the V-man was not as tall as shown here - as said he was ca.1,65m 

Ufo-contacts from a frequency- raised level of Venus- part 3    (here part1-link)

- near the socalled astral level of matter -vibrations.

picture: contacts to other levels of Venus and other planets in cosmos have happend many times  thru history, and the old testament has much  about such contacts when the text is seen thru an non-rel. view | more on that |
intro on powerpoint (pictures/ill. not from e-book)


 this contact from higher levels of venus revealed:
Adamski - had partly astral contacts - on 4d level
-he was prepared for contact long before he was known and he didn't know it himself either - because it was subcons.
" For quite a number of years preceding this direct contact, George did not realise where all the enlightening ideas that were popping into his mind were coming from,

although portions of his subconscious knew all along."

picture: the first contact were on this level, but later they happend on 4d level, 

but GA did not quite understand how it happend apparently.

George’s first meeting with a man from another world was a
significant event in his life. It was the culmination of all his desires
to learn about the true source of the psychic knowledge he had been
receiving. It wasn’t long before the space people had established a
good rapport with George and they began allowing him to actually go
with them on voyages into space.

They took him one step further and psychically conditioned
him so he could mentally project his consciousness from his physical
body. By doing so, he could then accompany them on interstellar
trips while leaving his body back home, asleep in bed. While in this
state, time as we know it, literally wound down for George, as he
could then realise the equivalent of several days in space at the
expense of only a few Earth hours.

Because this travel technique was much too bizarre to be revealed
in his books, George resolved to associate his out-of-body trips to
actually physically taken trips. Unfortunately, this caused unforeseen
problems when he would later write about a certain mental trip he
took in space, and then assign a specific time and date to the
George’s credibility was severely threatened many times when
overzealous sceptics would confront him in what they thought were
outright lies. When he would reveal that he was aboard a space ship
on a certain day, his sceptics clearly remembered seeing him
elsewhere on that day. 
George a lot of info he could not comprehend, and so could not bring further. Much was difficult to adapt to relig.and "scientific" ideas here. And he had to filter what to write of those unbelievable things he learned.
And book says some of the military men soon understood George was a source for much info on high-tech, as well as space-info, but the soon understood they had to keep it secret to the public.

"However, all of George Adamski’s revelations to them soon became
top secret, as a matter of national security. Actually, George became
the first consultant to the U.S. Government on the topic of flying
saucers, and he received adequate financial compensation for his
timely advice.
Of course, this position was not publicised, and his
dealings with the Government were kept in strict confidence.
In his secret meetings in Washington, George would tend to reveal
much, much more information than he was at liberty to do in his
books and public lectures. The space people would closely monitor
those meetings to analyze the thoughts and reactions of the officials
present. George knew about this.."

more on George Adamski on bookreview

‘George Adamski and the Toughest Job in the World’-link


earlier civ's had high-tech to remove/control the gravitation-waves on things- 

as this ill.up shows, which is art of gilbert williams


 levitating device
"One day during the Summer of 1962, my Venusian friend and I
were discussing the levitation devices that were used in the
construction of the Egyptian pyramids, especially the largest pyramid
at Giza. During the course of the conversation, he abruptly smiled as
something came to his mind. He said that not too far away, in fact,
just miles south of Miami there was an example of rock structures that
were built with the aid of a levitating device very similar to those used
in building the ancient pyramids…"


"The Lemurian civilisation predated Atlantis by many
millenniums, and attained its cultural peak some 300,000 years ago,
whereas Atlantis reached its cultural peak some 50,000 years ago."

Coral castle near Miami, Florida.

They gave an explanation on this mystery - where a singe, poor man, Edward Leedskalnin from Latvia, 60-80years ago, did build this castle of those BIG stones- which some of them weighs tens of tons. How were they cut and lifted high into place?
The ET stated that Coral Castle was constructed using the same science as used
in the construction of certain of the great pyramids.

Yes - there is a little known, magnificent coral rock edifice of huge,
imposing megalithic stones near the town of Homestead, Florida. The
castle’s elaborate construction rivals that of Stonehenge, as well as the
Egyptian and Mayan pyramids.

Coral Castle is a leading tourist attraction on a ten acre tract of land
25 miles south of Miami. It should be classified as the eighth wonder
of the modern world.

Scientists and engineers who have marvelled at its intricacies offer
no logical explanation as to exactly how its builder, Edward
Leedskalnin, lifted and placed the huge coral blocks. Altogether
Leedskalnin used over thirteen million pounds of coral block in the
construction of Coral Castle’s walls, tower and artistic creations.
Edward Leedskalnin was a tiny, frail man who immigrated to
America from the European country of Latvia. He barely stood 5’ 6"
tall, and never weighed over 110 pounds; yet he single-handedly built
Coral Castle. He had very little formal education, perhaps a fifth
grade level at best. For over 25 years he built, improved and added to
Coral Castle, until his death from malnutrition, at the age of 64 in
December 1951. He took his secrets with him to his grave.
He permitted no one, absolutely nobody to ever watch him
at work. The closest hint he ever gave explaining his clandestine methods
was that he would remark to close friends that he knew the secrets
used in the building of the Egyptian pyramids. the ET, Edward built his entire coral rock castle by
employing the aid of a levitation device almost identical in appearance
and operation to those devices used in the actual building of many of
the Egyptian and Mayan pyramids a long time ago.

Ed was the reincarnate of a succession of prominent Egyptian high
priests who were involved in using levitation principles to manipulate
the huge stones used in the construction of certain pyramids thousands
of years ago.

Prior to the Egyptian lives, he lived many reincarnational existences as high priests in Atlantis. In Atlantis, - and before that, in Lemuria, Edward Leedskalnin’s occupation was the building of huge pyramids that collected, stored and produced for use, the electro-magnetic energy ever present in the atmosphere. Such free energy used to charge the floating airships that frequently traversed the continent.

Ed was always a keeper, guardian, and user of these remarkable
levitation devices down through dozens of reincarnation lifetimes.
To illustrate this seemingly incredible phenomenon, Ed, along with
all of his reincarnation selves, is psychically, and spiritually
connected, representing a soul genealogy. His selves, or souls, can be
explained as being compatible counterparts of his greater, central
conscious self. This greater self comprises a vast and unimaginable
gestalt of conscious energy. This gestalt is possessed of intelligent
personality and exists in a non-physical realm, a dimension
unperceivable to our physical senses.

All Ed’s selves, or counterparts originate from this, his greater self,
and become physically actualized as different people living in various
time periods throughout the world, for the purpose of utilizing
creative talents and also acquiring the necessary experience for
progress. Such gained experience then enables that counterpart to
reincarnate into a more advanced world time period where the
counterpart can utilize the sum total of all its experiences to lead a
more productive and rewarding life than the previous one. 
Edward Leedskalnin and all his many reincarnation personalities
chose to express their talents by becoming involved in the building of
massive structures. He was also incarnated many times in the Egypt -high-civ.time.
They chose as their tools, devices that used cosmic forces. All of Ed’s counterparts are not mere clones, for each has its own unique personality identity. 


Edward Leedskalnin’s conscious knowledge of the principles of
levitation came to him as a result of a natural phenomena known as
psychic bleed through. Under rare circumstances, which only occur to
very few people, bits and pieces of information pertaining to past lives
manage to slip through psychic doors which are slightly cracked. 


He had within him, and his inner-being, the mental knowledge to build levitation
devices and use them.
Ed did not have mental recall of his past lifetime personalities as
they were, but he could clearly remember exactly how to construct
levitation devices and how to use them. Ed, as Lemurian, Atlantean
and Egyptian priests, had always been familiar with the procedures of
obtaining and applying natural electromagnetic energies to perform


He knew of the unlimited power available through the process
of harnessing certain vibrations of sound. He was well aware of the
free energy available through musical resonances. In addition, he also
knew that light rays, or waves, contained tremendous amounts of
power that could be put to work.


What was Edward Leedskalnin’s levitation device like? The
device he used in building Coral Castle was considered a mediumsized
hand held instrument that was composed of a series of thin,
hollow metal pipes, or tubes, of varying lengths ranging from eighteen
to thirty-six inches. The pipes were mounted in a special way on a
one and one half by one and one half inch wooden frame that was
eighteen inches square. Altogether, there were eight such pipes
evenly spaced across the top of the frame. I did not learn of the pipes
metallic composition, but I would assume that they were either of
steel or aluminium.(or copper?-rř.rem) The pipes were arranged on the frame long to
short, from left to right. I was not told how the pipes were insulated
from the frame or other components


The wooden frame and pipes were attached to a length of wood, a
2" x 4", that the butt of which was carved to resemble a rifle stock in
appearance. Due to the instrument’s weight when being used, a
monpod was fashioned and attached to the bottom of the frame for
ground support and stability.
A series of powerful magnets was fitted to the sides of the frame
opposite the pipes. In other words, when the instrument was held in
the arms for use, the magnets were located on the frame to the left and
right of the pipes. Both the magnets and the frames were wrapped at
certain positions with thin, copper wire. A heavy gauge copper wire
(insulated) was connected in a certain manner to both left and right
magnet banks, and they both joined together at a connecting terminal
at the back of the frame.

By connecting these two wires, an electro-magnetic current, or
flux, was immediately induced, or drawn across the pipes, resulting in
a perpetually flowing circuit of electrical energy. The device is then
primed and ready for use. Beyond this connection, no outside energy
source is required to maintain the current.
To activate it, the pipes must then be struck with a small
hand held hammer. This produces musical tones which creates a
special vibrational resonance.

When a special musical chord is reached, it does not diminish in
sound intensity, but is held in constant audible amplification by the
action of the electro-magnetic flux on the pipes. This musical chord
will effect a natural weight or buoyancy, in the object, which causes it
to lose it’s weight and float slowly off the ground. At this point, in
order to then raise the object from it’s neutral position and lift it up in
elevation, a different series of musical notes are struck on the pipes.
This new chord then cancels out the neutral chord, and its lifting
effect takes over, at which time the object rises to the pointing of the
levitation instrument. Next, In order to then move the object from
point A to point B, an additional musical chord is struck. This is
known as the moving chord. There is several other special musical
chords that are played to move the object at different angles, and there
is one for moving the object closer or further away also.
To explain the concept of how the music moves the object is very
difficult. The music, in effect, creates a state of electro-magnetic
equilibrium in the object.

The music is emitted as vibrational energy waves and they actually nullify
the objects gravity, thus causing it to lose it’s weight.
The applicable power and range of such a device is limited to
certain mathematical specifications. These have to do with the size of
the pipes, frame, magnets, and other components. More potential
power is obtained by building a larger levitation device, however,
there is a limit beyond which a diminishing return law takes effect.
When the object is safely moved to the desired location, the
device’s power is turned off by disconnecting the two large copper
wires at the back of the frame. If for any reason, the circuit is broken
in this manner while the object is still airborne, it will instantly fall to
the ground having promptly regained its weight.
If Edward Leedskalnin could have tape recorded himself at work
moving the huge coral blocks about at Coral Castle, it would have
sounded as if he were instead, playing a strangely intriguing melody
on an instrument sounding similar to a xylophone.
Book claims he was one of the builders of Stonehenge in an earlier incarnation.

"It must be mentioned here that my Venusian friend purposely did
not give me more detailed technical information concerning the
construction and operation of the levitating device Edward
Leedskalnin used in his work. There were more electrical and
magnetic gadgets connected to the instrument than mentioned here."

(videos from coral castle)

Acc to the "venus-man", The Lemurian civilisation predated Atlantis by many
millenniums, and attained its cultural peak some 300,000 years ago,
whereas Atlantis reached its cultural peak some 50,000 years ago.


*began ca. 13000 BC.
Book claim that at first did not the Atlantis people, tell the Egyptians of their home- Atlantis.

* When Atlantis began crumbling into the sea some 12,000 years
ago, (ca 10000BC) some of its most elite citizens began seeking safe sanctuary elsewhere in the world. 

Ed (in an incarnation .in Atlantis) was not the only Atlantean priest to escape the deluge. A number of others along with members of the royalty settled in various
parts of Egypt where they blended in with the culture. Still other
Atlanteans escaped by journeying west and settling within the Indian
cultures of North, Central and South America. Several Atlanteans
briefly stopped over in Egypt on their way to places in India and
Southeast Asia. Wherever the newcomers settled, their influence in
introducing new ideas, such as levitation, pyramid building, higher
mathematics, and the study of astronomy, left its visible mark, which,
to a certain extent has survived to this day.

" Many highly creative reincarnation options are
available to those who pass from physical existence. The only limits
are the self-imposed restrictive belief systems that person takes to the
grave. Unfortunately, limited belief systems cause the vast majority
of people on this planet to hastily and uncontrollably reincarnate
within realities and time periods that offer no opportunity for personal
advancement and enlightenment. In other words, wasted precious

The recent history of Atlantis this Venuscontact
(And it is to remark that the downperiod on Atlantis happened much later the

30,000 Years ago (ca 28000BC) -- Atlantis experiences a major volcanic upheaval
that literally breaks the continent up into a series of larger and smaller
25,000 Years ago (ca 23000 BC)-- The Atlantean civilisation begins to experience
cultural decadence culminating 75,000 years of peace and tranquillity.
The decline is brought on by obsession with self and vanity, false
worship, and aggrandisement, couples with commercial exploitation.
The priests become self-omnipotent and begin to pervert Divine Law
to suit their own selfish and greedy ends. Priests conspire with
royalty to confiscate all books and records pertaining to the use of
cosmic and atomic energy to keep such knowledge from common
hands. A dark age ensues, riddled with power struggles, bloodshed,
widespread arrests, and eventually internal war. The age of wisdom
begins to decline over the next several millennium. This is almost an
identical replay to the fate of the previous Lemuria.

13,000 Years ago (ca 11000BC)-- The Atlanteans begin contact on a limited scale
in trade with elements of the culturally rising Egyptian civilisation.

8,000 B.C. -- By mutual agreement, the elders of some twelve
planets, including(non physical levels of..) Venus, Mars and Saturn, decided to station several hundred unruly and disobedient inhabitants from those planets in a
desolate and remote region of Earth. Under Divine Law they could
not be imprisoned, so they were gathered together and brought to the
region of the Middle East whereby they could live among themselves
and attempt to work out solutions to their problems. They were
educated in the processes of agriculture and building construction, but
they were not left with any implements from their home planets.
These people later developed into the cultures of Mesopotamia and
Babylon. Unfortunately, later war, disease, and discontent caused the
complete loss of knowledge of their true heritage. All records were
destroyed by tyrannical and despotic rulers.

Comment (rune): if one is not too uptied on dates on happenings, also the Semjase-material and other contactmaterial as well, do indicate the same main-happenings: going down of all spiritual knowledge, and the dark forces took over on a point of time.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE Mayan and Aztec Indians 
IN MEXICO IN 3114 B.C.? the venuscontact did benevolent star-people land in the region of today's MexicoCity, thus the people there then remarked that date.

Also this book say that it is the remainder of a planet which was destroyed by a interplanetary war with the other planets in this system, because that planet was were warlike. Book claim it happened more than 1 mill.years ago.

"The Venusian friend told me about the emerging culture of people who
presently inhabit several of Jupiter’s moons, mainly the larger ones.
The Jupiterian reality exists within a slightly higher
vibratory rate than that of Earth, therefore, we are not aware
of their existence there. 

He told me that these people, very similar in appearance to people
of Earth, with the exception of their greater height, are about two
hundred and fifty years ahead of Earth in both technical and social
progress. These people have already attained a high understanding of
themselves and their relationship with nature. The people of Venus,
Mars, and Saturn have made contact with the peoples of these moons,
and within certain limits, have been of great assistance to them in
regards to disseminating knowledge of space and other worlds

-was taken into a small mothership and brought to another starsystem - and voluntary had agreed on another level.
The LOCH NESS houses a small colony of prehistoric animals living in the deep sea, coming up sometimes.

The Earth’s Moon has been used for a base of observation by space
people for millions of years. The Moon does have a very thin, almost
negligible, atmosphere that becomes somewhat denser in the depths of
some of the larger craters. The majority of structures on the Moon are
located in the small band that separates the lit side from the dark side
of the moon as we see it.
These buildings can not be seen or detected by our scientists as
they exist in a higher vibratory frequency than that of Earth. We are
not aware of their presence, nor can earth probes detect them.

"I learned that on occasion, the space people have purposely
transmitted brief messages in plain English to some individual radioscopes
in the United States. The messages were sent and received on
the frequency the antenna was tuned to pick up. I immediately
inquired as to what these messages contained, and was told that they
were generally, "Hello, Earth. How are you today? Wish you could
be here in space with us!"
After such transmissions were made, the space people naturally
monitored the startled remarks and thoughts of the technical crews
operating these stations. I’m told that usually they did not believe that
such receptions were real, and thought that a hoax was being
perpetrated on them." 

HE also told of a time the venusman saved his life in connection with mortally boyish prank where he hang after a car on his bike.

The spacepeople talked they had a plan to introduce a new plant on our earth.
It is an aquatic plant that grows primarily in ocean seawater, which
it prefers, but will do well in large freshwater lakes which are not
stagnate and have a good water flow. The plant produces food which
is considered fruit/vegetable in nature. The plant will not grow in soil.
The plant is extremely hardy and will readily adapt to Earth’s
ocean environment and sunlight conditions. The fruit is not
seasonally produced, as in apples and oranges. Once the plant has
reached maturity, it produces fruit continuously for the life of the
plant, which runs approximately 20 years. The fruit is nearly round in
shape and slightly flattened on the top and bottom. It has a smooth,
thin skin-like covering very similar to that of a watermelon, but much
stronger. The plant’s fruit when ripe, is about the size of a basketball,
approximately 10 to 12 inches in diameter, and it weighs an average
of 8 to 12 pounds each.

The meat of the fruit is solid in texture similar to a potato or apple,
or an eggplant. The plants, along with their fruits, grow in close-knit
clusters that float freely on the ocean surface. The clusters are held
together by interconnecting systems of vine-like stems. These stems
are rather thick, and contain internal air pores that help support the
plant on the surface of the water. 
Near the ends of the stems are the
root systems, which dangle, like flowing hair below the surface,
sometimes reaching down 10 to 20 feet. All along the stems profusely
sprout long slender green coloured leaves that grow both above and
below the water. The basketball-like fruit sprout randomly along the
stem about every 5 to 6 feet. Each fruit floats in the water about half
submerged all along the "mother" stem, and is connected to the stem.
The whole plants never reach a maximum length in growth, and can
vary from 25 to over 100 feet in length. The plants grow in length
continually, but the growth slows down considerably when it reaches
about 100 feet.

This particular plant does not occur naturally, and it is not
indigenous to any particular planet. It is a unique, hybridised
biological creation developed as a result of a project on the part of the
space people to produce a nutritious and prolific source of food.
Marine life does not bother the plant, as fish are not attracted to it
or interested in it. 
The plant thrives in tropic, to semi-tropical climate
conditions, and will continually produce fruit all year around.
The fruit has a very pleasing taste, unlike any present Earth fruit or
vegetable, and it is not in the least, salty tasting. From a nutritional
standpoint, the fruit contains almost all the necessary vitamins,
minerals and elements that the human body needs.

…"….The Earth itself is overlaid with an invisible intricate gridwork of
intersecting points where vast currents of energy meet and cross paths.
Here, energy flows with and through other energies. At such points
energy vortexes are formed, which can be likened to extraordinary
whirlwinds. These vortexes, as well as the creative energy itself, are
not visible to the physical senses. But they are perceivable to those
who are psychically sensitive to them. 

Immense amounts of energy flow from one reality into another,
and from one dimension into another through these vortexes. 

"…A person can give or receive energy from another. In a
similar fashion, elements, minerals, plants and all animals give and
receive energy amongst themselves and with other forms.
With humans, this process can be called a healing ability when it is
used for attracting positive results. This calls for energy to be
channeled through one of the body’s many energy vortexes. A
spiritually evolved person can attract and use energy directly from the
atmosphere, and also through special mind conditioning which
involves experiencing altered states of consciousness. 

"… Thousands of years ago there were civilizations of people living on
Earth that made use of this natural energy by devising a system of
implanting energy inducing devices on the body in accordance with
the energy points. The ancient oriental art of acupuncture utilises
such bodily energy points for healing.

….the Atlantean pyramids were also
built over energy intersecting points, however they absorbed, stored,
generated and released electro-magnetic energy that was used to
charge the lighter-than-air ships which were used for transportation.
The surviving Atlanteans intended to build such pyramids and such air
ships in Egypt, but growing animosity between them and the Egyptian
priests prevented it from coming about. The Atlanteans eventually
became absorbed within the Egyptian culture and the knowledge was
lost in the annals of time.

He says the education from this "lowered state man from Venus" was the most eventful happening in all his life - and the man promised they would meet on time in the future…

picture of him "edward james" - not his real name - probably from the 80ths-

when he contacted wendelle stevens for getting all this info out to the world.

The space-contact-man (see preceding), told him of some spacepeople that took an enterely earthly warship for the purpose of a "space/cosmic museum" on a far planet!! here on that story

Omnec Onec, part 1 of 3, Ambassador of Planet Venus video interview down here


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made  as a summary from the book, which can be found on - Site of Wendell Stevens:

Stevens (once an usaf-pilot) is one of (or just THE ONE) most serious and important ufo-investigators in the last half a century, and began his own research and collection effort, eventually amassing the largest private collection of UFO photographs in the world. He began to publish reports on the events, and wrote many illustrated articles for many UFO publications. Disenchanted with the dearth of detail on contact events reported in books and journals of the time, he began preparing detailed reports of his own investigations. He has published more than 22 of these extensive reports in book form. He continues his investigations at his own expense, still seeking the elusive answers to the many questions raised by this phenomenon. Wendelle has been a Director of the International UFO Congress since its inception.

Wendelle Stevens + George Green online-video on the Meiercase

more on the contacts/life on Venus | another |

listen to the deep txt on Scorpions - Send Me A Angel -  on YOUTUBE and remark  the text says  " the land of the morning star" - thats VENUS!



"90% of the Venus-ships on earth are operating outside of the visible range of sight."


Story of a Venusian incarnation;  | Albert Coe s ufocontact VENUSIANS WALK OUR STREETS. By Paul M. Vest 1954 in MYSTIC MAGAZINE

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Venusian incarnation into Earth body