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Bilderesultat for the downfall of marriage else byskov

At first we may not always notice (or actually WANT to notice) that there could

be some less flattering sides to the 'beloved'....

But what usually happens is that, as soon as the 'honeymoon' is over, the problems begin to
emerge, and the expected marital happiness fails to appear. Before long the
bonds of marriage feel too narrow; there are too many expectations that
cannot be met, such as:

many feel that there are too many restrictions on their freedom of movement
both parties have other interests, which they do not share with their
parenting takes its toll and prevents one from doing what one likes

you blame your spouse for the lack of freedom for self-realization
sexual desire plummets, love shrinks, you try to be romantic, but now it
seems that you have nothing to talk about other than blaming each other for
the lack of happiness
you argue about the smallest, stupidest little things
you become irritable and angry with each other
the narrow limits of the joint finances put a strain on your personal

you are constantly tired from being both a career person and a family
love is stifled by dirty socks and laundry to be hung up, taken down and
shopping and cooking become annoying tasks that you try to push onto each
you never have time to enjoy your own interests, and you are constantly
confronted with the demand to 'be there' for each other and hold hands
mutual respect and tolerance dwindle, and sooner or later the balloon

Thus, the previously happily married spouses now have different addresses.
Today it is a rare sight to see couples with teenage children who still live
together. The vast majority of children today grow up with parents who are
divorced, and many have new 'step-parents' that they have to deal with.
Simultaneous to the relationship problems we see how women in the last
decades have been in the process of overtaking the men when it comes to
education and careers.

 Today there is an increasing number of women in traditional male jobs' at universities such as doctors, scientists, lawyers, dentists, pharmacists, university professors and so on. In the business world the newly coined expression 'oestrogen tornadoes' shows that the women are rushing forward in their careers, in many cases overtaking the men, and today
the women in Scandinavia make more money than the men in every 3 couples.

Evidence suggests that the women's intellectual abilities (and their
self-confidence to go with it) have grown dramatically over the last fifty
years, so that today they are able to do the jobs that used to be 'reserved'
for men. We live in a society undergoing a rapid change due to our growing
problems with being married or living together. We are simply witnessing a
dissolution tendency in our traditional ways of living together, and the
question is of course: What is going on? What is the reason? Why are we no
longer as good at being married to each other as our parents were?

Many people are confused about the problems in their relationships to such a high
degree, that a plausible bid for an explanation to this dissolution tendency
in our traditional marital structure is urgently needed. The general answer
as to the reason is that it is the development of society in the wake of the
women's liberation movement of the 70s.

 Female emancipation set a new agenda, and today we see the result of women's liberation: they can no longer be bothered to be tied to the same ' cold fish' for a whole lifetime,
and they pull at their tether until it breaks. They want their freedom to
have sex with whomever they fancy and live life without marital ties. They
have become more self-aware and independent, so they take longer and harder
educations, so that they are not dependent on being provided for by a man.
That is true, but is it the whole explanation?

Are we not missing a deeper explanation that can account for the forces that started the entire women's 'liberation' movement? What lies behind the fact that the women of the 70's
wanted freedom and equality and had the courage to go out and demand it? What
lies behind the fact that the women of today are becoming more and more
intellectual and self-reliant? Are we still not missing a real explanation as
to what prompted the women to demand equality in all fields of life? Could it
be that it not only has to do with a development in society, but rather a
development and a transformation of a much more fundamental kind? Could it be
that our changing forms of cohabitation are in fact based in a much deeper
organic / psychological transformation of us as human beings?

Not many people have offered to come up with an explanation to that question But one has, and that is the great Danish visionary and intuitive Martinus (Thomsen). Martinus
offers a detailed explanation and analysis of the inner transformation that
we human beings are subjected to in the course of our evolution: the
transformation of our sexual poles. Martinus throws a brilliant light on the
inner sexual / organic transformation that is happening with men and women of
today. It is through Martinus' illuminating analysis of the transformation of
our sexual poles that we find the real reasons for the dissolution of our
family structure that we are witnessing today.

As Martinus is the only one to offer an explanation to the deeper cause of the large-scale tendency of dissolution that is affecting people today, it seems like a good idea to look
at what he says. The intention of this book is to provide an easy introduction to IvIartinus' unique analysis of the internal forces behind today's marital incapacity: The transformation of the sexual poles of the human being. But first let us just briefly look at who Martinus was, and why his bid for an explanation can be of value to us today.

Martinus had achieved what was later called 'cosmic consciousness' (link). Thus he was able to answer and explain all questions of a spiritual, philosophical and metaphysical nature. Martinus has written extensively about his spiritual experience in his book About the Birth of My Mission'.

<at 30years of age and here> nearly 90>

The work
Martinus' spiritual experience was the beginning of his extensive writings, which at his death in 1981, included no less than some 9000 pages and 100 symbols. His main work, Livets Bog, (The Book of LIFE) (Martinus wanted his main work to be called by its original Danish title in all languages) has 7 volumes and approximately 3000 pages. The bibliography at the back of the book mentions all Martinus' books, some articles and symbols.

Now some readers will probably ask what we need Martinus' work for? What sets it apart from other works? This question can be answered briefly: It is a unique work, which in a logical and precise way provides answers to life's big questions. Martinus presents logical answers to questions such as:

  •  where are we coming from and where are we going?
  • what is the meaning of life?
  • how do we create happiness?
  • do we only live this one life or is there life after death?
  • how can we shape our destiny?
  • is there a master plan, is there a creator?

And much, much more. Now, some people will probably doubt that Martinus can really have truthful answers to lifes big questions. But those doubts are put to rest when you read his work. Once you have read his work from one end to the other, there is no longer any doubt that here we have a unique concrete, convincing and complete answer to the question: What is the truth about life?

With a compelling logic and subtlety Martinus reveals the structure of the universe in such a way that you, when you have read the whole work, feel totally convinced that this is how things are. From every page the truth vibrates in such a convincing form that it cannot be dismissed neither intellectually, emotionally nor logically.

I have yet to meet a person who has read Martinus' entire work, who is not totally convinced of its true value. And what is it that Martinus reveals? It is obviously difficult to boil the contents of so many pages of text down to a brief introduction, but let me mention that Martinus describes (among other things): The structure of life; the identity of the universe with a conscious, living cosmos; the existence of a metaphysical, spiritual plane of existence; the development of the living beings through the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the unfinished human kingdom and up to the real human kingdom; the immortality of all living beings; the necessity of reincarnation; the existence of a law for the creation of fate (the law of karma); the law of attraction and repulsion as one of the universe's most important natural laws; the inevitable existence of an intelligent creator who with logic, planning and love has created the universe as a place where both light and darkness can be experienced by the eternal beings.

And then, of course, an analysis of the transformation of the sexual poles, which is the real reason for the marital misery and the subject of this book. One can say that Martinus' work constitutes the most complete spiritual guidance that has been presented to mankind to date. It may sound like some kind of exaggeration, but there is no way that you can explain the content of Martinus' work without using big words. It is so fantastic, so momentous, so unique and so compelling that it is surprising that it is not better known in the world today. But the reason why Martinus' work is relatively unknown is probably that it is so much on the leading edge of a new world picture that it requires extreme open-mindedness and forward thinking to understand it.

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