dimensional door between 3d and 4d of Venus from book of Omnec Onec:

more on  'the cross-over city' between the astral and the Physical Plane of Venus


"It is a cross-over city between the astral and the Physical Planes and would be very important for me in the future. Here is a place which enables an astral being to manifest a physical body".

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1953-Mexiko, Salvador Villanueva Medina seemed to be
still another contact to a higher (astral plane) of Venus ??
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 "As we sped up and away I waved goodbye looking down at their upturned faces and waving hands. One last time I saw our beautiful home among the flowers and trees. For a moment I wished I had not made the decision. I cupped both hands around my eyes to try to keep that view a few seconds longer.

'We sped over the mountains so familiar to me. Off in the distance I could see Teutonia, the great Temples of Learning which had been my home away from home.

'I could see the gold sand of the beach where I played and loved to sink my toes, and the sparkling sea that I could always hear in the distance from our house. All of these things I took in for the last time, from the sky as I had never seen and appreciated them before.

'As we entered the clouds I pulled myself from the side of the ship, took a deep sigh, and realized all of this was forever gone in this lifetime. I prepared myself for my new life and put my mind to thinking about these things, and about what my uncle would be telling me. The ride to Sahasra-dal-Kanwal was swift, and it was near the Moun­tain of Light that we landed.

'I waited while my uncle proceeded to meet the Master and receive permission for using the special zone. Only the spiritual travelers, their initiates, and those who are at least one thousand years old on the Astral Plane have the privilege of meeting with this Master. It is easy to under­stand how people who live such long lives in this city can believe they have reached the ultimate Heaven.

'We were escorted on foot to the special zone. I am not allowed to reveal its exact location. Few on Earth know of the existence of such a zone and it is better that it remain secret. Almost anything can be brought down to the Physi­cal Plane through this zone, such as gold and powerful inventions of the future.

'A greedy person could misuse this zone for his own purpose. This is the same zone through which a person travels upward after death of the physical body. Here kar­mic debts are weighed and the individual is then placed on the plane he has earned in a spiritual sense. Within this zone we entered a special room, a round room with blue lights so bright that I could barely see anything. All of us, my uncle, the other man, and I sat cross-legged on the floor and chanted a secret mantra. Mantras are words which are very powerful instruments on any plane because they have to do with sound current (vibrations), the basic fabric of all creation. On the Astral Plane we normally chant to raise our vibrations for Soul Travel. Now we were doing just the opposite - lowering our vibrations to manifest a physical body.

'For a person who is totally at comfort living in the astral body, manifesting a physical body is a shocking experience. I had the same feeling of distress and discomfort that most people have in leaving the Astral Plane. The whole experience is not easy to explain.

'A few minutes after chanting this secret word with our eyes closed, it happened. The world seemed to cave in all at once. I remember a brilliant white flash and fireworks inside of me, a pssht sound and a ringing in my ears, and a curious jerking motion of my body, as if all my muscles were tensed at once. All of this happened in the same single moment of shock. I felt dizzy and disoriented and could barely breathe, and my whole body felt uncomfortably warm. Then I realized that the shell enveloping me was the physical body!

'I opened my eyes. We were sitting in the grass near a small shiny metallic, circular vehicle, that was shaped likeone of your saucers upside down, and had a dome on top. Off in the distance, miles away, was the city of Retz on the Physical Plane of Venus.

'It was frightening, this being inside of a physical body. I continued having trouble breathing because I had never done it before. And instead of the wide vision of my astral eyes, I was looking through two little holes, my new physi­cal eyes. To help you understand how miserable I felt, imagine yourself suddenly being encased in a suit of armor feeling restricted and clumsy, and knowing there is no way out.

'When I tried speaking for the first time my voice sounded foreign to me. I told my uncle I didn't like it, this being in a physical body. He laughed. He said that I had to grow accustomed to it. How was I supposed to grow accustomed to something like this, I wondered aloud? Odin replied that a person can get used to anything.

 "But you have to turn your head to see!" I protested. I was not accustomed to turning my head in order to see because on the Astral Plane we have an awareness of what is all around us. We also have an ability to change our form and appearance. Here I was stuck in a body that was unchangeable except for the facial expression.

'My uncle agreed that it was limited, that I would have to learn to keep my balance and walk properly. Walking turned out to be most awkward. I was used to gliding or simply appearing wherever I wanted to be. But the physical body did not work that way. It had to be moved inch by inch, step by step. I was the only one having much trouble getting up and stretching my new legs. After all, I was by physical standards only a seven year old child.

'The Venus physical (at this upper density) looks much like Earth's Nevada and Arizona. In the distance I was able to see mountains and interesting vegetation. The weather seemed dry and hot but not at all uncomfortable here. Retz was in a secluded valley here just as on the Astral Plane. My uncle had explained a few days earlier during our journey through the astral, that Retz is a city existing fully on two planes at once. The physical city is the spiritual of the physical planet. The astral city of Retz existed first and the physical city is a duplicate, while in the Great Transition the reverse happened. The people recreated cities on the Astral Plane as duplicates of the physical cities they had left. Retz is truly unique.

'It is unique not only in this respect. The city is covered by a climate protection dome of approximately 80 kilometers in diameter. Thus is has already existed as early as the physical Venus still looked very much like Earth's desert regions. Retz is hidden deep in a valley. As the region is covered by hot gases, only the city's geographical location and its climate protection dome allow it to exist. The dome is not transparent but made of disguising materials which make it appear like being a part of the dreary wasteland of the physical Venus. This is why Retz cannot be discovered by earthly spacecraft, even though it physically exists on Venus.

My uncle and the other man and I tested our new limbs. I noticed that Odin had not changed in form, but his body was less radiant. In fact, everything around us lacked the wonderful quality of being luminous.

I was not sure how I myself looked. I would not be see­ing a mirror until I landed on Earth, but I surely did feel clumsy and heavy. With my first steps I felt as if I was walking in a suit of lead.

Before we walked toward the ship, my uncle told me about my special gift. My memento of Venus was to be a sample of the plants and flowers that grew nearby in this physical level of Venus. Together we collected about two

dozen of the most interesting ones and prepared them for transport to Earth. These together with my ring and jewellery were my only possessions.

Taking me by the hand, Uncle Odin led me to the Venu­sian "Convoy" (the saucer-shaped spacecraft). This was my first experience with the convoy at times seen in Earth's skies. On Venus alone there are several models of this space ship, all of which run in the same way. Advanced planets have their own versions and there are many sizes and shapes.

The ship I was about to enter looked very much like two saucers fitted together with the bottoms up. A raised glasslike dome on top housed a coil, and just below and all around, were small portholes. The ship had three metallic hemi-spheres evenly spaced underneath.

The outer surface of the ship was made of a specially treated titanium material so that it can withstand the friction and heat of atmospheric flight. Though it was very shiny and metallic-looking, it was not like the titanium to be seen on Earth. It had the translucent quality of fiberglass.

We entered through a circular opening in the lower half of the craft. This door really amazed me. My uncle showed us how it opened and closed. First a tiny hole appeared in the surface where there was no sign of any door or opening, not even a seam. The opening grew larger and larger much like the shutter in a camera, until it was large enough for a tall Venusian to walk through unimpeded. When it closed, the circular opening became smaller and smaller until it disappeared, leaving no trace of an opening only a blank surface. My uncle tried to explain to me scientifically how it worked, but I didn't understand. It had something to do with the separation of molecules.

Inside he showed me where to sit. In the very center of the ship was a pole several feet in diameter reaching from floor to the glass dome above. Surrounding it on the floor was a big lens, through which I was able to see the ground during the flight. All around the lens, at intervals, were curved cushioned benches for the passengers. Here I sat down with our companion pilot while my uncle took a seat at the control panel, which was opposite the wall where the entrance had appeared and disappeared. Uncle Odin started the ship. There was a low hum.

I imagine my uncle had been trained to run this sort of ship before we left Teutonia as he seemed to know what he was doing. I was not very observant at the time because my attention was on my new body and how uncomfortable it felt. I do remember seeing all kinds of glowing screens on the walls of the circular compartment with flashing colours,


"It is a cross-over city between the astral and the Physical Planes and would be very important for me in the future. Here is a place which enables an astral being to manifest a physical body".

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