Many of the things that we humans consider impossible, fantastic, and unusual, such as medial gifts and the ability to travel beyond the speed of light, are governed by a thing called White Time. It is all time and at the same time no time, or simply put: it´s past, present, and future blended together to one unit.

  Many people limit themselves both in their minds and their thinking. One reason that many people think like this, is due to our way of developing our technical abilities. The human way of thinking has steered away from the spiritual side of the reality. This applies to our way of technically building our society, and especially to our way of constructing machines for traveling to other worlds. On top of this lies a firm belief that no other life forms could exist in our universe, except ourselves. And if you top that with the belief that we know exactly what time is, then the sum of all misconceptions adds up to a totally wrong perception of how this universe is constructed! This means that we fail to enter the inexplicable and unknown with open eyes.

  A person that is a medium, on the other hand, often understands why and how. You become a medium by either being born as one, taught by another person, or by having knowledge transmitted from one mind to another. This particular gift opens the gates to the ability to see beyond what other people see and to look into all aspects of time. This is how you use White Time. How medial persons become medial, depends on whether they are born with the gift or trained to "tune in" to the White Time. People who are "trained," mostly get their training from angels, guides, higher spiritual beings, and the like. In short, extraterrestrials, as we use this word in a more broad meaning than do most other peoples. Or the medial person might receive his/her knowledge from people who themselves been taught by the already mentioned beings.


  White Time can, for example be used for healing. In a healing situation, the healer goes back to the time before the injury was inflicted to stop the injury from happening, then the healer heals the pain in present time, and finally sends the healing power forward in time to stop the possibility that a new accident might occur. You can also learn to master the White Time in other ways, for instance you can learn to sort out the present time. Then you will have the ability to walk through walls, since in past times, there were no walls on this place! When a person connects to White Time, it is done on the atomic level in the body. What happens is that you fill the space between the atoms with White Time. Every human being has space between his/her atoms, only some people more than others. They have a wider and cleaner gap, something that is achieved by mental and spiritual development, which in turn leads to a more medial person. In the end, the person become one with the breathing of Earth and participates in lifting Earth into a more refined structure. So insight into spiritual things helps Earth to evolve as a planet! Extraterrestrials usually prefer to contact people with a large and clean space between their atoms. This space can be filled with White Time. Having a large space between your atoms enables you to travel mentally, thus decreasing the need for travel "in the flesh" to other planets!


  White Time can also be used in a different way and that is interplanetary travel. The extraterrestrial vessels use White Time-tunnels. They can also be used for travels with your soul, in that case over vast distances. The tunnels are constructed. But, there are also streaks of White Time traversing the universe like thin threads. Often these streaks or threads are pulled together to form White Time. But thatís not an ideal solution, since they are instable and not wholly trustworthy as interplanetary "roads." If a thread breaks, the vessel will find itself in "real-time" all of a sudden and might miss the next jump to another thread. As a better solution, White Time-tunnels are used. They are stable and more exact. The extraterrestrials use them to "travel by jumping" between different tunnels. It works like this: all planets have something called a "sixpoint-system" (for lack of a better word in English). Through these systems, which are plenty all throughout a planet, the planet not only takes in White Time, but also "breathes" out bad and used energy. If the "sixpoint-system" is situated in, say, a forest, it is free to exchange energy with the universe. Should there, on the contrary, be a house or a motorway on top of it, then the "sixpoint-system" is cut off. In the old times, people knew better not to build their houses on "sixpoint-systems," but nowadays we don't consider this any more.

  The tunnel points straight up to the sky. In itself, it does not contain enough White Time-energy to allow a vessel to travel in it´s "beam" to another planet. However, when the tunnel points straight into another tunnel, then there is enough energy to allow for vessels to travel through the tunnel. Imagine to oranges, each with a match stick inserted in them. The match stick is the White Time-tunnel. When they point directly to each other, the two tunnels connect.

  White Time consists of six energies who together make up a seventh energy. If you wanted to travel from planet A to planet B, with two tunnels pointing at each other, it would take no more than exactly 0,00043 seconds, no matter the distance! This how interplanetary travel is accomplished: you travel through one tunnel, jumps to the next, travels through that one, and jumps to the next and so on. Also, you can connect two vertical tunnels, should you want to travel horizontally. This is done by sending out small (10 centimeter to 7 meter) dishlike vessels from the vessel in which you are traveling. Often, these dishes are spotted by us humans. But the large vessel we rarely see, because they are in a White Time-tunnel and cannot be seen. The White Time-tunnels explains why many observations of UFOís are a bit strange, especially if more than one person has been present at the place of the sighting. Three persons can experience different things, depending if you are inside the "sixpoint-system," on the border or outside of it. If you stand inside, you experience everything that takes place. You might find that your watch shows a different time after the experience. Hours can have passed that the person can´t account for. People standing outside the "sixpoint-system" can lose sight of their friend inside. If you are standing on the border of the "sixpoint-system" you may see something and you may not. You can lose vision of what's happening inside and it can come back again. The person standing outside of course sees and feels nothing.

  The "sixpoint-system" is common in nature, although it´s not laid out in any particular pattern that can be seen or calculated. Systems where the tunnels open are typically 5-500 meters across. They can also sit together and form big clusters of systems, not unlike the ones you find in beehives. The border, between inside and outside of the system would typically measure between 1-1 1/1 meter I diameter. The tunnel stretches upwards, and like a crystal, it narrows more and more up to about 400 kilometers above the Earth. Here it starts to widen again and continues to stretch out in space. The form of the tunnel could be described as two crystals pointing at each other. The place where the two "crystals" meet is the place where our Heaven is situated above Earth. Heaven is placed in another dimension and cannot be seen.

  You yourself can experience "sixpoint-system" in nature. You can search out a "sixpoint-system" and draw energy from the female center, the male center or the healing point that is located inside the "sixpoint-system." Often, nature is at her most beautiful where a "sixpoint-system" resides. Often, archeological findings accompany "sixpoint-system." Our ancestors knew how to use White Time. Use a browser or pendulum to find a "sixpoint-system." If you find a system, interesting things can happen, depending on if the "sixpoint-system" is activated (that is, pointing at another tunnel on another planet). You may see a scale showing the wrong weight. The compass goes crazy, a clock showing the wrong time, specific smells, sounds and tastes. Your body may feel a tingling sensation, or heat or cold, or you may feel the tunnel around and above you. A milky white haze may come before your eyes or the surrounding nature may become distorted. Lasers and light beams may set off downwards. A laser shout through a "sixpoint-system" will brake off downwards, but will return to "normal" when entering the world outside the tunnel. Also, equipment measuring electromagnetic fields will show a drop to zero when positioned inside a "sixpoint-system."

  Certain people, trained by extraterrestrials, can activate or even build "sixpoint-system" of their own. Every human being does this at least twice in his/her life: at birth and at death. White Time is used to travel down to Earth and "home" to Heaven or your home planet after death. The famous "tunnel" that so many people experience in the well-known "close-to-death-experiences" that you read about, is a White Time-tunnel.

  The planets "speak" with each other through White Time-tunnels and exchange information and energy. Power plants built by extraterrestrials uses universal energy, taken through a White Time-tunnel. The best place to put a power plant is to build two, one on your own planet and the other on a neighboring planet and let the tunnels activate between them. You then build in such a way so that both tunnels are activated on the same time.

  In the Bermuda Triangle, there is both a strong and big "sixpoint-system," and powerplants beneath the surface.

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