Ufo-contacts from a frequency- raised level of Venus

- near the socalled astral level of matter -vibrations.

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Etheric body ― The energetic counterpart of the physical body, composed of seven major centers (chakras) and 49 minor centers, a network which connects all the centers, and infinitesimally small threads of energy (nadis) which underlie every part of the nervous system. Blockages in the etheric body can result in physical illnesses. Etheric planes ― Four planes of matter finer than the gaseous-physical. As yet invisible to most people. The lowest level of Venus supporting "life" and is then one step up from our present Earth-level of "matter to fight with".

intro on powerpoint  | The space-contact-man (see preceding), told him of some spacepeople that took an enterely earthly warship for the purpose of a "space/cosmic museum" on a far planet!!

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By Paul M. Vest

LINK to AUDIO:  interview with OMNEC ONEC in late 2014 in Norway  |   interview  with OMNEC from dec2012

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hør ogaa intervju med MAY ESPEDAL om hennes opplevelser rundt denne kontaktpersonen paa:
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"DIANE - she came from Venus."
Physic and later trans-telepatic: Contact to 4th dim. People from planet Venus in their lowered state of vibration: from the book from the 50ths   

(recived in 1954) |  web

  W.Stevens and the pseudonym of Edward James have made an ebook of EJ's experiences, and WS says that EJ took contact to him about his ETcontact in march -81. Like many others he was contacted in the early 60ths: it happened feb62 while he was a 17year old student in high school in Miami. Through a year he had 40 meetings with this man from seemingly outside earth.

It first began by ufo-observations, and developed to physical meetings: 3-5 in a month. All of them apparent accidental. He was then educated on higher principles, and on cosmic life on other, partly invisible for us - levels.

As usual on such cases, all those talks are seemingly only assertions, so the only way to judge such stuff, is to use the own in-built intuition, and "recognition" + to feel into by a logic view on evolution.

Here in this case it took many years from the real experiences, to when he began thinking in ways to share it with others, as all those matters was so very strange to common thinking. But in -78 he began to write about it from his early notes, and then again new observations began happening.


The initial encounters

In feb-62 he was led by an impulse to go to Biscayne Bay - ca 3km from his home. Down by the shore there, in this early morning, he met a man, ca 1,65 m tall, clothed rather peculiar - and first thinking to avoid him. Looked to be ca 25y old - white/fair skin, and had blond hair - bluegrey eyes, and clothed in a brown one-piece - skisuit similar clothing. 15cm wide belt with a special symbolic-made buckle. Soon a conversation began, and they told him they knew him. He said he came from another reality on Venus and had the task of getting into contact with appointed persons here.

He soon told of the higher form of material level of Venus, which was out of sight of our prevailing way of sensing. And asked him to let his information ripen inside, before attempting to get it out. They told they had been watching earth for a long time, and was to meet him much more. So Edward soon began preparing a lot of questions for next meeting.


-happend only 2days later, and then the "Venus-man" revealed he had once lived on earth some 50000y ago on a long gone continent, and spelled his name from then reminding old Sanskrit. He also revealed how other such humanlooking ET 's move anonymous around on earth, as also other such contactpeople have told. Many of these co-operates on this earth-mission, and help each other with practical things when arriving here.

Like from similar contacts he also said he had quickly learned English by help of computers on home planet, seemingly by imprinting the subcons.

He said "There are also many areas within our solarsystem that have civilisations or families of people, who no longer have need for physical bodies or physical existence. The word civilisation is not quite fitting to describe non-physical beings. It would be more correct to call them "mass groupings of consciousness" which inhabit an infinite number and dimensions which you presently have no concept of."

Most all the earthpeople being contacted were young people - teenagers. (Surely because these are more open to such unfamiliar things - and I suppose they are just in earlier lifetimes and in the astral realms - been prepared for those happenings in just this lifetime).

His thoughts of "earth's level" and answering questions

    • Earth is as place to train to evolve consciousness.
    • Is on infant level
    • The civilization existing here right now, is just one of many having been here. (as Rampa says its like a train that changes passengers from time to time, new ones enter the train/school, and others leave and goes on to new schools/planets. The new passengers can then be much more primitive than the preceeding or contrary, but the individual leaving will have grown)
    • Earth is not the least developed planet in universe, but though in this solarsystem.
    • They claim to have our recorded history dating 80mill.y back. Some of it later down.
    • We on earth can only now perceive events in a linear movement or progression.
    • Venus is technically many thousands of years ahead of us here - independent of existence on another matter- frequency.
    • On the theme God - it was not possible to describe it quick - but tried, in saying that they saw GOD as an infinite, creative energy force:

"on Venus - as other planets, we live and progress acc.to the universal laws of this energy force. Most of your earth people, on the other hand, live acc.to their own personal desires instead…

    • "Many people on earth place much emphasis and importance on acquiring material wealth and possessions. This is an effort of misplaced priorities…"
    • "…knowledge and wisdom are permanent qualities that transcend all physical properties, for in the next existence you take your knowledge with you and leave your possessions behind"
    • Death is shifting form - (as red and known to the "new-age reader" here today).
    • "…the soul is a non-physical, creative, motivating force which is an indelible part of you….- and you are a indelible part of the soul.. - which is constantly growing, expanding, learning, functioning…".
    • "Your astral body which contains portions of your consciousness, goes for a walk, so to speak, during your dream state - by which your cons.communicates with other cons.both in this physical reality and in other realities".
    • Change is forever - grow is forever.
    • There is no beginning and no end.
    • Each life/incarnation is a certain lesson to be learned
    • Your planet is a testing lab,where you learn to utilise your creative talents in a responsible manner.
  • Edvard said they often met on weekends, often after an urge to go to a park near his home, where the humanlooking ET was then sitting on a bench.



We are not able to see life of Venus by direct physical sight. What we perceive as physical is a pure illusion. All is in fact only vibrations, as "matter" is not compact or solid. This fact has the scientists known for long times also here on earth. It is just the "surface of the sea-of-specific-vibrations" that we perceive as solid. Only a few people who can adjust their sight to a higher level, can comprehend life on those planets as ex.Venus.

The big mistake is interpreting all life in cosmos to be on our "narrow" level of frequency. Same as you set your tv ex.capable of receiving 1000diff.channels - on an accidental channel, where you only see noise/snow - and then draw the conclusion that there are no programs sending. But hundreds of programs are out there -but not just on the channel you have chosen. All this lifelevel of "earth" is just one "channel" of many. EVERYTHING on the socalled physical level is only vibrations – "matter" is not solid – but the illusion from "the principle of perspective" deceives you to think it is "the only reality".

Book claims that some earthpeople have been taken to Venus on a raised level of vibrations - first then being able to sense the real life there, though "only desert" on the coarse level of normal earth-sensing. (link to norwegian girls report of such- now living in Sweden - that I know personally). more on this


  • Clean oceans - no pollution anywhere, and crystal clear rivers. Water is more heavy there.
  • Big natural forests-
  • Natural seasons - but mild climate.
  • No big cities, with ugly skyscrapers, but regional, rural livingstyle.
  • Population of ca 4 k.mill(=4billion = 4x10e9)
  • No ugly powerlines or things similar to our advertisements.
  • No strict laws or living-rules.
  • But have control of population-number
  • No industrial factories and like -no need for them, because:
  • All work "happen" through controlling the creative force of nature and thereby "compounding atoms/matter to everything what needed"
  • All buildings are made to be compatible to nature and surroundings, and add beauty to the planet. No tall buildings. Also underground homes exist there.
  • No need for lighbulbs etc, as light is emitting from thin coverings of the building- material itself, and lightlevel from this can be adjusted.
  • Supply of power comes from the electromagnetic force that is every present everywhere. - Also here as Tesla understood - but he was stopped by the dark/money- power that so long have enslaved this poor earth. But book here claims that earlier civs here made use of it limited ways though.
  • Every home on Venus is entirely self sufficient by all means - both in-and out energy. Inside it is furnitured some similar to here.
  • They need less sleep than here - ex 4% (of awakentime) is normal sleeptime, while ca 20-30% here. (Pure logic - as sleep is selfrepairing of the nerves that lead electic/-consciousness through them - thus wearing, and on Venus is naturally much lesser coarse/destroying energy in the thought-process.)
  • Eat most food natural - less use of cooking. No freezing of food which destroys lifeforce in the food. Reads here that (too) cold or hot food make a chock to the digestive system. They live as pure vegetarians, -do not kill animals. Farm only organic gardens.
  • Cleansing of homes on a magnetic way - attracting dust and unnatural particles by a cleansing robot.
  • Venus has no lands, borders or countries - and so only one language, one belief or insight of the real "truth".
  • No political combats - no powerfighting. No money or taxes, poverty or disease. No crime or wars. The community owns all - no need to "own" anything personally. Everybody shares all, and feels the joy of sharing! No need of possessions. But underline: there is no socialistic state owning all, as everything belongs to everybody.
  • Everybody contributes some service or provides some product to the community. Everybody is free to choose whatever service they wish to perform. All services needed are all important to the whole
  • Raw materials and minerals are taken from dead asteroids - avoid taking these from living planets.
  • They do not use "wheels" there! (This "invention" brakes the spiritual forces book claims - and Tibet in the near past is an example on that. No wheels - but some very high spiritual developed entities there - though not the normal. R.Ø.rem). Book claims also Lemuria and Atlantis also missed wheels!!?
  • Venus has also a collective transportsystem reminding city-busses, soaring above ground and water.


More on the people there

  • Have telepathic abilities and so no need for telephones.
  • But have 3d viewing screens.
  • Have no clocks and time controlling, though "time" exist also there.
  • No sports there - but some ball games and people there are in better condition than most on E.
  • Have long ago eliminated sickness, and live up to 500years in the same body, and aging does not occur. And so they have telepatic connection to those that pass over.
  • They also make families - but no wedding ceremonies. The couples agree to live together in both physical and spiritual agreements. Have only sex when to make children!
  • They reach mature and adult-level at 5years!!
  • They seem to have consciousness contact to knowledge and skill from previous lives.
  • Have also means to "load" knowledge directly into the brain - ex learning languages.
  • No churches or religions there - all in attunement with nature. LIFE itself IS their "religion"
  • But neither they are perfect - they also fail.


Their spacetravel

  • They have big motherships - as mobile cities - they also explore the universe by. For many millions of people onboard. They also exchange with similar developed space-travellers.
  • They say that highly developed spacetravel- tech and spiritually harmony are interconnected -go hand in hand.
  • NORMALLY the Venus people can neither see any civilisation here on earth, but they can adjust themselves "down" to reach it.
  • Metal in their ships is a kind of ALIVE. …" They actually communicate with the consciouness of the metal of ex their ships, and the metal responds". They can also travel in time.
  • If they stayed here too long, they would begin to "fade out of our view" - drop out of our vibration. But this could be extended by special means.
  • Motherships stay normally on ca 8-16km altitude- so most ships seen are scoutships. His was a 15m dia - 5,5m high.




Continues later on more of the physical contacts as summary from the book, which can be found on http://www.ufophotoarchives.com - Site of Wendell Stevens:

Stevens (once an usaf-pilot) is one of (or just THE ONE) most serious and important ufo-investigators in the last half a century, and began his own research and collection effort, eventually amassing the largest private collection of UFO photographs in the world. He began to publish reports on the events, and wrote many illustrated articles for many UFO publications. Disenchanted with the dearth of detail on contact events reported in books and journals of the time, he began preparing detailed reports of his own investigations. He has published more than 22 of these extensive reports in book form. He continues his investigations at his own expense, still seeking the elusive answers to the many questions raised by this phenomenon. Wendelle has been a Director of the International UFO Congress since its inception.

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 Venus lowest PHYSICAL life-level is eteric

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+ ppoint2 on the old ww1 ship they took

reports from  astral exploration of Venus in-1955/ Astral levels of Venus  |  Astral expl.to MARS in 1955


"90% of the Venus-ships on earth are operating outside of the visible range of sight."

Story of a Venusian incarnation;
Venusian incarnation into Earth body

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