WELCOME TO CENTARA - An Internet site with loads of information about the new age that is to arrive soon. An age that will forever change the way things work here on Earth.

  Our goal is to make public as much material as possible about the extraterrestrials - our new neighbours in the near future! With the help of drawings, extraterrestrial music, descriptions of extraterrestrial vessels, photos, stones and crystals, a power crystal for UFO, video, informative texts etc. we want to enlighten our webvisitors and give them a whole new perspective on the future of this planet. At the same time, we want to amuse and excite you - why not try to get rid of those annoying lovehandles with our extraterrestrial "slimming"-course? Especially developed for us humans by the extraterrestrials!

  We will update as often as possible and as soon as we get our hands on new material. The extraterrestrials are careful not to make public things like photos and videos too early, but we keep on pressing them!