My studynotes from another ufo-contactbook from the work of the honourable Wendelle Stevens:



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pictures below from this area his meeting happend in april-58  | another very early contact-case from 1939









the contacts of Channie West told more on this theme - here test on auto-translate from this material<<<

The position of the crystals and the colours does in no way represent reality. This is a model made to give you a general description. (from here)

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They talked about methods for travelling and this was some similar to the told of in the contacts of Channie West, where 'crystals and thought-drive' were used. (see illustration on this on how the crystals in the ship was in princip from the Channie-contacts)

2 separate drive systems - one for sub-lightspeed, and the other (hyperdrive) for 'limitless speeds'.(dematerialisation - and Semjase told of some similar on 4th contact from feb15-75)

                same theme; Erra-Pleiadians way of long-travel-jumps, which also gives a  "technical method" of making experince like "cosmic bliss" - similar to reported   "OUT OF THE BODY EXPERIENCES"

¨-'Where time and space simply collapse'

‘ -…and too, it is not in the best interest of the cosmic brotherhood that earth-humans be given the abilities to penetrate the cosmic spaces. Your world has ALL that it can handle at present.’

 ‘…we have been aware and have watched the progression of earth tech.that was taken by whatever means by other ‘alien beings’ – that have been captured by your and other nations of government as far back as 1960, whereby they have copied from these crashed vehicles the (high)-tech. being used upon your world today. But they have not accomplished the ‘drive-systems’ that are used on our own vehicles. It is somewhat difficult to describe our systems in earth terms, because of the language barrier. We do utilize programming crystals that are necessary for flight propulsion, because the crystals program various light impulses, and we also utilize ‘tacheons’- which are generated and harnessed in both systems….Our vehicles are always disc-shaped applications, esp.for long-distance travel, because of the aeronautic qualities. There is no drag such as your wings on your aircraft do”….

“Our vehicles are completely surrounded by a protection-beam-girdle, which allows any interference to simply glide away…”


....Tesla proposed....:

the cylinder in the center of the ship  drawn below the 'saucer-shape'  up right- here - could be retracted into the ship when in flight - and the diameter of the ship was ca.50m/150feet.

...more to come



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