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mp3-listen here or download audiofiles/-books on ufo-contacts from physical ufo encounters - visitors from the "overseers" - our older relatives | link til svenske  |


Semjase contacts in summary

Esotericism and UFO Research: audio- book of swedish ufo-researcher Haakan Blomquist

Acknowledged - A Perspective on the Matters ofUFOs, Aliens and Crop Circles, book of Andrew Johnson, pdf book free here.













































audiofiles here are around half an hour + / - each.

from book:

by Wendelle C. Stevens

alternative upreading by IvonaReader here iin mp3 downloadable


youtubelink: link overview

reread also another wendelle stevens book or listen to it- the itibi-ra case

erra-kontaktene bekreftet ektheten av ACART KONTAKTEN til ArturBerlet i -58;
NORSK UTGAVE av den boken i








chapter/part-link to mp3's from the book audio contents/talk about: time min.

any youtubelink

1.Asket and the DALs life of young Meier, Sfath and later the "Asket-education"


2 Asket Influences Meier's Preparation still more on Meiers youth and earlier lives, etc. 21 link overview  
CHAPTER 3: part 1 on: Aboard the DAL Spacecraft taken up and brought to Jordan desert with Asket. There they also made a timetravel to around year 1300not covered in this book  )*. (And gave a flashlight to a MidleAge hermit they were visiting -  that now can be traced in historybooks.) 31 as above and on the timetravel: a file - mp3-made on audio of Randy Winters talk  
part2 of Chapter3 Asket talks further on...The ancestors of the Pleiadians, far history, nuclear wars in the past... 31 link overview for youtubes  
part3 of Ch.3 on THE MISSION ...the mission... 13 same as those up also for those below
CHAPTER 4: Hand-off to the Pleiadians how the rec.of contacts were made. More on history, what "matter is" etc.Learning languages, On the Destroyer Comet.(more) 39  
continues-part2. Semjase; enough pictures now! more talk on the purpose of the contacts. On the spiritual learnings and Creation. 27  
Chapter4 further, part3 on observations of their ships. About their home-world in Pleiades. From april-75 and more. Disc.on films and photoes.. 31  
Chapter4  part4 from, on Creation ("God")Practical problems for Billy. 38  
Chapter4  part5 contacts thru spring and summer -1975 on different themes. The ozoneproblem. 26
Chapter4  part6 more on the danger for our atmosphere, the dark/opposition forces. 29
Chapter4  part7 + chap5 first part how the investigators were fellowed and spyed on from the intelligenCIA, etc. more on youtube on this theme Aboard the mothership. 29

Chapter5 cont.

more on "aboard the mothership"and the hyperspace-jumps 40  
Chapter5  part2 semjase tells more on different problems regarding the atm./ozone hole, and also on some other observations near his home 42  
Chapter 6 on Wendelle himself and: hyperleaps visiting some spes.planets where Ptaah tells about what they see. 34    
Chapter 7part 1 Other Pleiadian UFOnauts; Charles A.Silva,Enrique Castillo Rincon, etc. 31    
Chapter 7part 2 continues...from above 37    
Chapter 7part 3 continues...from above, wendelle comments etc.    
from book: aalt. format part-link to audiobook in mp3 from the book au rest of serie: time each:
Gary Kinder: LightYears fileformat: pdf doc this book on the Semjase-Meier-contacts  part 1 audio the chapters else in audio/ mp3 30min
stuff on the Semjase-contacts made most of the Randolph Winters  (+ audio) /Stevens material;   Read  or  listen  

audiobook mp3  a/30min  | part2 |  3  |  4  |

overview here incl many of the Rampabooks in audio | here to read   about Tibetan wisdom, on life on higher levels/ after death, how our earth has an unknown past etc all books to read in pdf etc. ca ca 30min parts
Orfeo Angelucci's Contact Story part1 rest  
Koldas-contact | ppoint youtube audiobook mp3's   a ca.15min parts for this audiobook : part 1

part 2 3 || the rest look 80% down on this.

The Janos Contact in England (audio>to right)

Swedsh case of under-earth visitors (Larcerta)

why ufo's are not discussed officially

the 'atharcontact' AlfaCentauri

Peru-contact in -67

on Sixto Paz contacts

by radio and  ROLF TELANO (recived in 1954)
    - audiobooklink

the Thiaoouba-contact- to the race of Giants  to read / listen




continues.... and some more audio-mp3 here

Extr.from "Earth: An Alien Enterprise": The Shocking Truth Behind the Greatest Cover-up Timothy Good txt+audio

Charles A. Silva: Date with the Gods): and I like the british voice best for this up-reading

audio of this up


The Janos Contact in England:free:

audiobook english mp3 of the case | 2 3 4|   5|     67|  89

here - first part - red by "Denise"mp3 to read or fellow the audio here

Close Encounters of UNUSUAL KIND  IN WALES 1977

 audiobook mp3 from that


THE TRUTH ABOUT MARS- astral expl. in -1955  + upreading

similar astral exploration  of Venus some 60 years ago+

upread mp3  audio

Larcerta - interview with ETs asserting to  live deep under Sweden - on youtube



varying from 9-  60 min

svenske i lyd mp3;

Julio-contact-fallet i Spania - grundig etterforsket /   följa text'n


listen/mp3  to ALIEN INTERVIEW book from 08 and book is here (Spencer)

the DayAfter Roswell  or mirror || audio

"ANGELS IN STARSHIPS"  of GIORGIO DIBITONTO audiobook of this above

ufo annat svensk case / txt'n

fra Gösta Carlsons kontakt-46 /artikkel å lese/føja txt'n

Daniel Fry's kontakt | norsk prat om denne/mp3 / txt'en



Ante Jonssons kontakt / txt'n

 whole Ante J. book upred






Esotericism and UFO Research: audio- book of swedish ufo-researcher Haakan Blomquist


books from the 50s hold a lot of keys to understanding the multi-dimentional worldpicture- as this one:

"the coming of the guardians" - link to read and listen to book

-*similar source on THE ETHER SHIP MYSTERY (Meade Layne: The Ether Ship Mysery and its solution) AND

"they live in the sky" - Meade Layne where txt is copied from here

 Audio book in mp3 of,
Of jaques valee + pdf

Other Tongues Other Flesh by George Hunt Williamson   + Audiobook

erra-kontaktene bekreftet ektheten av ACART KONTAKTEN til ArturBerlet i -58; NORSK UTGAVE av den boken i pdf

Classic contactees - pdf and mp3 |
Jim Sparks: book from abductions from -88>on, : THE KEEPERS 
FLYING SAUCER PILGRIMAGE - about this book - audio of this book
more b ooks in audio plus text
acartklikk på bildet for å linke til Akart kontakten

Acknowledged - A Perspective on the Matters ofUFOs, Aliens and Crop Circles, book of Andrew Johnson, pdf book free here.

All of those files are normally from 20-35 min. + / - each, and can be downloaded by rightclicking and "save as" for off-line, portable players w-o wifi-connection.


*) footnote: Regarding the timetravel to ca year 1300:

  'The world was not different from the way I had known it until then; the grass was green, the fir-trees as familiar as ever, and even the flowers in the grass were not foreign to me.

 'But what struck me was the horrendous twittering of the birds.

 'There had to have been masses of them there, completely undisturbed and quite obviously not yet impaired by poisons, and so forth, as they are in my actual present time.

 'As I inhaled the fresh spicy air I noticed that it was much fresher than in the year 1953.

 'The oxygen content seemed to be much higher.

 'Also the sky appeared quite fantastic to me.

 'It was of such a beautiful and deep azure blue, as I had never before seen.

 'Quite obviously air pollution did not yet rule here in this century.

 'The Sun shone clear and splendidly warm from the sky and for kilometres around there were only woods, hills and meadows in lush green to be seen.

  'Far and wide, no village, no town and no house was to be seen.

 'It was really lonesome and beautiful as in paradise itself.

  'Over in a somewhat more distant forest an entire herd of deer fed peacefully, which took no notice at all of our presence.

 'Obviously these animals were not yet so very shy as in the year 1953.

 'And these pheasants; everywhere one saw pheasants.



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Red Ice Radio - Timothy Good - Hour 1 - Earth: An Alien Enterprise

Esotericism and UFO Research: audio- book of swedish ufo-researcher Haakan Blomquist