The Semjase-contacts

from 1975-

Eduard Meiers early contacts as child 

his contacts in youth

contacts to "Asket" in 1956 

From SEMJASE 'S  EXPLANATIONS - from the first contacts

from 4th contact on gravity - their ships and more...

from 5th cont-on our history, the flood, settlement from space and more

from 7th cont on the yeti, spiritWorld, matter&energy, venus and more

on space-travellings

on life on Erra and far history of Earth and more

many mysteries explained by Semjase and "her men"



english channeled version of talmud J. - this is not acsepted by Meier - but it seems quite parallell to Meiers translated version and I think it seems credible - here it can  be downloaded in zip or can be red side for side on link here


some of Meiers pictures of Semjases "old" ship | more pictures |

Meier took nearly. 1100 diapictures of  pleiadian(pleiaren-) -ships, many of them stolen (ca. 500?): The journalist Gary Kinder wrote in his book "Ligtyears" how easy it was to  "borrow" Meiers original pictures. Meier had commited Semjase not to deny anybody information - and many of them was simply stolen and has never later appeared.

much of the hidden work of the agencies has now come foreward through "leaking" channels as Michael Wolf

art of Jim Nichols from a contakt - it is to remark that Semjase herself forbid Meier  taking pictures of her - also  fearing they could be used as a focus transferring  negativ telepathie /black magic against her


And those were PHYSICAL CONTACTS -

That means these "contacts" didn't happen on the basis of "channelling" as so many claim to use today - 30 years later.

Summary of the Contact Notes

Throughout all of Billy Meier's contacts, which began at the age of five and continue today - he has always written them down as true to word as he can. These writings are called the Semjase Reports or most commonly known as the 'Contact Notes' and amount to over 1800 pages collectively. Some of it have been published in English (Wendelle Stevens in 1979?). Here we have summarized them to give you an idea of some of the more important elements they contain. Herein are answers to history, philosophy, science and some of the mysteries of our Earth.


| part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9 | part 10|


the official BILLY MEIER base

the most from book UFO-CONTACT FROM THE PLEIADES av Wendelle Stevens.


After reading this material we has some comments. It seems as Semjase is locked to a certain realityview, and all what differes from this are rejected. Much of the material are good, spesially the part which describes the spiritual philosophy on Erra. Some text seems to be damning to persons with a view on reality that differs from the view Semjase has.

According to cosmic laws one does not have the right to damn anyone. The reality is not as black and white as some parts of the text indicates. The reality exists within several paralell eventchannels.

This means that one realityview can be as good as another. According to the text, Meier is the only person who have had contacts with higher forms of life the last 2000 years. This statement is wrong. Many persons on Earth have dayly contacts with higher worlds in other dimensions on Earth and on other planets, using their higher bodies for the contacts either directly or indirectly, by use of the chacrasystem in their bodies.

It look like devas and similar creatures are unknown to Semjase.

It's not correct that George Adamski was a hoaxer. He had contacts with spacepeoples from another naturplane with a higher dimensionary vibrating frequency. It seems like this dimension is unknown to the Erranians.

Much of what the text describes as wrong information, can be valid to persons with another view on reality than the one some of the Erranians have.

It seems that information who isn't proved by the science of Erra are rejected. This isn't good and this part of the text are somtimes in conflict with the part of the text describing spiritual concerns.

Its up to the readers to evaluate the text and use what seems to be right to each person and reject what does not feel good.