Here some from the hyp.session, where he has told that the ship he has been taken into has dived into the water:




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HYPNOTIST - What did they have in this place?

FILIBERTO - It was like a tunnel that had to be entered under the water.

HYPNOTIST - And what did you see?

FILIBERTO - Those are things that I cannot reveal (the et's had seemingly given him a mental subcons. block not to tell too much - R.Ø.rem.)

HYPNOTIST - But some things you have already told us, no?

FILIBERTO - (silence)

HYPNOTIST - They did not tell you if you wanted to contact them what you would have to do?

FILIBERTO - Yes, yes if I want to contact them I can do it. HYPNOTIST - How?

FILIBERTO - But they don't want me to tell you.

HYPNOTIST - But, if you want to communicate with them, you can do so?


HYPNOTIST - Did they take blood?

FILIBERTO - They put some things in my body.

HYPNOTIST - But, to take blood?

FILIBERTO - And another in my head.

HYPNOTIST - What did they put there? How was it? FILIBERTO - I felt like they opened me up, like I was open as if breathing in, but I could not see what they were doing. HYPNOTIST - Who did this to you, men or women?

FILIBERTO - I could not tell if they were men or women because they were covered, enveloped in a very strange garment. HYPNOTIST - Now, listen well, you're going to continue completely asleep, you will continue responding to all the questions, and you will respond to the questions of other persons that are here with me. You will hear and will respond if you can and will. But you will continue obeying all that I tell you.

VIRGILIO(the orig.spaish author of the book who was with them in the hyp.sess.) - I would like to question you. Did they tie you up?

FILIBERTO - Once they put me in a chair but I could not move. I was not tied.

VIRGILIO - Well can you describe to me the people, the face? FILIBERTO - There was the Chilean one. I do not know if he was Chilean but he talked like it. He looked like a Chilean.

VIRGILIO - How was his eyes?

FILIBERTO - Like ours. Like mine.

VIRGILIO - The nose?

FILIBERTO - The nose, as if they had done something to the nose, but he talked and everything, everything was like me, as if he were the same as us.

VIRGILIO - Did he walk or float?

FILIBERTO - The Chilean, well I don't know that he was Chilean, sometimes walked and... a thing happened that put me near his hands and... I don't know what happened, but it seemed that he had to run and then went up in the air. That was the only time that I saw anything like in the air.

VIRGILIO - When that was under the sea, was it under water or was there air there?

FILIBERTO - What they made me do was when we entered the tunnel...

VIRGILIO - Was there air or was there water?

FILIBERTO - No, that was under the water.

VIRGILIO - Could you breathe?

FILIBERTO - Yes, I could there. Every so often they looked at me, then my respiration fouled, I could not breathe well.

VIRGILIO - Did they give you something to eat?

FILIBERTO - No, they asked me if I wanted to eat anything from the Earth, and I said no, that I did not want to eat anything. HYPNOTIST - And did they eat?

FILIBERTO - They did not eat. I did not see them eat. HYPNOTIST - How much time have they been there? FILIBERTO - They said 36 months.

HYPNOTIST - Are they on this plane (of existence)?

FILIBERTO - What plane is that? I don't know.

HYPNOTIST - No, forget the question.

MARIO RODRIGUEZ - I would like to assure you that all you tell us we will not divulge, we will not tell anybody.. .(Uruguayan)


Filiberto at this time interrupted Mario Rodriguez with an emotional voice and shouted: "Thus, thus speaks the man, that is the way he spoke."


HYPNOTIST - But was it him?

FILIBERTO - No, no, but he talked like that, similar.

HYPNOTIST - The voices are similar. Let's see. He will continue talking.

MARIO - Be tranquil because I am not the one who walks with them. I would like to ask you something about what happened if you can tell me? Did you feel heavy? Was your body heavy? Did you feel light?

FILIBERTO - When they put me in the chair, I was fastened to the seat, but later I walked moving my feet, but it was like I was not standing on the floor.

MARIO - Do you remember any object that you saw? Anything in particular that would remind you of something common, something that you see every day?

FILIBERTO - The walls were as if they were panoramas of

television, and they displayed many things of the Earth. HYPNOTIST - And what did you see in the panoramas? FILIBERTO - I saw the Earth... (sobs)

HYPNOTIST - Very well. Don't tell us until you are ready. Did you see animals?

FILIBERTO - I saw animals... great cities...

HYPNOTIST - Such as? Were they from Earth or another place? FILIBERTO - From Earth, yes.

HYPNOTIST - And why were they living there?

FILIBERTO - No, but I didn't see them there. I saw them in the panoramas, the televisions, because they put me in those places that were passing.

HYPNOTIST - And the people were talking with you? Was it of the Earth or another place?

FILIBERTO - When they were putting me there, there was the man, one who seemed like he was the leader of them. 

HYPNOTIST - How was that?

FILIBERTO-Sighs... I do not understand well, because he was high, so, as in the seat that rotated. He had a cover above. 

HYPNOTIST - Did they show you any pyramids?

FILIBERTO - Yes, there is where we were.

HYPNOTIST - Inside the pyramid?


HYPNOTIST - Where was this pyramid?

FILIBERTO - This pyramid was beneath the ocean.

HYPNOTIST - In what part, At what place?

FILIBERTO -... (silence)

HYPNOTIST - Now, when I count to three you will see a picture with the longitude and latitude exactly where this pyramid is located and you will tell me... one... two... three... Now. 

FILIBERTO - They say that it is between the...

HYPNOTIST - Where? Louder!

FILIBERTO - It is near the...

HYPNOTIST - You will remember when I say three... one... two ... three.

FILIBERTO - It is between... Berin… and Santiago under the ocean, for there it is. Some four hundred...

HYPNOTIST - Degrees of longitude?

FILIBERTO - Four hundred. I don't remember. Only four hundred...

HYPNOTIST - Now the degrees of latitude. Did they tell you? Can you remember?

FILIBERTO - There are three pyramids.

HYPNOTIST - And the other two pyramids, where are they?

FILIBERTO - One is on land and the other under the ocean. 

HYPNOTIST - In what part?

FILIBERTO - They are signalling me. It is like a light that comes on and makes an arc from one pyramid to another.

HYPNOTIST - And the third?

FILIBERTO - That is the one that is in the Atlantic. The other is on land.

HYPNOTIST - And you, where are you?

FILIBERTO - I am in that which is in... in... near to Berin. 

HYPNOTIST - Quickly answer. one, two, three. One in the Atlantic, one on land, and the other?

FILIBERTO - It is where I am.

HYPNOTIST - But where are you?

FILIBERTO - This is that which is 400 into the sea, but I do not know in what part.

HYPNOTIST - And the one in the Atlantic. Isn't that under water also?

FILIBERTO - Yes, it is in the ocean.

HYPNOTIST - Two under water and one on land?


HYPNOTIST - How long, would you say, they were there? 

FILIBERTO -36 months.

HYPNOTIST - What do they eat?

FILIBERTO - I don't remember what they eat. I do not know. 

HYPNOTIST- Does this estrange you from your family?

FILIBERTO - Yes, but I want to understand all these things because they told me that there are seven (of us) to speak, to prepare for what will come to pass.

HYPNOTIST - Who are these seven?

FILIBERTO - I do not know who the seven are.

HYPNOTIST - They didn't tell you?

FILIBERTO - No. There are seven that they are going to return to Earth.

HYPNOTIST - What else happened?

FILIBERTO - One went in a thing that is going to command and the other six in other places are going to tell what is going to happen.

HYPNOTIST - On what date?

FILIBERTO - After 3 months.

HYPNOTIST - Were there children there?

FILIBERTO - Where this is going to happen?

HYPNOTIST - Where you were

FILIBERTO - There were some small ones there that I could see from a distance, but I don't know if they were children or adults. I don't know.

HYPNOTIST - How do you know it was 36 months if they were not deceiving. Who told you it was 36 months?

FILIBERTO - They told me that it was 36 months they had been there.

HYPNOTIST - Why did they take you there?


HYPNOTIST - To the place. Where you said you were. 

FILIBERTO - Where I was in the air or in the tunnel? 

HYPNOTIST - No, in the tunnel.

FILIBERTO - Because that is where they had the controls. They had an information center.

HYPNOTIST - Who operated them?

FILIBERTO -... (silence)


At this moment one of the recorders stopped, making a noise.

Filiberto jumped up and began moving and opened his eyes.


HYPNOTIST - Be calm, be serene, be calm, be serene. Close your eyes, close, close, close... Sleep soundly, sleep calmly and serene ... sleep... sleep... sleep.


Here I made a sign to the hypnotist to terminate this session. 

HYPNOTIST - Now a very curious thing is going to happen. When I count three you will wake up laughing because you are very content, very happy and very satisfied, and a strange and interesting thing will occur. Little by little you will remember consciously all these things you have just lived. And you will remember all that you have not told me tonight. You will remember it all little by little, and you will accept it naturally and peacefully. You will continue your life normally and peacefully. Now you will wake up calm and serene and without fear of any kind, fearing nobody because there is nobody to fear. Now you will wake happily.

When Filiberto woke up we let him rest for a few minutes. In a short time I asked him if he could remember anything and he responded affirmatively. The following conversation then took place:

VIRGILIO - Do we have contact with them? (The extra-terrestrials)

FILIBERTO - Yes, but they are not yet going to make themselves known to the world. They showed me a place, that gave me the impression that it was another planet.

VIRGILIO - And could you see it well?

FILIBERTO - The first people they showed me were wearing short pants with a loose fit, and they used something like a small cap on the head. I got the impression that they were people from another planet. But later, continuing to pass as if in a movie, I could see well that those were Chinese communists. Then they must have contact with the people of Communist China. They are carrying out great experiments there. They told me that Communist China would surprise the world shortly. Soon the world will be shaken by the news that is going to come out of there, because the world expects one thing and soon they are going to have another, good, not bad. They have a series of secrets in their hands that they have given to those people. They (the Chinese) are capable of paralyzing great cities, or will be. China has this in her hands at this time.


VIRGILIO - How do you know that this treats of Communist China?

FILIBERTO - Because the thing (panorama) showed it. It showed a place where below a... It gave me the impression of the Obelisco de Mariano (in Cuba where Filiberto was raised), but much bigger. Beneath this obalisco there is a tomb of someone, and beneath the tomb is another room, and under that room is the control that can paralyze cities and towns completely.

VIRGILIO - Did the extraterrestrials give this control to the Chinese?

FILIBERTO - They gave them the control, but it is as if they have a power over the minds of them.

VIRGILIO - Of the Chinese?

FILIBERTO - The Chinese.

VIRGILIO - And they control the Chinese?

FILIBERTO - They control them. The thing is that the world will be surprised soon at what the Chinese are going to do. But it is good. It is not bad.


FILIBERTO - Soon. Various things have to be done, some before others, but the change is going to be something for which the world cannot wait.

VIRGILIO - And they are going to have control of the Chinese? 

FILIBERTO - They have control of the Chinese. There are going to be certain changes, certain things, provoked by the Chinese because there are some negative people, or would be, that in the changes those people disappear.

VIRGILIO - This is what you are saying, you have seen in the panorama like a TV?

FILIBERTO - This I saw later. At first...

VIRGILIO - In the picture?

FILIBERTO - It was as if you stood in front of a window.

VIRGILIO - What other interesting thing did you see? Did you

see any other part of the world?

FILIBERTO - Yes, there are many places, many things, but I can not define them.

VIRGILIO - What most interested you is the part about the Chinese?

FILIBERTO - Yes, there was another thing that I am remembering. It was about cities. These cities were beautiful.

VIRGILIO - You saw all this in the panorama or through the window?

FILIBERTO - No, no, no... The impression that I received was that the panorama thing was not in black and white or TV nor in those colors. It was like it was in natural color, like looking out of a window. But I saw there, through that panorama, many things that passed at the time.

MARIO - Did you see any disaster, any negative scene?

FILIBERTO - I have the idea that there is going to be a great disaster. But great, great...

VIRGILIO - Disaster natural or a product of wars?

FILIBERTO - No, no, it wasn't from wars.


FILIBERTO - I have an impression of having seen at one time hundreds of miles of people running disoriented along the roads everywhere.

VIRGILIO - Is there any kind of prevention that we can undertake to avoid this?

FILIBERTO - They were showing me something about those things.

VIRGILIO - Changing the subject, do you remember where they left you?

FILIBERTO - I don't know... I can't... (He began to sweat, became nervous and agitated)


Then we decided that we must know the exact place where Filiberto was left when he was put out of the ship. We knew from the official police report that Filiberto was found on the Tamiami Trail at 137th Avenue. But nobody knew exactly where the ship let him out. The following day, the 28th of January(-79), we were again together at Filiberto's house. We departed in two automobiles in the direction of the Tamiami Trail. With me was the hypnotist and in the other car, following us, were Filiberto and Mario Rodriguez.

Previously, in the house, the hypnotist had put Filiberto in trance and suggested that he remember the exact location. He was awake but under the suggestion given when we left the house. On the Tamiami Trail, at 137th Avenue, Filiberto signaled us to cont.more slowly….


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