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astral travels to pleiadian mothership - shown "film on old Atlantis" there

on the meeting of the US president and the pleiadians;

a worker on a pole saw the meeting- as told in this videoconferance

(her pdf av TILBAKA TILL ATLANTIS, av m.stjerna)

this following extracts regarding, here specially Atlantis -  is taken from a book made out of conscious -  with full memory - of nightly Astral journeys to alleged Pleiadean mothership, where she was educated and shown a lot of interesting things.  Much of this is claimed to have taken place from ca 1990 and forward. The books name is The Mothership Chronicles - A Wider World of Hope and Joy, and author is JANE EGAN,  and book published in 2001.



The "film" from Atlantis

“….There were other people from Earthspace waiting in the small theater(aboard the ship). It was mostly white with decorative pillars placed here and there around the sidewalls. I waited for the lights to dim, as I was used to in movie theaters, but they never did.

Suddenly ahead of me appeared a wide avenue that stretched into a city. It was beautiful and bright. A lovely young woman with brown hair who was wearing a costume draped in the style of the Roman toga came down the avenue and faced us.

“Welcome to Atlantis!” she began. “We are pleased to share the information about Atlantis with the people of the future. It is important to understand that the civilization of Atlantis did not just happen. It was planned and nurtured for millennia.

“When the hierarchy of the Great Ones first looked down upon the Earth, they saw that the Earth itself was very beautiful, but that most of the people who lived on Earth were very primitive. They lived from hand to mouth. They also lived in great fear. They were afraid of animals and, to some extent, they were afraid of one another.

“This fear was eating into what little intellect that they had and each generation was less capable of managing its affairs than the previous generation.

“It was then that the Great Ones from other star systems looked down with great compassion from the higher dimensions. They decided to take action to assist in the development of mankind. This was a great sacrifice for them, because they had to step down their vibrations so that they could even tolerate the atmosphere of the earth and its lower vibrations.

“They were very much aware of the magnetic hues of the Earth.  These lines encircled the Earth and acted to keep it together, to stabilize it. Imagine for a moment the Earth looking like one of the balls that is used in sports, the soccer ball for instance.  It is composed of many plates held together with strong seams in between.  These seams are like the magnetic lines of the Earth and where they cross one another they became twice as powerful.

“It was near one of these power spots that the Great Ones decided to establish a colony. This power spot enabled them to exist on the Earth, because the vibrations there were higher. They began to project Love unto the surrounding countryside, to overwhelm and burn up the fear that hung in the very atmosphere.  In place of the fear, there began to develop a curiosity among the humans instead.  In times to come, this would lead to a natural development of the intellect.

“Mankind at that time had such a limited vision that the colony of the Great Ones simply appeared as a great glowing light on the landscape. Humanity was fascinated by this light and was comforted by it, but they were afraid to come very close to it.

“So in the colony of the Great Ones, the beings realized that some of their beings would have to step down their vibrations even further so that they would appear to be more like mankind. They would appear as the gentle teacher and would help mankind raise itself above its almost animal existence.

“By ones and twos, the beings ventured away from the colony. They were able to create hoes and spades using just the power of their thought. They began to work a space of land and planted tomatoes squashes, potatoes and beets.  Later they planted wheat, rye and other grains. These crops took more time to harvest and to thresh out the grain but they were more long lasting than the softer fruits and vegetables which humanity had simply been able to pick from the forest.

“As curiosity overcame their fear, various members of mankind drew near, first watching from a distance. Then they began to learn how to plant foods for themselves. This was the first great step in extending civilization to the people of the Earth in Atlantis. Starvation was soon a thing of the past and the next step in civilization could be introduced.”

As our guide explained these developments, we were seeing the landscape change from a tangled jungle to a patchwork of pleasant gardens and farms with picturesque round houses, often made of mud and topped with hats of grass.

“As one man developed a surplus from his garden, he learned to barter with his neighbor. Soon after this innovation developed, there gradually appeared small villages that dotted the landscape.

“The Great Ones had been holding a pattern of Love and Beauty and projecting it to the Earth in an ever widening circle. However, although mankind had become more peaceful and settled, their intellect had not developed to the same degree. After much discussion, the Great Ones decided to try an experiment to raise the intellect of mankind. Some of the genes of the Great Ones would be donated and integrated into mankind.

“Mankind was surveyed and some of the most intelligent of the females were identified. Their confidence was cultivated by Some of the males of the Great Ones. This included teaching the Women to raise their expectations for their children to have a better life.  It was only then, and with their full consent and understanding, that these women were impregnated by the males of the Great Ones.

“The males then agreed to remain on Earth to become husbands to the women and the teachers of their offspring. This would be a great sacrifice, because most of them relinquished the right to return to the original colony.

“These men were given great respect and honor because of their decision to remain on Earth to become husbands to the women who would become the mothers of their children.

“They were reminded: 'In making this decision, you will become fully human, you will be subject to the normal human process of aging. You will  relinquish  the privilege of rejuvenation of the body that has been available to all here in the Colony of Love and Light. In addition, you will have to allow your bodies to die. Your Soul will pass over onto the realms of Spirit where we will welcome you back most hearthy. However, you must then be born into human bodies again. Much of the memory of your existence in the realm of spirit will be erased when you are born again on Earth. You will be allowed to keep vague memories of your former existence for a few short years, but as you get the ability to run and play, you will have to surrender even these memories, so that your human playmates can accept you as one of them as you grow to maturity.

'some things you will allowed to keep, even as an Earthling. You will have a hunger for learning. You will have a great curiosity about everything that you see. You will want to understand how and why it works. You will be taught by your Brothers and Sisters of the Colony of Love and Light, who still remain here sustaining the power of love and Light. Sometimes this teaching will be done on the Inner levels or in dreams. At other times, you will be taught by someone who suddenly appears and may seem to be another human like yourself. They will be there to teach both you and your fellow humans at the same time.  Thus you will quickly be able to help in the uplifting of humanity.

'It will sometimes be difficult for you at times, because those who study and struggle with you will be discouraged at how quickly you learn from the teacher compared to how long it takes them to comprehend the same information. You may find envy and jealousy projected at you. Do not lash out, but treat all persons with kindness and understanding. Help those who are not able to grasp the information as quickly as you can.

'In your life upon the Earth, you are to become a model of manhood, strong but protective. You will be respected by your sons and be an inspiration to your daughters. Later, when they are old enough to comprehend, you can tell them of your journey from the stars - to live on Planet Earth.

'Then it will be time to take your places as the teachers of others of mankind, ever inspiring, gently guiding, and teaching them to restrain their baser instincts. As they strive for a finer quality of life, begin to teach them the crafts of creating useful and decorative items. Then teach the arts of creating objects of beauty and inspiration, and teach them the harmony of music and singing, and the joy and upliftment of dance.

'Because of this they will raise their eyes to the heavens to wonder about the lives of the Great Ones which they will then be able to sense. Educate them as to the possibilities, the wonderful possibilities enjoyed by the Great Ones, which can also become available to whomever of mankind wishes to attain the mastery of them.

'These noble goals will take time, in some cases, many lifetimes of your own, to achieve.  For your dedication and concern for mankind, we of the Colony of Love and Light give you great honor and respect. You go forth to Earth with our blessings. We leave you with the reminder that we will always be available to assist you if you should ask for it. In the asking for assistance, you will be able to convey to mankind that we are also available to help any and all of them who ask, but that it must be their decision.

'Now go down to Earth and may your forthcoming amnesia/ memory loss, be blessed with aspirations to return to us intact, unblemished by the scars of Earth.'

“So saying, the Honored Ones departed for many lifetimes upon the Earth. They have been the real civilization makers. You who are viewing this story of the early days of Atlantis, may well have been one of them. If you have experienced a longing to return to some distant place, but you are just not sure where it is that you want to go, it is all right. Your many lifetimes have put you on the path of remembrance and return. Be grateful for the memories that are now beginning to awaken in your hearts. Yes, that is where your soul resides, and when it aches, it is your heart-soul who is remembering its former existence.

“This is enough for one session, child of Earth. Think about what you have just heard. Return at another time and learn of your past and of your future as well.” The lovely lady who was our guide from Atlantis smiled at us and waved a farewell as the video faded and we returned to an awareness of ourselves in the theater. As I looked around I saw that there was more than one eye that glistened with the tears of remembrance.

It was now time for me to return to my physical body' upon Planet Earth and to digest what I had just learned: That we are NOT alone, and that, in truth



From Chapter 8



 The next evening I was ready and waiting at the small theatre room, anxious to learn more about Atlantis. To think that those souls who helped bring civilization to Atlantis so many thousands of years ago could have come from other star systems was mind boggling. My mind was constantly being stretched in new ways on my visits to the mothership.

Somewhere the third dimensional television program about Atlantis began again.  Or maybe it was a hologram.   The introductory music sounded like trees rustling in the forest. There was the sound of water rushing down a small streamlet, gurgling over stones as it went. This time the lovely lady who was our guide to Atlantis walked out of a sunlit forest glade.

She continued her narrative: “The story which you saw before was greatly compressed in time. It actually took many thousands of years for humanity to develop into civilized human beings. Some learned faster than others.

“When the representatives of the Great Ones from the other star systems had agreed to come down to live on Planet Earth, there was much uplifting energy focused on each one. This was intended to cheer them up during their difficult assignments as fully established human beings upon the Earth. During their first few lifetimes, these special representatives did NOT remember any of their previous experiences in the Colony of Love and Light. Before they incarnated on Planet Earth they had agreed that this kind of amnesia was necessary for them to integrate into the general population.

“The most notable thing about all of them was their hunger for knowledge. Through the help of the Great Ones from the Stars they were given the inspiration of creating a method of writing. The new humanity that emerged was overjoyed at this newfound ability. They began working to create books filled to the brim with information of the culture they formed themselves in.     This would preserve information for those who would come after them.” As she spoke there appeared pictures of people reading books at long tables.

“These Starseed would often receive information and encouragement in their dreams, so that they would have the courage and initiative to develop the trappings of civilization in the face of the great inertia upon the Earth.

“The Great Ones from the Colony of Love and Light continued focusing the highest vibrations of peace and harmonv throughout the land. As soon as humanity was ready for it some additional members of the colony made the decision to lower their vibrations somewhat so that they could exist on the Earth and provide more direct guidance and inspiration to all of humanity. This was how the civilization of Atlantis began.

“It was created in the middle of a great land which existed between what you now call the Old World and the New World. Within it they created an island surrounded by water in a moat. There were four bridges that were attuned to the four cardinal directions.  There they built their temple with the highest of vibrations and there they lived. The ordinary level of humanity could only see them as a great light but they sensed the wisdom and power that emanated from them and the island where they lived.

“The education of humanity continued for many thousands of years and many lifetimes.  In order to make living less difficult for all of humanity, they created a crystal of great power which began to be used for energy and power for humanity to use. Beyond the water filled moat, they built an island ring. Those of humanity who had more advanced knowledge and vibrations could live and work there.

“The average human being could not tolerate even this higher level of vibration for very long at a time. They could be near the great city center, but they were not yet able to stand the high level of vibrations for very long at a time.” The glowing island in the center and the ring of land around it, had a pearlescent glow. This gave them both a misty look so that they looked surreal.

She continued, “The Colony began establishing schools for all the people. The people were carefully taught subjects that made them useful members of society.  It was considered important that they be taught to be responsible citizens, caring for their neighbors when they were sick.  They also learned about their origins as individual outpourings of the Source of All That Is. Much time was spent teaching what you might consider to be philosophy, morality, and responsibility to the community.

“Over many lifetimes these schools gradually evolved into Universities where healing of the body and mind was taught, where chemistry, physics and the laws of the universe were explained. The Arts were not neglected either. Painting, interior decoration, architecture and music were added to the curriculum as subjects when students appeared who were capable of assimilating them.

“Craftsmen's guilds were established at an early stage on Atlantis so that a master craftsman could take in apprentices for a period of time. He taught them his secrets of the arts. These different guilds included fine gold-working, jewelry making, woodworking, fine pottery making, and glass blowing. In turn the apprentices promised not to divulge these secrets to those outside the master's shop or the guild.  The purpose of this secrecy was so that the quality of work could be maintained, and the marketplace would not be diluted by items of careless workmanship. This way the quality was assured. It also assured that a master craftsman had enough work to do and had enough items to sell so they could live in comfort and plan for their retirement.

“After a period of time had passed, an apprentice who was working for a master craftsman who had come in as an unskilled beginner might be allowed to set up a separate shop of his own.

(He had to apply for permission from both the master whom he worked for and the guild to which he belonged. In the future he would always be subject to the regulations of the other members of that specialized guild.) The apprentice then became a master craftsman himself.  They were allowed to take on a certain number of apprentices themselves to teach the correct methods of creation of their particular craft.  These plans fulfilled the needs of the growing civilization.  The important things the guilds did, was to allow specialization in each craft, maintain high levels of quality and leisure that there was sufficient income for each person who worked in that craft.


“As they neared the end of their lifetime, the master craftsman usually selected someone to take his place in the future. Usually this was a son or close relative that would take over the responsibilities of the master at his death. It was important that the standards of artistry and creation be maintained. These standards had been taught by the Great Ones when the guilds were first established. They had been established with much hard work and struggle on the part of humanity and were to be guarded from degradation from within.

“Specialization became a fact of life. At the same tune, the general publics appreciation for the items that the guilds had created was very great. Much money was exchanged for these items, as even those who did not know how to do this work, appreciated the quality of the work that was produced.

“Healing temples of various kinds were established where people came to have their physical bodies cleansed of disease. There was just as much attention paid to those of humanity who had emotional difficulties including selfishness, greed, and hunger for power over their fellow man. Laziness was considered to be an illness and people were brought here to have it treated.  There was counseling and also treatment of the centers of the brain by rays of light and special energy, to eliminate attitudes of slothfulness.”

The video showed persons seated, wearing helmets that had numerous wires coming out of them. The healers attending them were watching video monitors of the brain activity. Then the scene shifted to where other individuals were on a moving table that passed through a cavity in a large machine. This was a lot like the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment we have today on Earth. This focused various kinds of energy on the whole body to remove toxins from the physical body and also to remove toxic thoughts.

“When the individuals had learned to be responsible members of the community, they were returned to take their proper place in their community again.  Everyone rejoiced at their return.

“At the same time that the arts were being taught Great Love was being beamed on all of the surrounding humanity. They were taught how to get along with one another, using a political organization whose philosophy was that of genuine concern for their fellow man. The people learned that the only way to have an advanced society, was to have laws, and to understand the punishments for breaking these laws. There was not the motivation to get around the laws because they represented justice, and an organized society.

As a result, those who did commit crimes were considered to be in.  After being taken into custody, they were given considerable training in responsibility. There came into being certain specialized temples, where the maladies of the mind and criminal tendencies were removed.  In addition to counseling, the bodies of these people underwent the projection of various frequencies, intended to balance the brain permanently towards higher qualities and the greater good of society.

“People with afflictions of the body were cared for in a number of creative ways. Light and Sound were used to heal the body, along with the release of unnecessary pressure, which is sometimes called stress. People were taught which foods to eat so that the proper nutrition of the body was met. These were mostly simple foods, raw foods, as fresh as possible. Truly, they were taught that they must eat well that they might live well.

“Many people were taught about the healing powers in herbs. They were sent back to their homes to teach others that everything that grew around them had a purpose.  Often a healing purpose could be discovered in some unlovely but very useful plants previously thought of as weeds. This is the only time that people taught each other without constant monitoring by the Great Ones.  the plants themselves would teach the student of the lore of plants. the method either worked or it didn’t. It either made them better or it made them worse. the plants were excellent teachers in their own right.'

the video showed open shelters which had bundles of herbs tied on strings and hanging from the rafters to dry in the open air and shade. A woman walked among them checking to see how the drying process was proceeding.

“The Great Ones sometimes shared information about the rejuvenation of the physical body.  Many people were fair to look upon because the healers were able to bring out the best appearance in everyone.  When they were healed of physical problems, people took their rightful places in a productive society again. To do others, would have been unthinkable.

“Because of all these teachings, peace reigned on Atlantis for thousands of years. Emissaries from many lands on the Earth came to study the methods used on Atlantis.   Atlantis was considered by some of the civilizations on other planets, among the stars - to be a Golden Land. For this reason even representatives from other planets in other star systems who arrived in lighter than air craft, visited Atlantis to study this social experiment. they all returned to their home with ideas to be incorporated into their own cultures.”'

She shifted our attention to a beautiful pink limestone building in the distance. “the whole concept of Architecture was planned to help harmonize the body. Round buildings work best for this, as energy does not get stuck in the corners of a room.  Even in your society of today, governments have not forgotten this concept and their highest assembly halls in the land are usually round. This concept is also still held by some of the native cultures as well in building their dwellings and community halls.

“A building that is useful should be beautiful as well. With the power crystal in operation governing the weather, most of the continent of Atlantis was in a temperate climate. Therefore many of the buildings were painted white or pastel colors to reflect the heat of the sun during the day. Some of them had a gold trim painted at the roofline.”

The demeanor of the narrator changed and she spoke on a more personal basis.  “Now let me take you into one of our Temples of Healing and show you a ceremony which is in progress,” She led the way up steps to a beautiful open portico of around temple. The doors opened inside the temple to a large open room. There were doors all around the circumference, to other smaller assembly rooms. The room was painted white and decorated with pink and gold trim and even some crystalline material was in evidence. (insert picture)


I sat bolt upright in my seat.  It suddenly looked very familiar.

In the center of the room was a long marble table supported by a single round tapered pedestal. “This is the Transition Table. This method of treatment was developed here in Atlantis, we are happy to say. Atlantis is greatly respected for having it located here.”

In addition to being a work of art, the table radiated power. Obviously it was the center of attention for the whole building. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I lost track of what the lady was saying.

My memory began to fade as I suddenly returned back to the physical world of Earth.  A loud noise outside my bedroom window had summoned my body back to my place on Earth. I Was now wide awake. I found myself thinking back over the Temple and its ceremony, very often long after the video was over.

 One evening during meditation down in Earthspace, with a group of other people, a vision came to me. It was so very real, so full of vibrant colors.

I saw a ceremony of Transition like what I had seen in the video of ancient Atlantean Times. Those conducting the ceremony, were also my friends in the present day. However they had also been the ones who had acted as Priestess and Priest in ancient Atlantis.

the room was circular and it had indirect lighting that had a pearlescent quality to it. There was a table in the center of the room that was draped in royal purple with a gold fringe. (The purpose of this was to cover a warming pad that would heat the marble table underneath it to body temperature.)

the individual who had decided that their life's purpose had been served, or whose physical body was worn out beyond the level of comfort, had made arrangements to make their transition into spirit here. Selected members of the family were invited. Usually this was limited to not more than three to 10 people who could be present.  They met with the individual in a small reception room off the large circular room. There they had a chance to say their goodbyes, in truth it was Bon Voyage, to the individual. It was a joyous occasion, not a sad one.

The individual had a small chest or jewel box with them. They opened it and in it were favorite bracelets, rings, or pendants worn during their lifetime. The individual presented these as individual gifts to those gathered there. They said that they had no use for these treasures of Earth in the place where they were going. Each family member or friend received these gifts with great joy and hugs shared. It was optional as to whether the group would share a sip of wine from the same cup all around, but there was no food eaten. (That would make the transition too difficult to accomplish.)

Then the individual went to a special shower room and took a shower. Afterwards they were given a soft blue towel to dry off with and told to remember that color and to take the memory of that color with them into the ceremony. They were helped into a simple white cotton shift. (Actually it was simply a bug piece of fabric seamed at the sides with a hole cut out for the neck. The only adornment on it was a frog type closing at chest level that had the looped design that is popular in the Orient.

They were escorted out to the center of the room where the table was. As soon as they began walking to the center of the room, beautiful ethereal music began playing softly, seeming to come from all sides of the room and from overhead.

The friends and family were allowed to enter the large circular room but they were instructed to stay outside the perimeter marked by a stripe on the floor. This mark defined the extent to which the forthcoming energies would extend. This was allowed so they could stay and watch the ceremony if they desired to do so.

The purple covering was pulled off of the table and the individual was assisted to lie down on the marble table. (It was now at body temperature so there would be no shock to the system of the individual lying on it.) The attendants then retreated from the table.

Then the Priestess and Priest of that temple came out. They were both dressed in long white robes. They began invoking the Light of Spiritual Life to come down and focus on the individual. The Priestess gently laid her hands on the individual's chest while she prayed quietly for peace and light to enter the individual's body. There was the fragrance of sacred incense as the Priest invoked words of power in ancient rituals. He used the ankh in the rituals of times gone by, passing it over the individual from head to foot.

Insert pict of ankh 

The individual lying on the table was totally at peace and in joy as they were being attended by the two persons who would 'midwife' them into Spirit. Slowly there appeared more light in the room. It poured onto the individual lying on  the table. The person became lighter and lighter and finally they appeared to glow. they were at utter peace. the music continued as did the quiet prayers and rituals of the two – priest and priestess. Nothing else was heard. The individual on the table continued to glow with more and more light.

To those who had the inner sight there began to become visible, white robed figures descending to stand next to the Priestess and Priest and the individual on the table. As the light increased it became harder and harder to see the individual and the figures of the angels and their guides who had come to meet the individual.

Soon nothing but a white mist was visible. gradually the mist rose.   It passed through the ceiling. When it had disappeared, there was nothing left on the table  not the individual, nor their clothing. Everything had been “translated into Light as they Made their transition. the music gradually faded into the background and the friends and family stirred and turned to leave the circular room.

The Priestess and Priest, dressed in their white robes remained in meditation, standing on either side of the table until all of the family members remaining had departed.  They completed the final ritual to clear the table of the energies of the Transition just completed.  They then brought down the high level of spiritual energies that had been used in the ceremony for Transition and which had been anchored to the table.

I was in awe as I witnessed this ancient ceremony which was once used in Atlantis with the full awareness and consent of the individual. What Made it even more awe inspiring was that my two friends from 20th Century Earth were recast in their original roles from Atlantis. I spoke with each of them later and they both confirmed that they remembered that in ancient times they had performed such a ceremony.

Note: The vision of this ceremony took place in my meditation down here in Earthspace on January 27, 1995.



Chapter 10


 This time when I went back to the Mothership I was ready to go back to the theatre with three-dimensional video. I wanted to see more about the legendary continent of Atlantis. I had seen the first pains of its story about its rise to glory, but I had needed some time to digest the information about that society called Atlantis which reached such heights of peace and technology here on the Earth.

Only now are there larger segments of our present society on Earth who are beginning to think about the potential of Atlantis as a historical fact. Many years ago Atlantis was thought to be just a charming fable, a legend lost in the mists of time.

Edgar Cayce, the 20th century visionary, did as much to break through our consciousness as anyone could as to the reality of Atlantis. His readings on file at the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) at Virginia Beach, Virginia contain many references to people who once lived in Atlantis. He even refers to a lifetime of his own as the high priest, Ra-Ta who lived his final years in Egypt after the fall of Atlantis.

It was in 1934 that Cayce made his famous prediction “In 1958, Atlantis shall begin to rise again.' There are interesting tidbits in the newspapers now and then about domed buildings being seen in the clear waters off the shores of Bimini. Other news items say divers have seen evidence of great stone roads that may extend for miles on the ocean floor in this same area.

As for me, I have a strong affinity for Atlantis. Sometimes I even have flashbacks of lifetimes spent in Atlantis. I believe that I worked in the healing temples there during several of my past lifetimes.

But let me go back to the theatre aboard the Mothership. This time the lovely lady who had been our guide in the 3D videos of Atlantis, came down a beautiful white walkway. She wore a costume like the ancient Greek cultures with colorful embroidered bands around a pastel dress.

In the background were the shipping ports with great ships of unusual design.  Aircraft were busily taking off vertically from the tops of buildings. Some of these aircraft were round and had no wings. They looked a lot like what we would call the flying saucers of today.

“What you see before you was the culmination of thousands of years of development by the Atlanteans. It was truly a land of plenty. They had mastered the control of weather. Because of this, most of the land was in a temperate zone. Therefore two crops a year could be grown, and there was no cause for any famine in the land.

“There was time for leisure, and so many of the arts flourished.   Books of great literary merit and important philosophy abounded.  There were paintings in all public buildings and many in private homes. Drama, theatre, comedy, and song and dance flourished as well.

pictures below of damanhur-artist that alleged made an time/astral-travel to A. to view the art

the harbour area

“Lest you think these last things might be frivolous, they were NOT !

The various dramas depicted both the past history of Atlantis and how different people had learned to become finer human beings, more spiritually developed. Comedy offers the healing balm of laughter, which is always welcome and lightens people's hearts. The dance and its movement involved people in the physical expression of the spiritual evolvement.  Many festivals made use of dance and included many of the cities population in the dance and the costumes. For a moment in time they could transcend being an ordinary person. They could become someone far more spiritual.

“The Great Ones who had come to the Earth so many years ago still lived in the central colony of Atlantis.  They were Pleased at the development of humanity.  Many more of the people could approach this island and its crystal core of power for the whole land, without any in effects. As they developed and were able to participate, the Great Ones welcomed them.

However, there were some human beings who found that the peace and tranquility which existed over Atlantis, didn’t offer enough of a challenge for them.  They felt that the average person took them for granted. They didn’t feel that they were appreciated for their great power and knowledge that they had studied so long and hard to achieve. They wanted something more!

“They wanted power!” she said.  As we heard this, the usually benign sky over Atlantis, faded into a dull grey, as if it was a storm warning. “They had achieved a high state of scientific knowledge, but there were those among the scientists and engineers, who believed that they were not being accorded the respect that they deserved because of their great knowledge. There were others who understood where everyone fitted in the scheme of things in the peaceful society of Atlantis. They were called the followers of the Law of One, representing society’s interconnectedness. They tried to explain this to the disgruntled scientists.  Their arguments fell on deaf ears.  These power hungry scientists positioned themselves for the control of the weather and the magnetism of the Earth. These were followers of Belial.

'Their fellow scientists begged them to leave well enough alone, but to no avail. Some of the scientists of the Law of One understood the implications of what the scientists who had become drunk with power might do. They decided that the only thing to do was to assemble their families and quietly form a number of groups of artisans, scientists and educators. These groups would become colonies in far off lands. They planned to migrate to other lands before the elaborate tinkering with the controls of the Great Crystal caused havoc in the land of Atlantis.  There were other problems that these scientists had created in their relations with a civilization on the other side of the planet, called Mu or Lemuria.

“One by one each group of colonists left quietly at night. One group secretly headed for Egypt.  In order to avoid discovery as they traveled at night they used oars and muscle power rather than the power emanating from the great power crystal of Atlantis. Their voyage took several weeks, what with the necessity for traveling at night.  Edgar Cayce in his incarnation as Ra-Ta and his group reached Egypt just before the great tidal wave from the sinking of Atlantis came washing back up the Nile River.

“They brought the seeds of a great civilization to Egypt which we have records of to this day. Some of the other groups reached the safety of other lands, but many did not. Edgar Cayce reported about this on his life as Ra-Ta in Egypt in his readings about Atlantis.  This accounts for many of the similarities in pyramids and other artifacts found in the lands on both sides of the Atlantic, - The Yucatan, Egypt and the civilization known as Angkor Wat. They all had their roots in Atlantis.

“This also became the time known as Noah and the Flood. These waters roared around the earth and washed away much of the history of the civilization called Atlantis. The few survivors who had escaped, were horror stricken at what had happened, speechless and unable to describe what had taken place. Most of them had no understanding of the reasons for the event. Therefore the history of Atlantis sank under the sea, and legends sprang up about a beautiful continent of long ago which existed where the mighty ocean waves are rolling now. The majority of people were reduced to a primitive style of living.  To their children, their stories of a great civilization seemed unbelievable. Their children simply didn’t believe the tales their parents told them.

 All of a sudden a flashback came to me about Atlantis. I found myself being dragged across the floor on my knees. I was a young woman who was hanging onto the robes of the man of the household.  I knew that he was my husband and was an electronics engineer and knew the secrets of the great crystal that created the power that was sent through all the lands of Atlantis.

“No! No!” I begged “Do not do this! Stop this madness!”             

The man paid no attention to me, dragging me behind him as he headed for the door. My knees bumped on the tiles of the floor. “I'll show them! I'll make some storms the like of which they have never seen! Then they will have to bow down to the knowledge that we have – the knowledge which I HAVE! They won't take us for granted anymore. The people will have to give us more respect when we walk down the street. They will bow down and be grateful for good weather – when it returns again.”

I lost sight of him as he ran across the plaza, his robes flying out behind him as I lay on the floor screaming, “No! No!”

Not long after that the world turned grey, the sky was grey and the houses were grey. I heard people screaming as a great wall of grey water and mud loomed over us all. I was gasping for breath. I was overwhelmed by a huge mudslide. The land had turned to soft plastic before the sea covered it all over. I made the transition into spirit with great sadness, knowing how much we had all lost.

 I have met this man again in this lifetime. Once again he is master of electronics and of crystals. He is an Amateur Radio Operator, a Ham. I would wish that he had learned from that Atlantean experience,  about the  misuses of power and knowledge. I believe that's why he chose this incarnation.

In encountering him again in this lifetime I have released myself from the need for seeking approval from someone else. I have found freedom – and joy!

This is a simplified version of what happened to Atlantis. In actuality there were three civilizations which rose to great technological heights, then fell again, on the islands Atlantis.

They each had to begin again at a very primitive level. The first destruction on Atlantis took place because of the huge animals that roamed the earth. They were a plague to humanity. They ate the crops humanity had planted and sometimes even ate human beings.  These large animals were destroyed using chemical and atomic weapons.   The people had held a conference on Atlantis and developed a plan to use weapons against them all at one time. They used chemical and atomic weapons to destroy the huge animals.  However this calculated destruction actually set in motion the first breakup of Atlantis into separate islands and the first civilization of Atlantis was broken up as well.

Later Atlantis rose again to great spiritual and technological heights.

There are those who say now, that we are the new Atlanteans. We have come back to build a new Atlantis, a great new civilization. It remains to be seen if we can learn to live in harmony and avoid the mistakes of the previous civilizations of Atlantis.


 a alleged map of Atlantis drawn by a norwegian clairvoyant and marked the original and last island


link; Břker og forfattere som omtaler Atlantis


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