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more still on the contacts/life on Venus

The lifelevel/matter-frequency  that  sustain REAL LIFE ON VENUS

The material level of Venus, which is out of sight to our prevailing way of sensing.

What we perceive as physical is a pure illusion.

"90% of the Venus-ships on earth are operating outside

 of the visible range of sight."

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listen to the deep txt on Scorpions - Send Me A Angel -  on YOUTUBE and remark  the text says  " the land of the morning star" - thats VENUS!

Omnec Onec-speaks on astral dimensions- youtubevideo

Still another contact with higher levels of Venus;Laan-Deeka and Sharann

på dansk om vibr.hevet liv på bl a VENUS

still more on the Venus-contacts;

Rolf Telano had contact to "Boreaslis" - claiming coming from a level of Venus.

(contact through radio-transmissions?).

His contacts to "Borealis" told him (translated from Swedish - which is the language of the book on the case I have): "…you can simply not adjust our channel. And yet still we are solid og real. There is sound your ears cannot hear and colors your eyes cannot see. Yet those are in reality  as real as those you CAN see with your senses. The limits for OUR ability to perceive is much bigger than yours, but the difference in level is so big that we normally also is unconscious about you. We are able to enlarge the limit down to your level, but for most efficient observation, is it necessary for us to transform or readjust to your lowlevel-frequency.

THIS CAN BE DONE EITHER DIRECT THROUGH THOUGH-CONSENTRATION or through artificial way - by a mainpulse-generator on the moon which envelops earth in a wave of the spesific frequency to create a conversion of our bodies to your level. All of our observators in their crafts on your earth have a small mecanism, which make it possible for them to lock into syncronisation with this wave. This automatic regulates the suitable level - without any thoughtconcentration from their side. They can disappear from syncronisation anytime and switch to mental control if they wish to alter their level a little..."




We Are All  ETs to Some Extent

There is really no difference between ETs and humans, because Earth has been genetically manipulated for aeons by different ET races to the point that almost all of us have genetics from other star systems.

There are often some physical genetic markers carried from generation to generation that can help identify one�s ET heritage. For example, those carrying genetic material from Nordic Pleaideans are often tall and muscular, with blond hair and blue eyes.. But with all the mixing and blending of our melting pot planet, this is a hard thing to track. For example,am I Venusian,  may i have markers; as most Venusians are fair skinned and blond!!? by nature acc. to The Venus-(radio-contact?) ++ BOREALIS.

Actually, if a non-human being were to walk among us (and some do), he/she might not even be noticed. Not only can some alien races disguise themselves, but many already just look a lot like us.

Inca Spiritual Messenger, Willaru Huayta in a lecture given in Peru, September, 1997


I asked them (Venusians) to give me the opportunity to see. I only wanted to know, to experience Venus, to compare that civilization with our civilization here

First Impression of Venus... After going past the astral plane, I arrived on Venus at a sea port. Many cosmic ships were there in the ocean. It was very, very alive, like in the sixth dimension. Everything has life, brilliant vibration, very, very delicious life. You feel good. Your spiritual body feels really good. It feels like home. It is something that I do not feel here on Earth. But when I got there, they were waiting for me, the celestial marines. All the boys there were young, because they live eternal life. They have "a physical body" like us, but live eternal life. They are very young looking, like the age 22, wearing white uniforms like American Marines. They have a blue light, a celestial cape over them.

 It was very, very nice when I got there. I said "Wow"! I got very emotional. "Wow"! "Finally I'm here"! But it was no good, because it was an inferior type of happiness. So I didn't pass the test of the emotional body. I looked to them like a monkey you give a banana to and they jump with happiness. (Willaru jumps around the room to demonstrates how an excited monkey looks) Something like that. (The group breaks out in laughter) My happiness was still a little bit of an animal nature, but which is natural on planet Earth, being human. They (the Venusians) understand this, so they showed me a little bit more.

Government... The first thing, there is no government. There are no palaces or government buildings like the White House, embassies, ministries or anything like that. They have no president. Everyone is their own government. There are no separate countries. Planet Venus is one country. There are no passports, separate flags, separate nationalities, frontiers, borders, all these things. They do not have courts because they are their own judges, their own government, their own lawyers, even their own architects, everything. They have liberated their consciousness from all that. 

There is no monetary system either. They work for the Father/Mother to build their temple of the Father (points to the mind) and to build the temple of the Mother (points to the heart). Wherever they go, they are home. There is no division between them. Everybody is the army, because everyone is guardian of the planet. There's no Court of Justice there, because there's no ego. Nobody has ego. If there is ego, of course, there is karma. If there's karma, then there are the police, there are judges, and jails. They don't know those things. They have liberated their consciousness a long time ago, and they don't need it. They have no weapons, like machine guns, tanks, airplanes to fight or attack. That is based in fear, and fear is ego. They have finished a long time ago with this.

Most of the people on planet Earth say "Perfect communist doesn't exist". But on Venus they say, "To have perfect communism, we have to eliminate the egos". So you see they don't need any political parties to take responsibility for all the material things. The only question is the action of the consciousness. Everyone on Venus is rich spiritually. It was only with the elimination of the egos that they became the perfect society. There's no fighting present because everybody is their own government. Everybody speaks only a little bit, but also every one knows they are masters with different perspectives.

The Venusians... They are intelligent. They have created a solar system in their brain. It is different than ours. It is more intelligent and has a larger capacity and is wiser, enlightened, and a higher vibration. They have an aura of love, because all the egos have been transmuted. You know that to be an alchemist brings much privilege. This is why they have a lot of electricity. They can fly also, of course, because they have total control over their vital body, astral body, mental body, causal body and their physical body. They are authentic man with all their faculties and powers. We can call this the kingdom of the supermen. They still have a little of the animal in them, but there is a difference. They are authentic man.

RELIGION... The religion is the same as light. It is the light of the life, of the universal cosmic Christ. They see that light everywhere, in the Father/Mother, in the sexual energy. Even when they see the most beautiful woman, they have another mentality, not erotic, like the people on planet Earth. When we see a very attractive girl.... we are a little bit like an animal, you know. But on Venus there is much respect, a respect based in consciousness. This is very important to understand, because life is everywhere, the universal cosmic Christ. The light of the Creation, this is their religion. Religion for them is to be united with the Father/Mother, and to be always in the inner temple. So, they don't need any organized religion. Their life is more solar cosmic universal culture, the culture of Gods. Everyone has all their faculties and powers. They have intuition and telepathic communication. They have the faculties of clairaudiance and clairvoyance. They don't speak so much, like we do here.

Their planet is ruled only by 24 laws, not as many laws as on Earth. It is governed by less laws because they have liberated their consciousness totally. Their religion is the three steps of revolution of consciousness. The first step is the elimination of the ego. Although they don't have ego, they still have the root of ego and they are aware of this all the time. They are always cleansing themselves. Their mind is illuminated. Their mind is in service to the Father/Mother, not in the service of the ego anymore.

In the second step, every marriage on Venus is based in alchemy. All the marriages are conscious. There is no divorce there, because they are with the Father/Mother. They don't experience those things over there. Everybody knows how to make love. This is the biggest step. A long time ago the Venusians used to live like we do on the planet Earth, but they have grown up psychologically. Only a few people at first began working with the three steps and then there were more, more, more, more, and then at the end, everybody was taking these three steps. Soon everybody was an alchemist. That's why they have skin that is very transparent, shining like a baby's, because they have never wasted their (sexual) energy. (The third step is sacred service and unconditional love)

On Medicine... Everyone is a doctor also, a medicine man. And as they walk, they heal their planet. Everyone is a master, and they say "My physical body is not my master. My Father is my master". They are very humble. They are very simple. They have no negative ego. "My Father is the one who knows, I am serving my Father, so I am an eternal servant of my Father/Mother. He/she is the one who is the master, not me". They have no pride. They do not show off. There are no universities, like we have University of Miami, University of London etc. They say these universities are mental only, "Poor people, they suffer so much to learn a little bit, and still it is not useful". It is not complete. There are doctors on Earth that don't know how to heal.

 Everybody on Venus is a medicine man. They don't need any medicine, because they ARE medicine. Of course, they eat the three foods, the organic foods, food from the air, also food from the impressions of the life, the Cosmic Christ which is there. They radiate with the hands of light, which comes from their Father/Mother that are connected to the superior dimensions. They can heal any kind of illness. So in their spiritual path, they don't have to go to a doctor. As they grow, they are given all the faculties, even to heal the blind, the deaf, and cancer. But there is no illness and there are no hospitals. There's no contamination, because they never use any gasoline, or electricity, or petroleum like on the planet Earth. They have everything there, but they use solar energy. So this is a totally different system.

Birth control and family... They know how to make love, so it is not necessary to be taking all those pills, or to use condoms to control the population. These are for when we are not civilized. They know how to make love in the holy way, in the sacred spiritual way. They ask the inner Mother not to have a baby. They ask to have a spiritual baby. That's the most important, not the physical baby. If they want a baby, a physical baby, they ask the inner Mother to have a physical baby and then the physical baby comes. They ask the great master who's in charge of the ray of creation, who's giving that baby the spiritual essence, to connect in the moment to conceive the baby. They don't know abortion.

On Earth's modern technology... I asked, "What about the technology on the planet Earth with their machines, computers, airplanes and other technology?" One master said to me "The technology on the planet Earth is mentally retarded technology. You think you are civilized. You think you are on top of the world. What are you thinking when you make trips to the moon? This is a violation of cosmic law. When beings live in the spiritual culture, as they grow in the initiations, they are given the keys, the secrets, to make their own cosmic ships, but this technology is only learned in the spiritual culture. Interplanetary trips that are made are holy and totally sacred. In this way we shall travel. Everybody can travel in the universe. But traveling on only a mental/intellectual level is dangerous." That's all they said.

Cosmic Ships... They can make cosmic ships and there's a big, mother ship, very, very giant. There they have no weapons like tanks, machine guns, airplanes to attack or atomic bombs or anything like this because they say it is not necessary. They know another way to control, a superior way. They are the kingdom of the supermen. They are Gods and the Goddesses. They have a better way to control because they know electromagnetic science. The only weapon they have is a little spray. When they spray a little bit, for example before landing in New York, let's say, only with a little spray they can paralyze all of New York State, even many states, three, four states. It paralyzes all machines, all the human beings without killing, without making damage to the machines, without making any noises, or without destroying anything, buildings or anything, paralyzes everything. 

In that moment they can control everything. Anytime if they want, they can take over the planet Earth. They don't do it, because if they do, they will lose their initiation. Why would they lose their initiation? Because they will be violating the law of free will. We fight all these wars with each other among countries. This is our free will. This is our reality. We cannot complain, because we want the easy life. The easy life is not meditating, not practicing the spiritual culture. We want to dominate the material first before the spirit. It doesn't work that way. We need to be spiritual first, then dominate the material.

Control of nature and the material worlds... This is the way they work to dominate nature. They are the kings and queens, so like a king they dominate nature. Whenever they want rain, they make it rain. Whenever they want it cloudy, they make it cloudy. Whenever they want it sunny, they put away the clouds and then it is sunny. They live in the Fourth Dimension. In the ancient times their planet used to be a Third Dimensional world and the Fourth Dimensional world. These two are in the physical. The Third Dimensional world is the subconscious, because it is not a conscious world. Now many conscious people are living in paradise on this planet Earth. There are some masters already living consciously in this Third Dimension. Most of the conscious people are in the Fourth Dimension. On Venus they have united, they have become one. They are living in paradise, so it is protected. It's an enchanted planet, almost un-touchable, because it is ruled by less laws. If they come here it is because they want to share wisdom. They want to give a message, a warning to humanity, to show us another way.

There are other civilizations, more developed, more enlightened, in the spiritual path. it is very important to know their life, to compare our civilization with the civilizations of other planets in this solar system. They feel sorry for us because we are not growing enough, but they are also very glad because we are working. We are understanding little by little. Their guidance says not to look for connection with ETs, because sometimes when we invoke this, we want to be taken, not to come back and that's no good, because we are running away from our responsibilities. We have done almost no work here, and we want to be saved

That doesn't work. Also from the other solar systems comes negative entities, cosmic ships, etc. The gray men don't come from other planets. They coThere is the Fourth Dimension light side and the Fourth Dimension dark from the planet Earth.  In the dark side are living those gray people. Humanity believes that they come from other planets. Also in our planet, living in the dark side are other kinds of monsters, and big animals also. Dimension by dimension there is life, different forms of life. Only in the Third Dimension and the Fourth Dimension can we live with a physical body. To go to the other dimensions, fifth, sixth, and seventh, we need other bodies, astral body, mental body, causal body, atomic body, and other bodies. (end)

this a quite parallell explanation to that of edw.james, but his book was seemingly not out when this inca-person said this in-97, so this is not he has red and so re-invented


GABRIEL GREEN who knew the contactperson Bob Renaud :

"I traveled with United Nations UFO Investigator Farida Iskiovet, Assistant to U.N.  President of the General Assembly Adam Malik, investigating UFO's for the president himself. I was accompanied by Phil Geiger, director of intelligence for our department and my brother Fred Swegles (who formerly was a press agent to President Nixon and Henry Kissinger at the Western White House for the news media). We visited GABRIEL GREEN, who was the President of AFSCA, the largest civilian UFO investigative agency in the world then. Green said he had been contacted by Venusians.

In his files was an account of two Venusians who visited the LOS ANGELES TIMES newspaper with a message to the world, and were kicked out of the office! He also had reports of Soviet astronomers tracking many UFO's on flights to Venus. We decided to visit Dr. Frank E. Stranges, who reportedly was the man in the Pentagon who handled the secret contact, in 1959, between President Eisenhower and an alien ambassador from Venus. Dr. Stranges was the President of the NATIONAL INVESTIGATIONS COMMITTEE ON UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS. He was also a member of our Department of Interplanetary Affairs because he wanted to leak the truth out. He showed us impressive UFO files and incredible clear photos, including photos of a Venusian pilot called VAL THOR.

He added that the Venusian Thor had a secret base underground in the Nevada desert, and would take us there to meet Thor if we wished. Farida wanted to go, but I had to get back to Honolulu for important business appointments and missed the meeting.

The Space Emissary, as he became known, was totally human-like and taken to the Pentagon where he met President Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon, also Secretary of Defence D. F. Forestall and the other MJ12 members. That’s when he was introduced to Dr. Frank E. Stranges, a theologist, psychologist, criminologist and ufologist.

Dr. Stranges remained in contact with the alien, Valiant Thor, who stayed on Earth for three years, before disembarking for his home—Venus. He indicated that not only did his race live underground on Venus, but many planets in our Solar System harbour sentient life in the same manner.

The Venusian spoke of Christ’s presence in the Universe and wished to address the UN to enlighten us on the perfect way to live and rid us of disease. The CIA rejected the idea. Nixon tried to convince Eisenhower to let the World know of Valiant Thor, but bureacrats blocked the plan.

Dr Stranges was taken on board the craft and was greatly impressed by the sophisticated technology but being a scientist, he was curious about the Venusians lack of fingerprints. Valiant Thor said, mankind had been marked with fingerprints since the fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden.

According to Dr. Stranges, the Venusian came on a mission to offer to help solve world problems if our government would agree to eliminate all polluting fuels, nuclear bombs, and it's corrupt government and economy... which the President rejected because the Venusian refused to give him any saucer technology or science that could be used by the military, and oil backed his government in big bucks. The Venusian, in 1959, had landed in a scout craft near High Bridge, New Jersey. Along with a three member crew they went to a public UFO conference disguised as EARTH humans wearing Earth clothing.

After observing the group's interest in UFO's, the spacemen returned to their ship, took off, and later again landed outside the city limits of Alexandria, Virginia. Thor left the ship where he encountered two state policemen who drew their weapons on him, yet the Venusian used telepathy to overwhelm them with feelings of good will. The police then put Thor in the back seat of their car, and violated all rules governing interstate borders, and drove him to the Pentagon, where he was met by the Secretary of Defense and a staff of seven witnesses. At the same time three Venusian scout-craft landed at Edwards Air Force Base for a secret contact with officials. These ships were remote controlled. The reason was to show that there was much that could be learned from Venusians. The scientists were totally unable to break inside those ships, even with lasers.

The Venusian alarmed Pentagon officials by having no passport or visa (against the law and subject to arrest) and no fingerprints! The introduction, presented to the President, written by the Venusian High Council, was not written in any Earth language, shocking officials. Val Thor was allowed to follow six armed guards into an elevator where they were transferred to an underground transportation network which took them to the capitol building. Secret Service agents then escorted him to the President. As they entered the room where Eisenhower waited, a worried look was observed on the President's face. Even the secret service men were nervous. Eisenhower then arose from his desk as they all walked toward him. The Venusian raised his hand to shake the President's hand, and immediately three secret service agents drew their guns and pointed them at Thor. The President then nervously nodded to lower the guns, and then said, "you know we have suspended all rules of protocol. I have a good feeling toward you. Please sir, what is your name?"

The Venusian replied, "Valiant."

The President asked, "And where do you come from?"

"I come from the planet your Bible calls the morning and evening star,"Venus", replied Thor.

"Can you prove this?", asked the President.

Thor replied, "What do you constitute as proof?"

"I don't know", the President said hastily.

Then Thor offered proof by inviting the President to his landed spaceship, but Eisenhower replied saying, "My friend, I cannot come and go as I please. There are committees to be consulted and security measures to be adhered to. Please spend some time with us here. Let's get better acquainted... learn more about each other, and perhaps, we will see."

Thor then told the President that our nation has been under close-scrutiny by Venusians since the first A-bomb blast test in 1945. However, the Pentagon officials could not reconcile Val as being in a position to force anything (which they do not anyway), and Val refused to give their scientists the secrets of saucer propulsion. (but apparently the gray didn't refuse- so the seemingly "traded with them" - the insiders  fx Bill /William Cooper -  rø-rem)

A newsman who learned that the meeting happened was allegedly silenced by the C.I.A. Dr. Stranges reported how he himself was later kidnapped by three mysterious men in black suits, taken into the Nevada desert, for a possible assassination attempt, yet was rescued by a Venusian scout ship that landed in front of the black car.

The United Nations UFO investigator Farida, was believing what Dr. Stranges told us. I will leave it to the readers to determine themselves about Dr. Frank E. Stranges and his reports.

In regard to George Adamski, after the Air Force failed to prove his films and photos hoaxes, a rumor circulated that the Venusian ship was really a balloon model used by the C.l.A. to fool him, and the Venusian was really a government agent. This theory started after many prominent UFO researchers proved he definitely photographed a large solid object that actually flew and they could not find any fraud.

First of all, what logic is there, "why would the CIA first make George believe he contacted Venusians and then deny later it ever happened?" What sense is that? Also, Adamski described the Venusian's eyes emanating great wisdom and love and he had beauty surpassing anything he had ever seen. Does that sound like a government agent?

Furthermore, one particularly close-up ultra-clear photo of an obviously mechanical craft with port holes is too clear, detailed, and mechanic to possibly be a balloon, and the speeds, trajectories, and maneuvering reported by these objects photographed and seen in different parts of the world was impossible for a balloon to duplicate! Others theorized the saucers he saw were secret U.S. government experimental craft.  However, the researchers, occupants (pilots), testers, and witnesses of those early 1950s experimental Air Force and Navy saucers have admitted in those days they all either crashed, failed to perform, or totally failed so the projects were unsuccessful, proving Adamski did not see secret government craft in 1951 to 1953 during these experiences.

It is true that the government did develop and fly nuclear powered saucer discs, yet that was over 15 years later!  And photos of these secret craft do not resemble the Adamski type craft.  Furthermore, nobody has been able to explain how Adamski knew obscure details about the miniature little green fireballs passing in outer space and the hidden back side of the Moon that were not discovered by astronauts until over 15 years later, as well as other details of outer space. It is now widely accepted by prominent researchers that George actually photographed real flying large objects.

In 1970 the Hollywood movie RAINBOW BRIDGE was released, filmed on Maui and starring Jimi Hendrix.  Near the end of the film the stars are in a cabin in Haleakala Crater discussing UFO's with Hendrix, when Charlotte Blodgett (Adamski's secretary), tells the world-wide audience that Venusians have secretly contacted the U.S. government and offered a free and non-polluting energy system that was a threat to the biggest bank accounts in the world, oil and electricity, and a reason for the secrecy.

In a 1971 letter to Maui researchers, Charlotte allegedly was kidnapped by government agents from the CIA and INTERPOL for making that statement and driven down a wooded road for assassination, yet was rescued by a landed Venusian scout craft like Adamski photographed!

Phylis Dixon, in charge of our Department of Interplanetary Affairs in New Zealand, wrote she was attacked by negative small human abtuctor-type aliens in 1977 and was rescued by Venusians.  According to Dr. Wilbert B. Smith of Project Magnet, the Venusians said they had a kind of cosmic police force used to protect key people.

This report is entirely full of what "other people" told me or wrote. I ask you to form your own conclusions on what "they said and they wrote" and form your own beliefs, as I will not tell you my own conclusions here!  Make up your own mind, and above all, do your own thorough objective homework!

On this particular day, May 13, 1954, at the National Airport in Washington, D.C., our radar screens began picking up object of high altitudes and images of unusual size.  One radar unit after another was switched on and the tracking of the same objects appeared on all screens. Our scanning computer determined the size of these objects to be in excess of 250 feet in diameter and, at first reading, to be 15 to 18 miles above Washington. The objects were at the city of Washington. Before nightfall, there were authenticated reports of these oval shaped craft hovering directly over the Capitol, the White House and the Pentagon.

Tema: Venusianere



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".... Most of the UFOs visiting this planet come from Mars and Venus. Most of them, even the Venusian ones, are made on Mars, which is a kind of great industrial planet.

 All of them are of subtle, etheric, not dense physical, matter. They can lower the vibrational rate of that matter until it comes within the range of our sight, so for a limited period they are visible.

 Normally, unless you have etheric vision, they would be invisible, but to the Martians, the Venusians and so on, they are visible because they are in that same kind of energy. If you went to Mars, you would see nothing, yet there are more people on Mars than on this planet. Their technology is thousands of years ahead of ours at the present time, but when we have the new Technology of Light, which will be as soon as the planet settles down, the principle of sharing is governing and there are no wars, the Technology of Light will give us all the energy we need directly from the sun. This is how the people on Mars and Venus and elsewhere receive their energy. That will speed up our evolution tremendously from a technical point of view.

Our planet has exerted on it, from a great body in space, a force which pulls it very slightly off its axis, and if it had not been corrected by the Space Brothers, then all life would have been very painful; we would have had cataclysm and so on. They have put around the planet an energetic ring of light which keeps it intact on its axis, and so long as they patrol the planet and keep that going we are safe. They also, so far as our karma allows, neutralize much of the nuclear radiation which we pump into the atmosphere from our nuclear power stations. They also go down into the oceans and neutralize waste which we have dumped there and which otherwise would kill off marine life and further poison the planet.

The planet is already polluted to a degree which is now dangerous. Pollution is the greatest killer of all diseases of humanity, and much of it is of nuclear radiation. The advice of Maitreya and the Masters will be to close down immediately all nuclear-fission power stations in the world. They could be replaced tomorrow with a safe, fusion, process of nuclear power, as an interim measure before the coming Technology of Light.

Q. Does Maitreya say there is really life on other planets and there are other beings who come to the Earth just to protect us? 

A. Maitreya has not so far said so directly, but recently he spoke of other beings in space, far advanced, who have always protected humanity. All the planets, without exception, are inhabited. In my experience, UFOs are absolutely real. They cannot usually be seen by us because their normal state is on the higher etheric, not solid, physical levels. When we do see them, this is because they lower the vibrational rate of the vehicles to come within our vision, as a temporary manifestation. They are there all the time in their thousands and even millions. They help us in many ways and without them this earth would be a very painful place indeed. They mop up a great deal of the nuclear radiation which we release into the atmosphere through nuclear experimentation. Even if a test is underground, contaminated, poisoned dust flies up into the atmosphere. The space beings have ?implosion? devices which neutralize this nuclear radiation. Without their assistance our rivers and streams would be undrinkable; we would, literally, be dying. There would also be large numbers of deformed babies born. All this is a result of our misuse of nuclear energy. Without their help we would be in a very sad state.

Q. Do you think there is any threat from the people on other planets?

A. Absolutely not. Their intention is totally beneficial - in fact, without their help this planet would not be liveable in at this point. We owe them an enormous karmic debt.

Q. Has there been interference in world affairs by extra-terrestrials?

A. All Hierarchies of all the planets in this system are in touch with each other, and everything that takes place in an extra-terrestrial sense takes place under Law. All the planets of our system are inhabited, but if you were to go to Mars or Venus you would see nobody because they are in physical bodies of etheric matter, finer, subtler, than gas. If you were to go there and had etheric vision they would be as real to you as they are to each other, but if you have not etheric vision - and the bulk of humanity do not as yet have etheric vision, though some people here and there have the beginning of it - to all intents and purposes these planets would seem to be uninhabited.

There is ample evidence in the craft which we call UFOs to show that there has been a surveillance of this planet for many years (at least since 1945, but in fact since the beginning of time). This means that this planet is kept intact. There is a huge star out in space which is exerting a magnetic ?pull? on our planet, hence the growing incidence of earthquakes over the last 180 years.

What we call the 'Space Brothers', the people who use the vehicles we call UFOs, who come mainly from Mars and Venus but also from Jupiter, Mercury and a few other planets, have put around our planet a ring of light which keeps it on its axis. It is very slightly off its axis, but this ring allows it, within karmic limits, to be held so that the poles do not flip, which is predicted by many prophets of doom to take place. It will not take place, nothing can shift that ring of light which is put in place by our Space Brothers. Without their help this planet would probably be in chaos. One of the major activities of the Space Brothers is to neutralize the pollution with which we are destroying our planet - caused in the main by nuclear radiation which is pouring out from the nuclear powerhouses all over the world.

Every underground nuclear explosion also puts into the air dust which is totally contaminated by nuclear radiation with a half-life of thousands and thousands of years.

Within karmic limits they mop up as much radiation and pollution as possible - otherwise this planet would by now be unliveable. Pollution, according to the Masters, is already the number one killer in the world. It so diminishes the activity of the immune system that people succumb to many diseases such as pneumonia, influenza, AIDS, HIV and so on. The very air we breathe, the water, the soil, is totally polluted and we are destroying the very planet which we need for our continued existence and that of our children.

One of the major things which will happen after the Day of Declaration is the turning of the attention of humanity really strongly to the cleaning up of the environment and making this earth viable again. Every human being, of whatever age, will be involved in this process. As soon as the needs of the starving millions are met, as soon as the process of sharing is under way, then the attention of all must turn to the support of our eco-systems, otherwise there will be no planet.

One of the main factors in maintaining our eco-system is our Space Brothers: we owe them an enormous debt. There are various tales in magazines and newspapers of people being taken up, experimented on, and things being inserted under their skin and so on. All of this is totally untrue. There is not a single instance of such happenings. All of these stories are the result either of the fevered astral imagination of people who want to feel these things and do so in an astral sense, which they then describe to others and so build up a climate; or work of certain negative forces in the world whose aim is to keep from the public the reality of the extra-terrestrial connection of this planet. All the planets at Hierarchic level are interconnected and are all in communication. This solar system acts as a unit - it is not one planet and a whole lot of dead planets. They are all teaming with life at different stages.

We are at a midway stage; Venus is unbelievably evolved compared with this planet, as is Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and various other planets. They have no need to carry out experiments on us; they know. They are so advanced that they can make the UFO craft which are made from etheric matter(higher dimension/vibration).

They create the crop circles as a means of letting us know, obliquely, that they are here - that the Space Brothers are real. Only they could simultaneously, in fields all over the south of England, in a few seconds, create unbelievably complex and beautiful crop circles. The technique is programmed into the vehicle; they only have to hover and in a few seconds the work is done.

Q. Will Space Brothers work more openly in the world in the future?

A. Yes; the process is already beginning.


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