"I had responded to an appointment—said Mn. Y…-- The people whom I went to see inspired confidence, and they, in turn, demonstrated confidence in me. They took me with them to BAAVI."
“I understand your reticence, and taking into account your doubts, I don’t know
if you can easily believe something so rare like this, and nevertheless it deals with
an adventure that I have lived in full awareness and all lucidity, and which endured for two months. Thus you know that I have lived two months on BAAVI.”

(quotation from the book)



     Proxima Centauri - ufo-contacts



IN the many contacts of Eduard Meier to the Erra-Pleiadians (Semjase and the others), it came forth that our Earth was colonized together with many of our neigbour-sunsystems in the far past. The suns/stars nearest to our Earth are those in Centauri-system. Those interested in the ufo- contact-cases, have certainly read about Elisabeth Klarers contacts to "Akon" from planet "Meton" - which runs in the second "track" around PROXIMA CENTAURI  in Alfa Centauri. They were among the far colonists on Earth in the past, as they were of the Pleiadian family.

(Link with report on that in English | more |, and Norwegian language,| mer | opens in new windows)


But there is more info on cases to that region in the "near neighborhood" in space. As we have been used to, the indefatigable, honored Wendelle Stevens has searched further, and then again brought forth another book on a contact to one of those planets - called BAAVI, which also is in Proxima Centauri sunsystem.


Link the case of the "Trinidad letter" - which is a contact to people looking just like "scandinavians" - i.m; typical pleiadian colonized planets in the centauri system.


Proxima Centauri


In his book, WS then take in a cut where Eduard ("Billy) Meier and Semjase talks about this subject, which they did on contact 59, 8thjuly-76, ca 2pm. Here he asked Semjase about "ATHAR and KOHUN" - written about in the letter mentioned above, linked. She some surprised confirmed she knew those men.


Another book which WS mention is of the French Robert Charroux:


Here he wrote about his contacts to spacepeople from planet Baavi in Proxima Centauri system. And mentioned his earlier book; "One Hundred Thousand Years of Man’s Unknown History, - of archaeological discoveries tending to prove the existence of superior ancestors and ancient vanished civilizations had prompted these extraterrestrials to enlighten me on man’s real genesis."

And Stevens refer to still another book from 1969, where author Robert Laffont wrote about "monsiour Y's" contacts to the  planet Baavi/Baawi, to where he claimed to have been taken and educated.

 He, means monsieur Y -  had in 1934 been in southern Algeria, in the highlands between the Ighargharem Valley, near the Tassili of Ajjer/Azdjer, and the Issaouan Valley. There he met an old Sahara nomad who told his strange things. He showed him a cave where some old religious, texts were found, and some pages said to have been liferules from "Baavi". MnY later - between 1940 and -45, should have disappeared for 2months, when his fam.thought he was dead. In that time he claim to have been taken to Baavi. He said it had happened by that he had been inspired to take the train to Cosne-sur-Loire,  

and by horsewagon for 2 hours further to "Villaine". At last he had been brought into a spaceship and taken away. Seemingly the spacepeople must have governed the whole happening from the beginning, like they did with Eduard ("Billy) Meier from early childhood, and through his life.


Seems like Robert Laffont had met him and from that he wrote:

"…to all appearances the man is balanced and sensible, taciturn (means of "few words") rather than garrulous (talkative).  He has no wish to make a splash, to impress, to be the center of attention. He is cultured, intelligent, serious minded. Honestly, from our knowledge of him, we were prejudiced in his favour. Everything about him seemed open and sincere, but there was immensity of the whole affair - to visit a planet which is 3,5lighyears distant…"


He was asked - did you touch it (interpreted as the ship -rø) before you got into it?"

"I touched the part where I got in, which was nearly five feet off the ground. I had quite a job to climb aboard."

 He also said:" ….I understand your hesitation and your doubts, and I think your are right. One can't easily believe in anything of that sort. All the same, I am talking about an adventure that I lived through while I was fully conscious, and which lasted for two months. Yes - I spent two months on Baavi. The journey took an hour and a half. Everything happened very quickly, and as far as that is concerned, I must say that consciousness did not come into the question. The machine - the "valid" - I mean - flew more that gravific speed, and then we were in anti-time. I also know the valid accelerated more before, turning and that it changed course 3times on the way from Earth to Alfa Centauri.."


(illustrations not from book)"…on Baavi all human activity is concentrated in a metropolia, -the rest of the planet being left to nature and to the animals, which inhabit it. Men and women are on a footing of absolute equality, and have a lifespan which, though not unlimited, runs to several centuries. Their age is, so to speak, arrested when they attain their majority.


Before becoming full members of society, -young people - as soon as they reach proper age, are expected to make their genetic contribution, whether they are male of female, after that they are sterilized. There is no marriage among the Baavi'ans - love is free in the physical sense, but the fact of indulging in it one or more times a day with one or several women, does not imply any particular feeling of affection or tenderness. Baavi'ans all love each other, without any special preferences. Exceptions are rare - a state of affairs very difficult for us to envisage. They foresee that a great cataclysm will occur on Earth within a comparatively short time, and it seems that the Baavi'ans want to save some part of the human race, possibly with the idea of repopulating the Earth afterwards. "Operation NOAH" - as one might say. This is all we are allowed to publish…."



Else is a description of the spaceship given in the book, and engineers having studied it, said "…the ideas showed genius, but pointed out that there were technical impossibilities, no doubt due to the nature of our scientific system…"


Some of it:

"…in the center of the disk, with a doomed cover above and below, is the navigation cabin…"

"…its reability depends on the one hand upon the grav.galactic waves that vibrate in resonance with the lenses of the disk, and on the other hand, upon a belt of radioactive material, surrounding the central cell of the cabin, that emits unstable nucleons.."

"…the navigation cabin is spherical, transparent from within, but opaque from outside, it is isothermal and resistant to both light rays and radiation, light can be seen from the interior, but this interior is itself dark.

Inside is a central sphere, some 5ft in diam, which contains only the ships instrument, the nav.aids, and protosynthetic machinery. This central sphere is also the actual stabilizing mechanism, it prevents the ship from reacting to any gyrate movements of the disk, which may be caused by cosmic forces or turbulence.

There are 4radius vectors, which are connected to the remote control apparatus, that keeps the sphere in the exact center of the nav.cabin.


"…modification of grav.waves, is effected by 24lenses(12 on either side of the disk) that switch on the apparatus. The various evolutions - starting, sudden stoppage, enormous acceleration -are controlled by a titanium ring "swimming2 in the tube…"

"…grav.power, when used, acts simultaneously on every part of the ship, and on everything within its sphere of influence.."

More is there on the tech  - but this should be enough on this report.



The material that later came from MnY 's contact to those from planet Baawi contained:

§         "An almost complete grammar of the Baavi language.

§         Descriptions of intergalactic space-ships, constructed on a system, which in some particulars was entirely different from any terrestrial science.

§         Invention of a system of timing - a philosophy.

And he asked in the book why anybody would make so a big work if not of any real and true cause.


In those books it tells of the BPC's (Baawi-people from- Proxima Centauri-) concern of our nuclear arming in the 50-60ths, like many of the other ufocontacts from those far days. And also the 2 Swedish contactpersons I mention in my book, was warned against the same.

So that have been their main-concern since WW2. They watch (-ed) us in this dangerous play, and reported all back to their homeplanet(s), on comm.methods not limited to our ignorant ideas. They similar came here on methods for space-crossing, on levels not sci known here yet. Book mentions they having a base near or below Maldives Islands in the Indian Ocean. They have their anonymous Earth-looking delegates going into society, as many similar contacts report, fx the Korendor-case.


The French book told of a detailed info on many sci levels by their high-tech on their homeplanet, and that info was valued as logic/"possible" of some Earth- sci-people he showed it to.

 The first contact to them seems to have been in 1940 (in the desert of Algeria??). The Frenchman seems to have connected to those humanlooking ETs by help of, or thru a nomad in Sahara in a strange way.

 Book else claim their far ancestors came to Earth as referred in our bible. Regarding data on their homeplanet, they say it is only half the size of our Earth, where their year is 311days, each of some 27h plus 12min.

They say some from here now live there! (Same said in the Koldas-contacts that happened in south-Africa in the early 60ths).

 For the last ten thousand of years, they have had strict birth control -also because their life span is VERY long! Their children are "everybody's responsibility" - as they enter "schools" from very young, instead of the family upbringing as here. (Same told of from the Ummo-contacts in Spain/France, so naturally they have entered the same logic/natural conclusions through time. Yes, just like the lamasery schools in Tibet in the past, as told of as ex in the Rampa-books).   

As mature, every of them can - if they will - have offspring, but only one - and after that; sterilizing! They have an implant with personal information. As adults, they then enter University where trained in the occupation chosen: astronaut, social hostess, manager of a national farm, or similar.


Quotation; "If the individual eventually decides that he has lived long enough, he goes to the conception center and voluntarily liberates his spiritual ego by separating his astral body from his physical body.

The latter belongs to the "Knowers", and the ordinary inhabitants of the planet do not know what they do with it…"


Book also tell about another race on their planet as a "yeti-like" type; 3m tall, with intellect as child of 5-8y, where they work on "local farms" with respect and kindness from the rest. They have no restrictions on creating offspring, and no sex-connections with those else. Book tells this race is on many planets, as also on Earth - the yeti. (no-link)


BAALBEK in Lebanon.

Book say Baalbek was the place of their one-time-Earth-base, ca 15000y ago. They said the big stone there was left as a monument from their stay there. Those big stones levitated by high-tech/extreme high frequency, which could withstand the grav.-freq.of Earth. On the planet Mars - yes; they also had a stay on Mars before their time on Earth. Book talk on some small kind of vegetation there.


Quotation regarding Mars:

"The oxygen in the air is largely fixed by the ground under an atmospheric pressure of only a tenth that of Earth. During the daytime there is a forty-degree temperature difference between the air and the ground, so that one could walk barefoot in the sunlight and, at the same time, freeze one’s nose and ears. This explains why only the bottoms of certain canyons have enough oxygen to maintain a “monad” of little Martians with robust vitality.

The mammals on Mars are rodents with thick white fur, comparable

to large hares. They feed on roots, larvae and the eggs of the big lizards that live among the low rocks of canyon walls.

In deep hollows, water forms marshes in which small crustaceans proliferate.

The Baavian astronauts fraternize ("became friends") with the inhabitants of Mars."



" It is important to note that their spacecraft were not yet capable of exceeding the speed of light. Since the journey from Baavi to Mars took more than six terrestrial weeks it is easy to understand why the astronauts quickly had sexual relations with the yellow-skinned little Martian women belonging to the “Mongol monad.” Furthermore, it was a good chance to escape from the stern regulations of Baavi by founding a lineage of half-breeds with traits inherited from the giant "Sons of the Sun" (of Baavi) and their small wives."


Comment- not difficult to fellow all the traces left there- scrutinized by many, in those days now, when (some of) the NASA and esa mars-sat-pictures are "open". Ex.by j.skipper.


 Book says they left mars ca 12000y ago, when conditions there grew worse, and flew to Earth/Tibet-plateau, over a 30y time period.

Some of those flew back to Baavi, but the more restricted way of life there, made them oppose the rules, and war broke out after some time, and all "those" was sent away in the number of 827600 people, -later becoming those superior ancestors of Earth.


Notes else from the bookstudy:

§         How anti-gravitation and their spacetravel work:

§         Their ship "having reached the frontier of gravitational speed,

  • - plunges into antitime, or the antiuniverse, without being disintegrated."

this is their alleged handwriting and a sketch on the ship and its drivesystem


Else is "Baavi" mentioned in the book Talmud Jmmanuel:


From;  Chapter 4 Jmmanuel's Arcanum


26. These two men from the constellation of the seven stars were venerable teachers, and they were together with two smaller men who said that they were from Baawi. 27. They said: "People have come from the heavens to Earth, and other people have been lifted from Earth into the heavens; the people coming from the heavens remained on Earth for a long time, and they created the intelligent human lineages. 28. "Behold, humans begotten by the celestial sons were different in a unique way from other people on Earth. 29. "They were not like Earth humans but like the children of the celestial angels, and of a different kind. 30. "Their bodies were white as snow and red as the rose blossom, their hair at the top of the head white as wool and their eyes beautiful. 31. "Earth humans will now retain their inherited beauty and propagate it further. 32. "But in the course of centuries and millennia they will mix with other human populations and the heavens, so as to generate a new humankind and special lineages, as the celestial sons did with the Earth people.




this report  is -but  not that on Talmud J  - is  from the book


of Wendelle C.Stevens - (interview on him  in scandinavian)

which can be found (but out of print for the paper-edition) on  www.ufophotoarchives.com/ebooks.htm

- Site of Wendell Stevens:

Stevens (once/in WW2, an usaf-pilot) is one of (or just THE ONE) most serious and important ufo-investigators in the last half a century, and began his own research and collection effort, eventually amassing the largest private collection of UFO photographs in the world. He began to publish reports on the events, and wrote many illustrated articles for many UFO publications. Disenchanted with the dearth of detail on contact events reported in books and journals of the time, he began preparing detailed reports of his own investigations. He has published more than 22 of these extensive reports in book form. He continues his investigations at his own expense, still seeking the elusive answers to the many questions raised by this phenomenon. Wendelle has been a Director of the International UFO Congress since its inception.