Brasil and south-America’s  most important medium

(medium of the century, as book of Guy L.Playfair calls him).

Francisco Candido Xavier (Chico Xavier)

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The repetition principle in the reincarnation process seen after coupling-cell.

Chico had written as early as 1948 that 'the electrons and protons that form your physical clothing also integrate our vehicles of manifestation, in other vibratory characteristics'. (it means them ALSO existing in the astral or mental level, as we are indeed multi-dimensional entities. Rø-rem./interpretation)
'There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body,' St Paul wrote in his usual plain language to the Corinthians. ‘Evolution in Two Worlds’ seems to have been written with the aim of stripping the latter of all its mystical connotations. It is presented as something just as real as the physical body, with a structure of its own parallel to it. Chico's chapter on this spiritual body is of special interest.
There may still be controversy as to whether the chicken came before the egg or vice versa, but Andre' Luiz (one of the many on the other side that wrote thru him) makes it quite clear that the spirit body came before the physical one, always has and always will.
'All this richness of modelling on the lines of Creation is raised on the basis of corpuscles under irradiations from the mind; corpuscles and irradiations that we cannot define in all their multiplicity and configuration with our present level of knowledge, although we are no longer on the physical plane.' It is good to know that even the spirits are not omniscient:
Andre' Luiz frequently complains of the difficulty of find­ing words that we can understand with which to describe the spirit world. 'Death merely dilates our concepts,' he explains, 'and clarifies our introspection, illuminating our moral sense. But in no way does it solve the problems, which the Universe poses at every step with its displays of grandeur.

One intriguing idea that recurs throughout the book, is that of a model behind all creation of life. “Under the orientation of Superior Intelligences, the atoms are grouped in immense hives; and under the spiritually directed pressure of electromagnetic waves, the spatial inter-atomic areas are reduced in a controlled manner, without loss of movement, so as to be transformed into condensed nuclear mass from which the planets are sculpted, and in whose bosom the celestial monads are to find an adequate cradle for development.'  It is literally a case of mind over matter on a cosmic scale.

The spiritual body, which the author often calls the psychossoma , is subject to similar control from spirit. 'The body that evolves and perfects itself through experience of action and reaction on the earth plane and in the spiritual regions that border it, is susceptible to numerous alterations based on the adynamia arising from our mental. And fall into remorse, or the hyperdynamia imposed by the deliria of the imagination, as these become responsible for numerous dysfunctions of the soul, born in the state of hypo- or hypertension in the circulatory movement of the forces that keep its organism subtle. It (the psychossoma) may be ‘worn out’ in the sphere next to the physical one, to be remade there through rebirth along the lines of the Pre-existent mental mould, or it may be restricted in order to be reconstituted once more in the uterine vessel, for the recapitulation of the teachings and experiences for which it shows a need, in accordance with the failings of conscience before the Law.
 Reincarnation is not quite as simple as some of us may have thought.
Over and over again, the idea of a 'biological organizing model' crops up. The author insists that it is the spiritual body that moulds or models the physical one, and the latter that represents the former, just as bricks are put into place according to the architect's instructions, so the cells of our bodies are subjected to the discipline of the 'orienting idea' that rules them.
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He has never married and not even the Brazilian press has managed to link his name with anybody, which they certainly would have if they had had half a chance. Chico's life of monastic chastity and dedication to his work of writing make the views on sex expressed in his books even more surprising. In one, we are even treated to a close-up description of the process of fertilising and it is not quite what you find in the medical textbooks...

'The masculine sexual elements were racing along the natural channels in search of the ovule, as if prepared beforehand for a race of about three millimetres a minute. I was surprised to see there were millions of them, heading forward en masse in an impulsive instinct of sacred competition...'
At this point Andre' understands that his guide Alexandre is actually going to intervene from the spirit world, as occasionally happens when a particularly important rebirth is being planned and carried out.
'I realised that Alexandre could see the chromosomic dispositions of all the masculine principles in motion, after closely observing the future maternal ovule, presiding over the initial work of determining the sex of the body to be organised.

(The spiritual being connecting to the physical level:)
'After watching, deeply absorbed, the march of the minuscule competitors that formed the fecundating substance, he identified the most apt and fixed his magnetic potential on it, giving me the impression that he was helping it get ahead of its competitors and be the first to penetrate the maternal sac. The element he focused gained new energy over the others and advanced rapidly towards its target The female cell that, in face of the microscopic spermatic projectile, looked like a small round world of sugar, amidogen and proteins, awaiting the vitalising ray, underwent laceration of the cuticle like a small ship being torpedoed; then it went stiff in a singular manner, closing its tiny pores as if seeking to withdraw them into its own depths so as to receive the expected visitor face to face, preventing the entry of any of the other competitors that had lost first place in the great race.

'Still under Alexandre's magnetic-luminous influx, the vic­torious element went on its way after crossing the periphery of the ovule, taking just over four minutes to reach the nucleus. Both forces, male and female, now formed one whole, converting themselves as I saw it into a faint focal point of light.'
Working like a skilled surgeon, Alexandre (his guide) next starts the process of division of the chromatin in the egg, which Andre' confesses is a mystery to him, as it was to most people in 1945, when this was written. And now for the actual moment of reincarnation.
'Next, Alexandre adjusted the reduced form of Segismundo, which was interpenetrating with the perispintual organism of [the mother] over that microscopic globe of light impregnated with life, and I saw this latent life beginning to move.' The initial operation, that of joining the psi body of the reincarnating Segismundo to that of his future mother, is over, having taken just fifteen minutes, and Andre' settles down to watch the process of cell division that is to lead to the formation of the baby's embryo.

'The material organism is to supply all the aliment for the basic organisation of the physical apparatus, while the re­duced form of Segismundo, like a vigorous model, will act like a magnet among iron filings, giving a consistent form to its future manifestation on the stage of Earth.'
Reincarnation, says Alexandre, means a recommencement of the whole process of evolution, starting with the amoeba.
The repetition principle in the reincarnation process seen after coupling-cell.
(similar and like Martinus see it and describes.)
(Martinus symbol on this theme)
'This is why the future body of a man may not be different in its embryonic development from the formation of a reptile or a bird. What operates the differentiation of the form is the evolutive value, contained in the perispiritual mould of the being that adopts the fluids of the flesh. Thus, upon returning to the denser sphere, which Segismundo is doing, it must re­capitulate all the experiences lived through in the long drama of our perfection, even if only for a few days or hours, repeaing in a rapid course the stages it has overcome and the lessons it has learned, stopping in the position at which it must carry on its apprenticeship. Soon after the microscopic form of the amoeba, the signs of the aquatic era will appear in Segismundo's foetal process, and so on through all periods of transition or stages of progress the creature has already been through on its incessant march towards perfection...’

Andre' learns that reincarnation is usually an automatic process, with the spirit simply drawn to a certain parent. When the soul is more advanced, it chooses its parents with more care. Segismundo has chosen to be reborn as the son of a man he once murdered, so that they can both forgive each other and get over a bad stage of evolution.

But before the sexual act that is to lead to Segismundo's rebirth takes place, the future father has a premonition that he is trying to come back and at first refuses to accept him. The spirit guides have to work on his mind for some time before he agrees to welcome the beggar knocking on his door and forgive him.

Moral considerations apart, the mechanisms of reincarna­tion are fascinating enough. Andre' Luiz learns that people can actually help plan their own future bodies, with the help of genetic engineers at the ‘Reincarnation Planning Department’.

 Here, people being reborn for a specific purpose are able to ask for physical defects that will help them develop qualities they need.
'I have to defend myself against certain temptations of my inferior nature,' says one, 'and my bad leg will help me, making me think of better things. It will be an antidote to vanity, a sentinel against the devastation of selflove.' The physical laws of heredity are fully respected, Andre' is told over and over again, but now and then 'modifications can be impressed on matter', such as a bad leg, a weak heart or more serious disabilities.

To plan a new human being, the bioengineers make use of the life-size Visible Man, which fascinates Andre'. His lengthy and detailed description of it reveals a sound knowledge of anatomy. 'From the frontal to the annular ligament of the tarsus, threads of light were to be seen, symbolizing the various regions of the general musculature. Some fibres, however, were more brilliant, such as those in the orbicular zone of the eyelids, the triangular zone of the lips, the great pectoral, the pectineal, and in the thenar and hypothenar prominences as far as the extensor of the fingers. I was struck by the perfect composition of the vessels distributed around the coeliac trunk, like small rivers of light Outstanding was the luminosity of the upper and lower venae cavae, the external and internal jugulars, the arteries and axillary veins, the upper mesenteric and splenary arteries, the descendant aorta, the iliac vessels and the ganglia of the groin.'

Andre' sees the glands as 'small stars of life, like a rutile antenna attracting light from the Most High', each under the direction of the pineal, 'a small bluish sun that kept all the others within its field of magnetic attraction, from the hypophysis to the region of the ovaries, like our star of life, guaranteeing the cohesion and movement of its great family of planets and asteroids.
The bioengineers seem to have a way of programming a whole body and then condensing their design into the genes. Andre' cannot quite figure out how they do this, as he freely adinits. Nor can he understand the process by which a spirit is gradually ‘miniaturized’ before being linked to that of its new mother….

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