the person who writes or speaks out or “reveals”- or
pretends to be a protagonist, while he / she merely has second or third hand
knowledge of the subject. On the contrary, this is the consequence of one of the laws
that regulate the hidden presence of the Friends on Earth. And this is how it has
always been, in the past as well as now. The presence of the Friends among us is
subordinated to certain laws that depend on factors that are hard to explain in words
for they belong to the subtle levels that  is, the non-physical levels of reality. Among
these there is the law of ambiguity, duplicity and deception, since this characterizes
the condition of terrestrial humans. Thus, all these “negative” elements are not
secondary, but are a crucial part of the rules of the game, and can come into play at
any moment, including the moment when an attempt towards disclosure is being
made such as at this present moment.

(there must always be room for doubt, so that those not soul-ly ripe, may not be "spritually raped"- similar "method"  was  in the UMMO-CONTACT in Spain thru the 50ths > 80ths, they sometimes came with doubtful claims - instead of mind-forcing "proofs" - read on the case by link here.  - and deeper / more personal here.  rø.rem)

The Friends are not the only extraterrestrials who have come to the Earth. Individuals
from various other populations are among us, because the Earth is a very particular
planet inside the economy of this part of the Universe. The aim of the Friends’
presence is not to study us (they know us quite well, better than we do ourselves!),
but to help us. In fact, the Friends are unhappy about the very high level of hate,
violence and injustice on the Earth, and about the antihumanistic
trend of our science and technology. Being able to see our thoughts and feelings, the Friends see
what we hide behind our masks, words and smiles…

Other populations are here for other reasons, and the abduction by extraterrestrials
of terrestrials, as well as the creation of hybrids, is a reality which the Friends told us
about as far back as the ’60s. I mention this because today there is talk in the media
about it, and I remember what the Friends said so many years ago. However, I know
nothing about many of the other things I hear about, and I have no opinion to give,
because the Friends did not mention them. For instance, I know nothing about the
crop circles. The Friends told us a lot and yet they told us only a very small part of
what they knew, including what they knew about the activities of other populations
among us.

Actually, I find it hard enough to understand and “digest” the events I saw
and those the Friends spoke about, let alone all the rest they could have told us…
However, I believe they gave me the essentials in order to understand and orient
myself, things that are true and not just “information”.
I say that these things are true because I had a personal relationship with the Friends
and had the strong feeling that they were telling me the truth such as when you feel
that your best friend or your lover is telling you the truth. This has been the luck in my
life: thanks to that personal relationship, I was and am able to trust, in a field where
trusting is quite difficult.

 Today, so-called “objective” evidence (pictures, etc.) can be
altered or created by means of technology, so the factor of personal reliable witness
is even more important than in the past.
Compared with all the other populations visiting the Earth, the Friends have a quite
peculiar and precious characteristic to offer us: they have a very special and close
connection with the subtle levels that regulate the destiny of the Earth and with what
they call the Soul of the Universe, beyond the physical or phenomenal level. Thus,
the Friends have a sort of general control over everything that occurs, but they are
only allowed to intervene under particular conditions. Everything happens as in an
extremely elaborate chess game, with rules that I cannot even touch upon here.

The Friends refer to themselves not as belonging to the world of the Spirit, but as
those who "come just after the world of the Spirit". They also say they are the
"forerunners of the world of the Spirit". In other words, they place themselves as
intermediaries between us and the world of the Spirit.

Compared with the science and technology of the other extraterrestrial populations,
the Friends’ science and technology is quite different and singular, because it is
shaped upon the laws of the world of the Spirit. It is a science and technology that
has no connection at all with ours, including the most innovative aspects of our
quantum physics. Yet, the Friends also have another and more “usual”science
and Creative Commons 
technology, which they tried partially to share with us, especially in the field of
electromagnetism. But this aroused feelings of avidity, possession, competition and
omnipotence in us, so the Friends retired from this sharing project.

The Friends have won a great war in the Universe against the Evil populations, but
the game on the Earth is still completely open. Both the minds of us terrestrials in the
group, forever linked to the Friends by an ancient pact, and the minds of the
terrestrials whom we address,  as is happening now are involved in this war.

In fact,this war also takes place in our most intimate spheres and on levels that we are
unaware of, which makes the whole matter very difficult and hard to express.
Rationality is essential, but it is not enough to explain phenomena, interactions and
consequences that are beyond all that society and knowledge science
have accustomed and conditioned us to.

Indeed, the rationality which is needed in order to
cope with this “story” and its implications, is by far richer and more elaborate than the
rationality that our scientists normally use. It is also by far richer and more elaborate
than the rationality which is involved in philosophical systems such as Buddhism with
its cause effect law. Indeed, the latter only represents one piece of an overall
explanation that is enormously more complex and articulated.

The “teachings” of the Friends have not yet been divulged, but when they are - they
will allow us to deal with this intricate conceptual and experiential muddle with a new

TRANSCENDENCE of what we also call “God” is at the very core of the teachings of
the Friends. This should not be confused with the Soul
of the Universe mentioned above. Here, we have the
very opposite of pantheism. For now, however, I am
obliged to stop here, though this is by far the most
important point and the main reason for the Friends’
presence among us, as they themselves told us.

The picture shown here was made with a Polaroid in the
’60s. It represents the fundamental aspect of the
relationship between our group and the Friends. The
picture reproduces the projection of a giant’s subtle
body. What is significant is the emphasis of the heart
area as the central part, which means that Love is the
most important thing for human beings, both terrestrial
and extraterrestrial.

UREDDA -  in one of the Friends’ languages is
the energy that is produced by the
Love between people, particularly between the Friends and our group, following a
pact between them and us and the many events that brought us together.
UREDDA is a kind of energy, but the Friends are not the worshippers of Energy, as
other populations are. The Friends follow Love, which is also the source of good
energies such as UREDDA, but is itself beyond any energy.

Thanks to special instruments that work on the subtle levels (there are tens of subtle
levels), the Friends transform UREDDA into other energies and objects, even the
oxygen they breathe in their underground and undersea bases. If UREDDA is
lacking, the Friends die for they have chosen to be vulnerable out of Love. Moreover,
the Friends chose to be dependent upon material help (food, mainly fruits and
vegetables) that we provided for them. This occurred by means of remote control
dematerializations, that I personally saw and was involved in so many times over the
We called them “the Friends’ pickups”.

Even tons of food at a time were
dematerialized, at a distance of one meter (three feet) from our eyes and
immediately afterwards were rematerialized inside the Friends’ bases. In other
cases, using the same system the Friends would send us large or small objects, that
were materialized under our very eyes.

In order to be allowed to stay here with us, the Friends were obliged to accept the
law of Time and especially the law of Having that regulate the destiny of our planet.
If one ignores or does not fully understand THE FRIENDS’ VOLUNTARY LOVING
DEPENDENCE UPON THE LAW OF HAVING (upon our thoughts and actions in the
end), one cannot grasp the true meaning of the “story” as it occurred, and will not be
prepared if the “story” occurs again perhaps
even in a more widespread form.

Today, the new so-called “postmodern”paradigms of terrestrial knowledge, adding
to the paradoxes of quantum physics, open people’s minds to accept that reality may
not be what it appears to be, or not just what it appears to be. The idea that we may
be like children who are playing inside a room and are unaware of all the events that
are occurring around them, even unaware of all the other contents of the room itself,
except the toys, today may appear less absurd than it did in the past. However, the
true acceptation not just at a playful or virtual level, but at a level of real awareness of
an extraterrestrial world among us, still represents a mind-blowing
anthropological and cognitive revolution much more so than the Copernican revolution.

Just as an example, in the past, hundreds of millions of years ago, on the Earth there were six
civilizations, which were even more advanced than ours and which disappeared, due
to their own fault. This is also a threat to us today. The Friends, who saw our self-destructive
past with sorrow, don’t want it to be repeated again. They are able to help
us and do so, but they are obliged to operate within restrictions and conditions that
are imposed by the subtle levels of the Earth and of our Universe.

Incidentally, all of us completely ignore the existence of these restrictions and conditions.
Such is the complexity of the variables involved, that the Friends never predicted
anything about “disclosure day”
. I never heard them speak about 2012, that so many
people mention. Instead, they said they would come back again among us. Those
like myself (one of the very few of us still alive) made a special agreement with the
Friends, swearing a solemn oath of reciprocal allegiance which still binds us though
so many years have passed since then. But I do not know if and when they will be
back. Or, maybe, they are already back and are at work with other terrestrials in
some other part of the world. I do not know if they will contact me. I do not believe so.

I think that my only task which incidentally, the Friends themselves - told me a long
time ago - is to recount these things that I have now begun to tell Mr. Nikola Duper.

At the end of the ’40s, the Friends offered their collaboration to the head of the USA
Administration. In exchange, they asked that the nuclear weaponry program be given
up. But their offer and request were rejected, and other extraterrestrial populations
have been collaborating with the USA and other Powers. The results of this have
been highly negative, and still weigh heavily on our collective destiny.

One of the reasons there are others which delay disclosure, is the fact that the USA
Administration should assume responsibility before the whole planet for having
refused a vital collaboration and for having activated another highly negative one,
exclusively for the sake of power and domination, lying to citizens and covering up
for decades. (more)

Following the American politico military refusal, the Friends undertook the strategy
consisting in confidential contacts with small groups of terrestrials, trying to
emphasize the quality of human personal relationships, the value of Love and
UREDDA, rather than quantity and visibility.

However, even these qualitative contacts failed to give the expected fruits, so today it
is necessary to start again. With the Friends, however, there is never a definitive
defeat, because their resources are quite extraordinary. When the Friends lose a
battle, the reason is that we lost it, and they have to lose it with us and pay with us
and for us, submitting to the laws of our subtle levels.

In November 1978 our lack of UREDDA towards the Friends caused the death of many of them, and their
momentary defeat by the enemy population called CTR a
defeat that the Friends had predicted and considered a foregone event. However, the situation is still

The adventure of the Friends with us is an extraordinary hidden drama, with
unforeseeable events partially unforeseeable for the Friends too, due to the
incredible complexity of the variables involved and to the imponderability of free
choice. The Friends have an infinite respect for people’s free will.
Everyday, terrestrial collaborators of the Friends and terrestrial collaborators of
populations who are enemies of the Friends (and thus are our own enemies) silently
fight with each other. The enemies are trying to conquer our planet in a very gradual
and seemingly painless way, most of all working over our minds.

 Unfortunately, this is not science fiction.
If only it were so! Unfortunately, this is not paranoia. If only it were so!

However, just hinting at these subjects leads to the discrediting of the person who
says or writes them; and this is a powerful weapon in the hands of those who want to
harm us. Mental and social conditionings in this field are extremely strong. It is easy
to discredit anyone, whatever their social or cultural position, if one has strong
motivations to do so. If someone has had highly secret experiences, such as this with
the Friends, and then “strangely” obtained an important position within society and is
respected as a reliable person, they fear to be discredited, if they reveal their secret.

Moreover, they fear that speaking out will discredit the thing itself. They know that
those conditionings will be stronger anyway than their social or cultural position and
the esteem they have gained over a whole life time. So, they keep silent, while they
would desire to speak only the truth, without wanting anything for themselves. But
others speak - others who do not know the truth or do not want the truth to be known.

They speak out of self-promotion or for profit, and they do not risk being discredited,
because they have nothing to be discredited for. Today this happens in every
country, and is fully exploited by all the people and institutions that do not want
disclosure to occur. What actually happens, is that people either tend not to really
believe “revelations”, or else they fool themselves into believing, or at most they
suspend their judgment, knowing that those “revelations” come from people who aim
at self-promotion or profit and do not fear being discredited.

I shall try to provide a systematic and point articulated exposition, as soon as
possible. The global scenario is extremely complex, as it also includes the presence
and activities of the other extraterrestrial populations among us. However, if we
consider this scenario under the perspective that the Friends offer us, at least we
have a connecting thread and a general sense. This is possible because the Friends’
perspective is a privileged one, because of their very special relationship with the
subtle levels and the Soul of the Universe. Under any other perspective the scenario
would not just be too complex it would even be undecipherable, and, in the end, one
of despair.

One of the Sworn Ones (incognito for now) 9

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