My studynotes from another ufo-contactbook from the work of the honourable Wendelle Stevens:



-       first from pre WW2/ 1936 till ca.1972. One of the first contactees ever?

pictures below from this area his meeting happend in april-58  | another very early contact-case from 1939

Like many other contactees – like fx Eduard Meier – his first contacts was at the age of 5, but O-G first began making regularly notes from his contacts as youth. In -49 he had 12notebooks written on those!

He seemingly contacted W.Stevens after been reading some of his published contact-books, in 2003. WS urged him to write the collected material into a form of book, which he did. This man was born aug.21, 1930 – and had read a lot of ufo-information, at the time he contacted Stevens, in the purpose to understand his own experiences.

He was of Spanish origin from Puerto Rico with many brothers and sisters – 11- children in family, and had of that to be placed in a Catholic Home- St.Joseph – thru 10years. It could be mentioned there are more/many contactees from just Puerto Rico – fx  Amaury Rivera Toro and his  Abduction in-88  – link  and also to mention a Norwegian women I researched/interviewed in year 2000 (original on norwegian) - that similarly, partly grew up in a children-home,  and became a kind of contactee, and had this 'connection up' thru most of her life.

When 5, at this Catholic Home, he was often at night, before sleeping, immersed into a ‘light-bubble’ – they later said was to his protection. He say he had many talks with them in the ship – they called them ‘Vimanos’- that this bubble took him  further to. Some later he moved home, and still later with his mother to San Francisco, but there he was soon run over by a car, and was in coma for 5days, and had a 'NDE' in that connection, where he met his ‘own’ alien/sky- people. They told him they would meet him again later in a desert place, and would then heal him!

But he also got an increased power to SENSE, and developed some paranormal abilities, thru his early contacts, and learned that there are no coincidents in life – same happened to this Norwegian women mentioned above thru her young life and further. O-G was educated as tech.draftsman, and later also on building those houses.

He went into army in 1950, and had by this time, continually telepathic connection to ‘above’ he claims. From -52 he was taken by light often into their craft, when they had important information to bring him. He say he got info on the tech'side on their crafts, the propulsion systems, etc. Also explanations on biblical ‘ufo-mentions’ in the Bible (again; - same with this Norwegian women!)

They showed him where they came from; the HORSE NEBULA. Insert pictures of that.


”He said that these twin stars have revolving planets that have life as your own. If they were to remain on our planets, it would be difficult for anyone to realize that ‘they’ are not of this world, because they look just like us in shape, form – and can pass themselves off as one of us even to our clothing.  One of the bright stars or sun, he told me, was termed NEP-4, Constellation12, Variance  6-479”. This was the home of some of the crew members on board their craft.’

His name was “Liom” and high was ca 1,65m tall, so a little smaller than normal men here in Scandinavia. He had golden –blonde hair that fell to his shoulders, and had a golden glow around his entire body, ‘which seemed to me to be a sort of protective shield”.

They were 12 in the ship he told of, where “each crew member has his or her functions to corroborate and simplify the mode of travel.  What is not known by you now is that we can also function by ‘thought-transference’  - which in simple terms is to just think a  speed trajectory and it is done immediately.”

He said those same abilities ones was also by some people on Earth, before the continents of LEMURIA and ATLANTIS.

He said:

“travel to your world or any other system, takes but a short time as we use this THOUGHT TRANSFERECE”. Easy for us, but as a miracle to/for you. (from contact march 14 – 1949.)

else: - our garments are formed into one-piece so as to not cause any undue hinderance from movement. Thought is a most powerful source of energy, and we merely THINK them on!! Their clothing covered their arms to their wrists and neck, and extended down to their feet, even used as a covering for their feet. Color: shiny blue.


Till 1968 he had filled 26 covers/binder of notes, and by that time a Christian girlfriend asked to borrow them for reading, and promised to bring them back, together with some Polaroidpictures of their craft he also had taken. But time went, and soon it came forth that she had burned all the barrowed material from him, accusing it to be the work of the devil. He was thinking making a lawsuit against the church and this women who deliberately destroyed all this material, but never managed to bring that through. But he broke all contact to this church of course after this. That stroke was the reason he never brought this long-going contact into a book or similar info.

But his contacts went on, and his friends ‘out there’ said he had to forgive the lady and be patient.

In march- april-58 he was told thru aut.writing from 'Zebban', to meet them in a lonely place in IVANPAH mountains, California, - see picture below.

“…it took med almost 4hours driving to get to the area since I wasn’t familiar with landmarks and such….He saw the shining ship, and took a dirt road in that direction and drove as long the road went, and had camera with him, and took some pictures as the craft arrived in this desert like landscape.

“it decended 150feet away, and a green-blue light came from the craft and enveloped him, and suddenly he found himself inside it.

and it fellows...:





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